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Thread Microsoft Surface |OT| - Style, Performance, and Creativity in a Variety of Windows 10 Hardware
Glad you're enjoying the Surface Book! Yeah, touchpad support on OSX is amazing and the Windows 10 options are just not good. You have the three and four finger gestures, but there aren't many options you can set them to. I have no idea why I can set finger finger swipe to volume control but not back/next!! I don't use Firefox, but see if there are any options for three finger gestures instead of two finger. Your gestures may be clashing with "2 finger tap = right click", or the basic "two fingers = scroll" behaviour. Tablet mode in windows 10 kinda sucks. You're basically still using an interface intended for a laptop. I often use the flowing undocked onscreen keyboard because otherwise I can't see the part of the interface I'm supposed to be typing in. It's a nasty hack and nothing like using a real tablet.