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Thread Babylon 5 is now streaming on HBO Max, one of the very best shows ever
SeaQuest was done in LightWave, as well. I think that may have something to do with why they look similar. If I recall correctly, Ron and the team did the pilot on Amigas(yay Video Toaster! ;) ), before LW was ported to the PC. By the time I got to Foundation in the late nineties, the Amigas were gone, and we were all on PCs for Starship Troopers (the series), Voyager, Max Steel, etc...


Thread With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Going Back to School
I don't consider the life of my wife (a teacher) or my children to be "marginal benefits." When we get this virus somewhat under control in the US, we can discuss re-opening schools.


Thread Assassin's Creed Origins |OT| Stalking in Memphis
Really enjoying the game so far, but I have a quick question (sorry if it has been answered earlier in the thread). I have found a bunch of notes while I am looting places, which generally point to a hidden treasure, or something. Usually I am in the middle of a quest and don't want to go hunting down the treasure when I find the note. So, are these notes available to read after intially reading them? Or should I be taking notes? Which I haven't done since playing Ultima IV on my C-64 :) Thanks.