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Thread So I’ve finally ‘discovered’ what 60fps feels like. I can’t go back.
Yes there is going to be a Dynamic 60FPS Performance Mode. Similar to what is found in Miles Morales, Spider-Man Remastered, and Demon’s Souls.


Thread So I got my PS5 today & it won’t read any discs.. my disc reader came broken or "don’t be like me, know how to set your PS5 horizontal"
Try inserting the disc upside down.


Thread MASSIVE Capcom Data Leak - plans for RE4 VR, MH Rise + Stories 2 PC, Switch exclusive IP codenamed "GUILLOTINE"
Holy shiiit this is a massive leak. RE4 VR would be crazy. Rise going to PC is very interesting as well.


Thread Microsoft CEO Nadella: ZeniMax/Bethesda acquisition is "all about future of software", will consider buying even more video game companies in future
This generation is going to be crazy.


Thread This is Xbox Games Studios today as of 9/21/2020.
They’re absolutely the king of Western RPGs now. Really crazy how massive they’ve grown in the past 4 years, huge props to Phil Spencer and Microsoft. I’m very excited to see how this generation pans out for them, and I’ll definitely be there to support on Steam.


Thread Demon's Souls Remake will also release on PC, “not available on other consoles for a limited time” [UP: Trailer pulled, might be a mistake?]
This will be a PC cop if it really is coming, that's incredibly exciting if so


Thread [CNBC] Apple issues new rules allowing cloud game streaming (xCloud, Google Stadia) on iOS (Games require individual app store listings + more)
Why the extravagance? This is ridiculous to have to individually list each game.


Thread So why is Galaxy 2 not on Mario 3D All-Stars?
They decided to go one 3D Mario game per generation. (64, Sunshine for Gamecube, Galaxy for Wii, 3D World for Wii U). Really strange how they like completely disregarded it in the Medley compilation trailer they released though.


Thread If Nintendo re-releases various 3D Zelda games for Zelda's 35th Anniversary, how do you think they'll go about it?
-Skyward Sword HD (Standalone release, 3D World style) -Twilight Princess/Wind Waker in one collection I doubt this we will get OoT and MM released as a collection though, more or less expecting them to get the N64 Online treatment.


Thread anyone else feel like there's a drought of games right now?
Definitely not, I just have been lacking desire to play recently. After playing through massive JRPGs back to back to back, I've just been playing some smaller titles lately. THPS just came out today, we've got coming soon. Cyberpunk, Crash 4, Miles Morales, etc all within the next 2 months.


Thread STEAM Stats: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Crosses the 60,000 Concurrent Players Figure and is still going up, also 2nd in the Global Top Sellers
awesome. Can’t wait to play once it finishes installing


Thread Digital Foundry: Horizon Zero Dawn-An Amazing Game Gets A Disappointing Port
Incredibly disappointing. After seeing how well Death Stranding ran, was expecting HZD to at least run well, but wow I was wrong. Feels like this was tossed aside and Sony doesn't even care, Guerrilla was the only one promoting this. Makes me worried about future PC ports, maybe sales will change their mind. Hope this gets fixed real soon, it's really unacceptable this was botched as much as it is. If they knew it was this bad, they should have delayed it.


Thread Will Spider-Man on PS5 include the PS4 game?
As of now - no. And will it get announced? I doubt it. Nothing official has been announced, so unless Sony says something disregard any "confirmations". Miles Morales is its own thing, and while I could see a bundle for like a deluxe edition, I highly doubt they'll bundle them for $60.PS5 exclusive, will not be headed to PS4.


Thread Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC |OT| Red Head Redemption 2
After like 10 minutes of constant crashing, finally got the game to run. Was worried, but I'm getting a solid 90FPS at 1080p Ultra, with VSync off. Still, I'm the minority it seems so I really hope they iron out these issues quick, disappointed that there are so many.


Thread Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC |OT| Red Head Redemption 2
Was really excited for this, but seems that there's a lot of performance problems unfortunately. Death Stranding blew me right out of the water, it was an absolutely incredible port done the right way. Sucks that this doesn't seem to be the same level of quality port wise, but hopefully it can be fixed with patches. I wish this had DLSS 2.0 support as well, Decima worked with it amazingly in DS.


Thread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT11| Honey, I shrunk the Directs
Yeah I really don’t know what the hell they’re doing anymore, their communication has been baffling. I just don’t understand how holding their titles for this year is a good thing, like it’s quite the opposite.


