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Thread Atari Flashback Classics announced for Switch
I bought this last night (£34.99 digital), and so far so good. I wish there were more screen mode options but it seems pretty great, and I was impressed to see touchscreen controls for several of the games. It's really fast to jump into the menu and swap to different games, but there are no save games or favourites list. The responsive controls and fast menu are the opposite of the Sega Mega Drive collection. I really enjoyed this morning! I hadn't even heard of it before. First I played the 2600 version then I swapped to the lovely Vector arcade version. Reading the manual helped a lot, because the game can seem pretty difficult to interpret. I really believe reading the manuals adds a lot to these games as they're often so abstract!! I'm so mad that the manuals provided are such low resolution scans (). Are they bad on the other systems too? :( I want to read the manuals and give the games a better chance.