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Thread PSVR Helped Me Fall In Love With The Wipeout Games All Over Again.
I didn’t think I liked Wipeout at all. I tried a demo of Wipeout on Saturn (!) and I bought Wipeout HD on PS3 and never enjoyed it. It seemed boring and I could never get a feel for what weapons did and what has an effect. Sooo I tried the Wipeout demo in VR and was immediately struck by how incredible it felt. It reminded me of playing big arcade machines with motion cabs like Daytona 2, or going on an intense rollercoaster. So I bought the Wipeout Omega Collection and I’ve been loving the 2048 campaign, despite my being terrible at it. However! I tried Wipeout HD mode in VR and found it incredible boring. I have no idea what it is that makes Wipeout HD mode so boring! So many I just like Wipeout 2048 mode, using VR and dpad controls!