Thread I need some early advice: Series X or PC (Please read OP)
I would absolutely go with PC, you’ve got a rock solid setup and with a 3000 series card you’ll be set. Every game at the Xbox Showcase will be on PC day one, and all future titles (unless specified) will as well. Plus, you said your friends are already in that ecosystem, which is a huge plus.


Thread Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Announced for 2021, XBOX/PC
This is absolutely insane and looks amazing. Figured I'd hop on PSO2 and play tonight as this really got me hyped, but seems it's been deleted from my PC for like the third time... Really hoping that Steam release is soon


Thread Brad Sams: ''One source told me that [Halo Infinite] MP isn't going to be with single-player this fall.'' (UPDATE: 343 denies claim. See threadmarks)
If multiplayer isn’t shipping day one, they absolutely should have delayed this.


Thread Does Microsoft even care if people get the Series X this fall?
Yes, but not only that.They more so care about everyone playing their games, regardless of platform. They’ll worry more about shifting everyone to Series X when exclusives start rolling out.


Thread Feel free to shout-out your most anticipated RPGs on this thread (JRPG's and WRPG's)
Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II Anything MonolithSoft Cyberpunk 2077 Granblue Fantasy Re:Link Cyberpunk 2077 Tales of Arise Ys IX Trails of Cold Steel IV Final Fantasy XVI Elden Ring


Thread Seeing both Halo 3 and Death Stranding being featured on Steam front page is amazing
Amazing stuff, never thought I'd see the day. Mine has been switching between Halo 3 and Death Stranding for the top banner all day, so surreal. We've seen Sea of Thieves and Persona 4 in the past month too, with HZD coming next month. Amazing time to be a PC Gamer.


Thread Andy McNamara (Game Informer EIC) is leaving Game Informer/Games Journalism after 29 years in the industry
I’ve got this feeling it’s Nintendo related for some reason, no idea why. Logically I think it could be WBI being bought, or maybe Persona related if it’s as big as they are making it seem.


Thread Outside of sales...did the Switch lose momentum for you personally as a system this year?
Ehh not really. I had a blast 100%ing Xenoblade, the Switch game I was most excited for honestly. Also spent lots of time with Animal Crossing, good stuff. Origami King looks pretty good, and the rest of the year seems to have some exciting titles such as the Mario Remasters, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and 3D World. I'd bet we'll probably get one more title alongside those, but we'll see. I've been playing a lot on my Switch, splitting time between it and my PC as of late. While the first party releases aren't as wild and slammed as previous years so far, we've had some great titles this year already.


Thread Perfect Dark and Fable twitter handles found (Tom Warren)
Even if these Twitter handles are fake (which at the moment I doubt due to the emails being tied and other circumstances), The Initiative has Perfect Dark in the works and Playground Games has Fable. I'm personally very excited to see them in action.


Thread Steam Summer Sale 2020 - June 25th to July 9th | GabeN would like to know your wallet's location.
This sale is insane, my wallet is about to be empty lmao That is once I can actually load everything, as it's overloaded right now


Thread Titanfall 2 PC sees surge of players following Steam release.
Love to see it, this game is a masterpiece and I'm so glad it's surging right now. Had hardly any wait times when I played MP yesterday. Also, seems the game is #2 (#1 game, only Index is in front) on the Global Top Sellers, which just makes me so happy.


Thread Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory trailer (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
Still can't get over the fact that the sequel or game following KH3 is a rhythm game, Nomura is a mad man. Nonetheless, I'm quite excited for this. Seems to be packed with songs and I'm all for it.


Thread Rumor: Star Wars Squadron infos leaked by IGN (Steam, Origin, EGS, Crossplay between PC, Xbox One, PS4, VR) - October 2nd
EA is actually learning, wow. Love to see it. If this looks enticing I will definitely pick it up on Steam.


Thread What's your current GPU, and why'd you choose it?
I've got a NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super FE, mainly purchased because I planned on upgrading to the 3000 series relatively quickly and didn't want to make too too much of an investment. When the 3000 series drops, I'll be grabbing the RTX 3080 day one.


Thread Xenoblade: Definitive Edition |OT| It's Reyn Time, again!
12 hours in, just entering Gaur Plains. Seriously having the time of my life with Xenoblade DE, unreal just how improved everything is from the original. I've done all the side quests up to this point, and they haven't seemed like a hassle, the new mechanics are phenomenal.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition | Review Thread
XCDE deserves to beat its predecessor’s MC score of 92 with how much they’re fixing/adding, but generally reviews on JRPGs are much more strict nowadays, so I’m torn. From what we’ve seen, I think this deserves a 93-94, but I’m expecting it to review around 88-91.


