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Thread Charles Martinet gets Guinness World Record for most video game voiceovers for a single role, with 100 as Mario as of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
I don't think anyone necessarily had it before, but more that there wasn't a record at all.


Thread Red Dead Redemption 2 Ending vs. Metal Gear Solid 4 Ending (RDR2 Major Spoilers!)
I think I prefer the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, but I definitely thought of the same comparison when I was fighting Micah. The end of MGS4 has the best transition in video gaming from the bit between MGS2 and MGS3, though, so can never be topped.


Thread IT/CIS Degree in the Gaming Industry?
Finish your degree. Video games is an incredibly, incredibly competitive industry, and you want something to fall back on. I don't work as a programmer, obviously, but many people i know did Computer Science in Uni and got into games, as well. It's not worth dropping out to potentially work in an industry that you might not enjoy anyway.


Thread A Plague Tale: Innocence looks really really good setting and graphics wise
If anyone wants to see this in 4k, we've got in on our YouTube channel: This is actually the one in the OP, my apologies.


Thread MudRunner 2 announced for PC and consoles
I don't know for certain yet, but as Spintires: MudRunner is coming to Switch this year, I imagine it will be :) Pavel is lead developer once again on MudRunner 2. This is a very long term announcement and I know it's an early one, but the game itself is a long way off.


Thread Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta Thread - August 9 to August 13 (PC Only)
Hey all, Community Manager for Focus Home Interactive here - it's going to be VERY busy today, obviously, but i'll do my best to answer any questions you have when I have chance :)


Thread Vampyr new game modes announced : Story Mode & Hard Mode
Heading off a couple of questions we've already gotten about this: 1. You won't be able to swap difficulty on the fly, it'll be a choice you make at the beginning of the game. 2. Only one achievement will be unavailable in Story Mode.