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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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Thread Panzer Dragoon avaliable NOW ($24.99, Switch timed exclusive)
As a huge fan of the series, I am pretty let down by this release. The first stage was such a spectacle in the original, and beautifully underlined by that sweet score, and this game just feels so flat and cheap out the gate. I am getting some frame dips when around the rocky areas and on some enemy patterns as well. And WHAT is up with the shoulder button delay?! The colors being off is the biggest turn off here though. That water should sparkle, shine and just ooze atmosphere, color reflection and blue blue skies. Instead it just looks like my local river from inside my window.


Thread Trials of Mana PS4/Switch/PC (2020) and Mana Collection Switch announced
As someone who has worked with Kikuta several times and have remained friends for over a decade now, Kikuta just doesn't care about fame or success as such. He sees himself as an artist, not just in music but illustration, design, clothes, you name it. He feels more at home in the independent comic market scene than mainstream gaming. That being said, he's a fantastic composer, and not at all shy. He just walks to the beat of his own drum and literally does what comes to mind without much of a thought if it will be successful or not. In the last few years he's come to realize how much his music has meant to overseas fans though so he's been more accepting and focused on that.


Thread Castlevania Season 3 | OT | Out now! (Mark spoilers for two weeks)
I'm a bit confused by people saying the relationship between Trevor and Sypha was a surprise or took them off guard... Wasn't it shown and stated clearly at the end of Season 2 that they were falling for one another and beginning a relationship when on the wagon after the fight with Dracula? I felt like they were quite natural and the relationship was handled fairly well with the right amount of playfulness and differences you'd find yourself in after a few month dating. I know at least my wife and I fought night demons together one month into our relationship, or drunk farmers in the weekend as we call them here in Norway.


Thread DF Retro Play: Batman Forever PC. It's a let's play episode, not the regular tech analysis ep.
After we recorded this video, I actually sat down to play the other versions (to capture the comparison footage) and came to realize that the Mega Drive version, especially when played with the 6 button pad, is not that bad. In fact I had a bit of fun with it.Don't give him ideas, I already get the cold sweats when he invites me over to "have fun and play games".


Thread Love is Blind on Netflix is pure fuckery
Is it just me or did they purposely make Jessica look waaaaayyy older via makeup just to drive home that point? She is the same age as me but I look like young Asterix compared to her. It felt like the show wanted her to be 45 rather than 34 honestly.