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Thread Wargroove |OT| Advance Wargs
One of the QOL things from Fire Emblem that I miss here is highlighting the ‘safe’ zone, beyond the reach of enemy attacks. Checking the reach of everyone makes moving every unit a bit of a slog. I have disabled the animations for the time being. I wish the feedback was better with it disabled. I’d prefer to reenable them but the battles are just so slow. I’d love to see highlights on the tiles that would perform a critical attack. Either located next to X character, or for the Knights all the tiles at the fullest reach. Do any other games manage fog of war in an interesting way? I would really like to put down observation markers (with a turn counter) on troops I observe. When playing multiplayer does the other side know when they’ve been spotted?The wagon evacuation was my favourite mission so far, although I haven’t played much further. It was nice to feel like there was a bit more of a purpose to the combat.