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Thread Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech |OT| Clockwork Knights
Yep, having a blast reading all your comments, insights and "solutions" here. Thank you! :D We never know what to expect in terms of reception for our games. The reactions we typically get from players are "I didn't think I'd like this type of game, but..." and so on. We even toyed around with the idea of making "The best games you have yet to play" the official studio slogan. ;) It looks like there's a lot of people out there still on the fence about Quest, as card-based battlers tend to divide populations more than we thought... So I don't know if this request is kosher at all - and please tell me off if it isn't - but feel free to take to other social media and say what you think about #SWQuest, I'm sure it helps to make up minds. ...and now back to reading your comments. Cheers! /Brjann