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"We're getting heavily played."

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Thread Kotaku mobile allows for a whole 3 lines of copy per page to make room for ads
Yeah, it sucks! It's actually a bug on the mobile versions of all our sites (I think where the ads are reading paragraph breaks to be, but I don't know, I'm editorial not tech), and is being worked on, should hopefully be fixed soon!


Thread Google suspected of making fake twitter accounts to defend Stadia
I got one of these yesterday after publishing a negative Stadia piece. Clearly a burner/bot account, every single tweet was attacking an outlet or journalist for negative stadia coverage. Didn't seem like a Google thing though, read more like regular insane "fan" twitter.


Thread Which PS4 games will be in the running for the best graphics at the end of the console lifespan?
Recent Yakuza/Judgment cutscenes are absolutely incredible.


Thread Anyone else loathe the lack of post-game in Zelda games?
I played through BotW just assuming that after I'd beaten Ganon the castle would return to normal, most of the bad guys would just disappear and I'd get to ride around doing fun shit and just enjoying the peaceful world I'd made. Was really disappointed when the whole thing just ends like it does.


Thread What do you wish for in Shin Yakuza? (Yakuza 7)
1) Make the second city another rural location, Onomichi was great. 2) No more switching between characters. It's a cool novelty, but the stories tend to have better focus when you're only playing as one character.


Thread How successful have Japanese games on PC been? Is continuous support likely?
You're talking about games made by Japanese developers, but nearly all of them are being released by a publisher with global offices (esp Sega, Square Enix). So if they're selling well for minimal effort, then of course the NA and EU branches are going to keep handling it, no?


Thread Study finds avid Pokémon players have a dedicated region in the brain to identify Pokémon creatures
How did they not call it the cerebral pokedex


Thread What if I told you that Dragon Quest XI was as good... Maybe even better than Persona 5?
I don't agree with this take, but I appreciate its spiciness