Thread Can you imagine how amazing it would be if the Halo MCC and the Windows Store actually worked?
Back when I had Gamepass, stuff like this happened all the time. Now own Halo MCC and KI on Steam, so much easier. Hope they fix Windows Store at some point.


Thread Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath |OT| Forge A New Friendship
Absolutely. I just picked up the Aftermath Collection tonight, have been holding off for this. Of course we're probably getting another Kombat Pack after this though, so I'll probably wait for a sale on that pass personally.


Thread FFVIIR or XC definitive edition
Both are amazing experiences, you really can’t go wrong here. FF7R will go on sale at some point unlike Xenoblade, so I would dip into Xenoblade first. You’re going to be diving into one of the best JRPGs of all time, with an amazing cast, story, soundtrack, and fun combat system.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Spoiler Thread
I've listened to Engage the Enemy, Unfinished Battle, Mechanical Rhythm, You Will Know Our Names, and The One Who Gets In Our Way and man.... they really knocked this out of the park, bringing back so many memories of XC and making me so excited for Friday. Perfection improved. Won't be looking at any spoilers, just wanted to hear a bit of the soundtrack.


Thread In Final Fantasy VIIR Part 2, do you think Square will... *PART 1 ENDING & OG FF7 FULL OPEN SPOILERS*
As much as I love her, yes they have to. Later events in the story depend on this event happening. Definitely can see them making her die at a different point or a different way though.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - New Screenshots/Renders Thread
Honestly I'm going to be pretty surprised if it doesn't surpass 90. It is improving the issues the original release had (which still got a 92 on MC). After preview events I feel I'll be able to solidify a personal prediction on the score, but with everything we know so far I really do think this might beat that.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches May 29, includes new epilogue "Future Connected"
Tonight’s been a blast, I’ve been amazed seeing all of these screenshots. The whole cast looks absolutely phenomenal, truly been a trip down memory lane with all of these screenshots.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches May 29, includes new epilogue "Future Connected"
I am losing my mind, these screenshots look absolutely incredible. Everyone is so crisp and I can’t get over the lighting.


Thread Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches May 29, includes new epilogue "Future Connected"
Yeah I'd suspect so. I think they'll give us something, could be a Direct, could be a final trailer, whatever. Following what they did with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a Direct really isn't that far fetched, and personally I think it could give them a chance to sell the game to those unfamiliar with it while everything is going on in the world right now. Exciting stuff though, really excited to play this when it drops. Truthfully this was my most wanted Switch "port" or remaster of sorts, and MonolithSoft delivered in a huge way remaking it with a brand new epilogue.


Thread Did you like Final Fantasy VII Remake's ending? [POLL] [SPOILERS]
I loved the ending a lot, and I'm glad that they're making FF7R its own thing. The original is phenomenal, but in all honesty I'm so excited to see what they change and add to in FF7R-2 and beyond.


Thread Yoshinori Kitase on the ending of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (Spoilers ahead)
Change was absolutely inevitable, there was no way this game was going to be 1:1 with Nomura at the helm. I’m honestly really happy with where this is going, I know a lot of people aren’t, but to me this is super exciting.


Thread Yoshinori Kitase on the ending of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (Spoilers ahead)
Yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from, I’m hoping the time travel shenanigans won’t be too prominent but I have my doubts. It’s definitely going to be divisive, I mean it already has been since FF7R launched, but personally I don’t see any side as wrong. No one has to feel a certain way, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this.


Thread Diablo III on Switch is ten times the game it was on PC. I don't know how anyone can go back to the PC version after playing it on Switch.
It's a very solid port. Picked it up at launch back in November of 2018, enjoyed a lot back when I played it.


Thread Crysis Remastered announced (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch - Saber Interactive)
Super excited to pick this up on PC when it drops, and I'm also very curious to see how the Switch port runs. I'm expecting it to be a quality port with it being in the hands of the folks over at Saber Interactive (Ported The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, also bringing World War Z, etc). I'm really excited to see CRYENGINE in action with their software based ray tracing, the demo they showed off last year with the drone in the city was insane.


Thread Gray, red and yellow Nintendo Switch Joy-con ending production in Japan
Yeah same, they’re both great. I luckily snagged my Smash pair and imported them back in November of 2018. Quite surprising that they are ending production of the standard Grey Joy-Con honestly, pretty interesting decision on Nintendo’s part. I won’t really be bothered by it though, as I’ve already got some and I’d much rather have colored Joy-Con, but still intriguing.


