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Thread LTTP PlayStation VR: The Next Generation Is Already Here
Got my PSVR today, and it has not made me sick! So this is already a step above my three minutes with Oculus DK1, which made me sick for a whole afternoon. So far I’ve played the following: - First experience was the Playroom VR astrobot platformer demo. Only a few minutes but it’s really amazing. Felt a teensy bit queasy when the camera moved forward but I managed okay. I have Astrobot Rescue Mission but I haven’t put the disc in yet. - Tetris Effect This was actually a smidge underwhelming from a VR point of view but also the most comfortable in terms of play. Looking forward to playing more. Update: my gf is playing on beginner mode and loving it, but she hates some of the music. - Tumble VR I loved the PS Move version so I was excited for this. I don’t like the annoying robot that floats around and the whole voice acting is a bit annoying. The original Tumble has none of that. Still, it’s pretty nice to play, even with just the DS4. - Rez, Area 1 This is amazing! I didn’t realise you could use the stick to control the cursor at first so I was doing everything with my head, haha. It works super well. The controller vibration adds a lot to this.