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Thread I declare: The best Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Games game is Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on the Nintendo 3DS
Hey this the Mario & Sonic I worked on! For this one, I specifically remember spending a lot of time working on the tutorial how-to text. The issue was that the original Japanese didn't do a good job (IMO) of explaining how to play the games when rendered into English (and as you can see, there isn't much space), so I remember making a point to play each minigame and write out the how-to text from scratch without relying on the source Japanese. The minigames went through constant control revisions up until the last minute, so it was a challenge to keep all the text accurate.


Thread Judgment |OT| Justice Is Blind
The dilemma is real. Personal opinion, I think you should go with Judgment. YK2, or just Yakuza 2, is as you say, one of the best games in the series and has been around for 15+ years. It's not going anywhere. But the release of Judgment, a whole bunch of firsts for RRG Studios, is happening right now. EDIT: But please don't forget to pick up YK2 later, tho lol


Thread An overview of the current developers in Sega Japan
Hey guys, I just noticed this thread since it got floated up, and wanted to point out that some of the info in the OP is a couple years out of date and is more accurate for SEGA circa 2013 or so, not 2018 (going on 2019). Just hitting the broad strokes, CS3 doesn't exist anymore (absorbed into the other two studios), and the current heads of CS1 and CS2 are Sato-san and Kasahara-san, respectively. Online, while it does have some mobile related stuff, is not "the mobile studio", and it is headed by a gentleman named Segawa-san. SEGA Interactive (AM) studios are a little vague to me, but those are a totally different company than SEGA Games. Edit: I use SEGA Retro as a quick reference from time to time and appreciate when it's accurate.


Thread Sega AGES coming to Switch (by M2, eShop, 15+ classic titles starting this summer)
Hi, Sam Mullen here at SEGA/Atlus, producer of things and all that, I've worked with M2 for many years. I just wanted to pop in here quick for a couple of from-the-horse's-mouth things. First, as always I'm so happy there is a thread where people are discussing about M2's work. It's always encouraging that there are fans out there who really do engage on this stuff. Second, there's a couple of things I just wanted to pick up (I'm not singling anyone out, I just picked up some random quotes): It's easy to think that Taxman and M2 are competing at the same thing, but in reality, they are in a totally different game. M2 does this thing where they try to preserve the experience while playing by the rules of the original system to the fullest extent possible, and all the baggage that comes with that. This has one set of challenges and outcomes. I mean, have you seen that?! Taxman tries to preserve the experience despite the original platform. This has another set of challenges and outcomes. This is why he can modify and things that wouldn't really be possible under the original hardware rules, and gives him a lot of flexibilty on what he does. The reality is that WE CAN HAVE BOTH because we live in a world where there's different ways to approach the same problem. Some want Taxman, and some want M2. That's awesome! But for this particular series, we have our friends at M2 on deck, and at least on our side, we are pretty stoked about it. The localization of MW4 in the SEGA Vintage Collection was totally original, and done by Inbound Games. How do I know? I was the the producer on the project. It was actually a difficult translation project because the text files were straight ripped out of the ROM, and they weren't very friendly to work in. Hi. Yes, I agree. Do those things.


Thread Yakuza Community |OT| No Yakuza here officer
Outside the one time collaboration between Sony and SEGA for Yakuza 5, there is no connection between Sony and the localization of the Yakuza series into English. It's really as simple as that.


Thread Yakuza 6: The Song of Life |OT| The Real Dad of War
Maybe this doesn't come across in the English, but the subtext here (as I understand it) is that Haruka doesn't become a idol because she wants to. She's doing it because Kiryu is pushing for it because he believes it's the way to ensure she has a successful life. It's clear she doesn't really want to in Y2, but Kiryu gets it in his head that this is the thing for her, and this mindset carries forward to Y5. She's just trying to make Dad happy and emulate the infinite gumption she sees in her father, but realizes the price is too high.


Thread Yakuza 6: The Song of Life |OT| The Real Dad of War
Hey guys! Glad you're enjoying Y6 so far! I was looking at your Clan Code list and noticed at least one code you're missing. Heh. Anyway, stop by the SEGA Live stream tomorrow and hang out with Scott and me. We're gonna play through the first bit of Y6 with localizer commentary!