Thread As someone who buys Switch games physically whenever possible, what MicroSD card should I get (I'm running out of space)?
I have a 512GB card I got on sale for really cheap a while back, works flawlessly. 256GB should be more than enough, and SanDisk makes great products. I’ve never had any issues after 3 Micro SD cards I’ve bought from them for Switch.


Thread Will We See A Sequel To The Switches Best Game, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle?
I enjoyed playing this back when it came out in August of 2017, really an underrated and overlooked game. The DK DLC was a nice full addition as well. Game sold pretty well too. I definitely can see it happening, Ubisoft has been quiet ever since Starlink. I feel they’ve got to have something up their sleeve.


Thread Would you be ok with the rest of the Smash Ultimate DLC been 1st Party Characters?
I mean honestly I don’t really care, I’m just happy to have more characters coming. Sakurai and team will make all characters fun, and new content is new content. Sure third parties might be cooler at times, but after all Smash Bros. is a Nintendo series. If this does end up being the case, I’d really love to see Rex & Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 get in.


Thread Nielsen Company SuperData estimates "Animal Crossing sold more digital units in a single month than any console game in history"
Absolutely insane. Even with estimates, the actual numbers definitely won't be that far off.


Thread Super Mario Maker 2 is getting its final update. Will add World Maker mode on 4/22 + insane amount of other new stuff
Nice update here, the worlds feature is real neat! Unfortunate this is the last major content update, but hey we did get two packed updates.


Thread Capcom where is DMC5:SE (or anything else that isn't RE)?
I was so sure we were going to get Virgil DLC at The Game Awards last December, but honestly I don't think it's coming anytime soon if it does happen. Definitely feels like something we'd see next gen at this point.


Thread Is a Switch Lite good as a secondary switch? (Animal Crossing related)
Lite is very nice for handheld, personally think it feels better in the hand than the Switch. You don't have detachable Joy-Con, so with it all being one seamless body it's a very solid build.


Thread Nvidia introduces RTX Voice (plugin for background noise removal during broadcast)
I've been using this ever since it released, actually been blown away. I personally have a Razer BlackWidow Elite for my desktop, which is quite audible when typing, but RTX Voice cancels out all of it. Used on Discord all weekend, works flawlessly. Props to NVIDIA, this is great stuff.


Thread RUMOR: New Crash Bandicoot announcement inbound. Three years in development. PS5 marketing deal points to exclusivity of some kind.
Reliability of source? I'd love for this to be real, but in all honesty I believe the Crash 4 Remake rumor before this. Any Crash is great, but I'm not believing some random dude on Twitter.


Thread is it worth getting new high end gaming PC now V.S. waiting for 3000 series?
Honestly bad time to buy a GPU considering we're at the end of the generation. New cards will drop in August probably. I'd personally wait until then. I have a 2060 Super, which I only got because I got a really good deal on it. I'm definitely upgrading to the 3080 whenever it drops, but this is more than enough for now. You've got a 2070, it will be worth it to wait. That is more than powerful enough to run all the games releasing this year.


Thread Death Stranding PC version got delayed, new release date 14th July 2020
Glad this happened honestly, I'll be able to actually play it now. Currently have it pre-ordered already on Steam, but with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition coming out 4 days before the original DS release date, was going to have to wait on playing it.


Thread Splatoon 2 Splatfests Return (as a one-off) - Mayo vs. Ketchup (May 22nd to May 24th)
Crazy to see Nintendo all of the sudden bring back ARMS and Splatoon 2 of sorts these past two months. Definitely will be participating in the Splatfest.


Thread Super Mario 3D World for Switch spotted on Best Buy
Looking forward to picking this up and playing through it! Between this and the rumored 3D Mario Collection, seems we'll be playing a lot of 3D Mario this year. Of course this isn't definitive coming from Best Buy, but Nintendo bringing 3D World over to Switch was inevitable.


Thread Rumor: Grand Theft Auto VI has been in pre-production since 2014 & will feature a large map at launch
Absolutely. Pre-production in 2014 makes perfect sense, but full on production in 2014 seems a bit much and that was what I was referring to.


Thread Rumor: Grand Theft Auto VI has been in pre-production since 2014 & will feature a large map at launch
Large map?? Nope, this couldn't ever be true. I could never see Rockstar making a large map. Also I will say the recent rumor swirling saying Rockstar just started on GTA VI production is certainly fake, it's absolutely been in production for a while now. Back to this rumor though, I feel 2014 just might be pushing it a bit.


