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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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Thread What are your three best looking Playstation 1 games ever made?
Here's an interesting bit of triva for you. Street Fighter Alpha 3 overcame the PSX's 2D rendering shortcomings by rendering the characters as textured polygons. That's why it was able to load much faster than previous iterations. Not sure whether that technically makes the game 3D though... Oh, and my favourites. Wip3out Ape Escape Metal Gear Solid


Thread Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer (written and directed by Jason Reitman)
Took a couple of watches, but I'm genuinely intrigued. Had not occured, I could imagine a first trailer that leaned a lot more on the comedy hi-jinx angle, but they were probably right to steer this in a different direction. Having said that, there were a few elements that got an emotional response from me. The musical cue at 1:30 is straight out of the originals, so instant feels there. And then there's the, "call it fate.." line that seems like a direct reference to the first movie:: Couple that with the few visual references and I think it actually did a pretty successful job at lip service. Now I just hope they stick the landing.


Thread Apex Legends |OT2| Season 3: I Choo-Choose You, Crypto!
Quite interesting seeing the different experiences everyone is having. I played for a few hours of this last night on Xbone and the infected teams were always outnumbering the remaining legends by a really wide margin. In fact, I only saw Legends win three times in total and that was always with just one escaping. I imagine this changing a bit as the week goes on, as everyone starts to learn the pick-up points and begin hunkering down until the end. Think I'm going to have to switch mains for this though, cause my trio of Caustic / Lifeline / Bloodhound aint much cop during the end-game.


Thread Crave TV by BELL for Game of Thrones - why is it in 720p?
In the UK we have the same issue with NowTV, which I like to think is a cynical ploy to get more people signing up to Sky. But since 4K's now all the rage I think they're set to increase the res to 1080p.


Thread Apex Legends |OT| You kill me, you're better. I kill you, I'm better.
So, last night I finished a late-game skirmish that resulted in me (LIFELINE) with no shields or med packs. To make matters worse the ring was closing in fast and the rest of my team had already took off for the safe zone, leaving me desperately trying to outrun the thing on my lonesome. No use though - I was quickly engulfed in the danger zone and within five seconds was on my hands and knees. Couldn't really blame the squad for abandoning me, though. Not being the most skilled player, I'd been trying to keep up with the pair for the past 25 minutes, contributing nothing but the odd med pack and moral support. BUT THEN! Just as I was about to call it a night, I'd spotted that one of my squad (WRAITH) had dropped a portal. Now, I'm not sure whether this was originally intended for me, but not wanting to look a gift-horse in the mouth I managed to slither through it with an ounce of health and pop out right next to the ring's final resting place. After a quick revive, I got to watch my new hero dispatch the remaining squad and claim a much celebrated V. And that's the story of how I came to purchase the Founders Pack. GG Respawn. GG.


Thread Went to Tokyo Disneyland and came disappointed about lack of language accessibility for foreigners on rides. Missed opportunity?
Disneyland Paris Made a pretty good compromise by having the rides feature characters that speak in different languages. It was surprisingly effective, tbh.