Thread Guilty Gear Strive closed beta emails going out now!
This is rough. My lobby (which absolutely needs to be reimagined lol) crashed and I got into 0 matches. Will be trying to play again tomorrow, let's hope it's fixed by then. Of course this is a beta, these are just first impressions. At this point with the feedback ArcSys will be receiving, I'm expecting Guilty Gear Strive to be delayed to next year.


Thread How long do you think your backlog could sustain you right now?
At least a year, probably two. I've got quite a few to play through on Steam. Surprisingly, I have literally none on my Switch, as I've actually kept up on there, and on my PS4 I've probably only got 2 or 3 games left? I've got quite a few lengthy JRPGs left on Steam, so that is what I've been working on as of late.


Thread When will we see the remaining FF7R party members?
Thinking we'll see most if not all of the remaining party members in FF7R-2. Could see a specific character or two be pushed to part 3 though. But being real, who knows. With this story becoming it's own thing, Square has the power to bring in any character wherever and whenever. It will be very interesting to see, but I'm pretty confident most of them will be incorporated into the next game. Also worth noting - I don't expect Vincent or Yuffie being optional this time around. Square will probably take this opportunity to flesh out their characters and stories, which will be incorporated into the story in some way or form.


Thread What Final Fantasy should be remade like FFVII [OPEN SPOILERS]
Yeah I doubt it as well, just thought I'd throw it out there. Also an Octopath style remake would make a lot of sense for it if Square were to decide to do anything with FFVI. That would absolutely be the most they do with FFVI.


Thread How many games have you completed from your backlog since the lockdown?
I've cleared 5 from my backlog, as well as beating DOOM Eternal and Final Fantasy VII Remake. I'm not sure if I will be getting back to my backlog anytime soon though, as all I want to play right now is FF7R lol


Thread When do you expect Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 to come out?
I imagine we’ll see Part 2 or whatever Square titles it release in 2022/Early 2023. I would’ve just said 2022, but with the global pandemic occurring right now I just don’t see Square being able to push it out sooner than that. I truly do think it depends on how much they end up adding though. They can reuse some assets from Final Fantasy VII Remake, but there will definitely be a ton of new ones of course. I read somewhere earlier this week that almost all of the game’s environments are individual assets, hardly any were reused. It definitely will be interesting to see, but regardless I’m truly excited for this next part (and Friday of course).


Thread Final Fantasy VII Remake - Review Thread (Embargo lifts on April 6th, 2020)
I'm expecting we'll see some reviewers get very nostalgic and blame the game for "not being a full game" (even though it is a fully fleshed out experience), so I'm guessing Final Fantasy VII Remake will land somewhere in the 90-93 range. If I had to be specific, I'll guess 93.


Thread Gematsu: Final PlatinumGames ‘Platinum 4’ announcement set for April 1 (UPDATE: Sol Cresta, April fools joke)
I am so so excited to see what this announcement is. I'm sure it's going to be absolutely phenomenal, they're talking like this very very "Platinum" and as a Platinum mega fan I can't wait. It's gotta be a really big project. It's definitely not Bayonetta 3 though, that's Nintendo's announcement, and will almost definitely be saved for a Direct or something of the sort.


Thread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT7| March Madness
If we're talking bigger, absolutely Master Chief Collection running natively. Portable Halo on Switch would be absolutely mind blowing and would drive sales. If we're talking what I'd personally want, definitely the Rareware Collection, as those are games I particularly really enjoy, and I'd love to get the chance to play them again on Switch.


Thread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT7| March Madness
I'm really not going to be surprised if we indeed do see a Direct shadow dropped or announced to be airing mere hours later. This would be such a Nintendo thing to do, something no one expects. Jeff is insanely confident, and I don't think he would be unless it's really solid. We'll see, interested to see how tomorrow plays out. Worst case we'll have to wait a week or two for the Direct, but hey - it's coming soon.


Thread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT7| March Madness
Yep exactly. He's not a random anon behind the screen, we're talking about a reputation that will stick with him for good. With his confidence he's got to have some solid leads from his three sources, so we will see! Hoping it works out for him (and us).


Thread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT7| March Madness
Yeah agreed. With how confident Jeff is, there's no denying that March 26th was the date at some point. It could easily air anytime within the next few weeks, and with the investors' meeting on May 7th they've got plenty of time.