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Thread Former GameXplain members talk about troubles with the company (heavy crunch, low pay) [Update: André Response]
I've refrained from saying anything publicly until now, but now that everything's been said by both sides (), I figured I'd share just a few thoughts of my own, coming from someone who has done a number of freelance videos for GX (if you don't know who I am, here are the names of a few reviews I've done: , , ). To start, I will say that I personally never experienced anything like Derrick, Ash, Steve, or Jon did -- they all contributed so much more (like, much more) to GameXplain than I did, and it really sucks to hear that they had the experiences they did. Especially since I enjoyed watching GX as a fan before I was blessed with the opportunity to help out -- hearing that the people I had listened to hours and hours of Nintendo Direct discussions come out and say that they dreaded said Directs just really hurts to hear. I am very glad that they are all taking their careers in new, exciting directions and I'm looking forward to watching them succeed. In the interest of being transparent, I did have a positive experience working with GameXplain. However, I would not like this at all to overshadow any of the statements made by former GX folk -- nor should it, for reasons above. I can say that everything people are saying about being paid in a timely manner is true -- it was really a pain to have to send multiple messages asking to be sent payment for a single review video that may have gone up weeks ago. It's very demoralizing and feels like begging, even though it's rightfully yours. Additionally (and this isn't meant to come across as me complaining), I had applied for the new GX staff role that was put up in early summer 2020, and not once was I even told "thanks for applying, but we're going with someone else" -- this was after I had been doing freelance videos for over two and a half years. In retrospect, I'm glad nothing ever came of it, but it's just another example of poorly treating the people around you who really want to help make the channel better, which I really did. In regards to André's response -- I believe nearly everything's been said already. It's really unfortunate that it reads more like a letter drafted by legal counsel rather than a heartfelt apology. Additionally, seeing a current GX member (whom I have absolutely zero qualms with) try to discredit the accounts already told by former staff members (not to mention outright blocking them on Twitter) is unfortunate to see as well. The current staff members really shouldn't be put in a position to defend, excuse, or prove that things have changed, at least right now. If they want to come forward in a few months and say things have been going well, I think that's a great idea. But for one of them to try and defend their boss during this whole situation is just in poor taste, especially towards all the former staff members. Anyway, all this to say -- what happened to (almost) everyone else at GameXplain really stinks. It stinks for them, it stinks for me to hear it, and I know it stinks for all of the GX fans who know about it. I don't have any intention of ever contributing more to GX, not because I had a poor experience, but because of the way André decided to respond to it. I'm also very sorry that Tris, Chris, Tom, and Joey have to deal with the fallout of all of this -- they don't deserve that. I wish all the best towards the crew at , Jon, and all the other amazing freelancers who have dedicated their time to try and make GameXplain as great as they did. I'm truly looking forward to seeing all the great, new amazing content that they will be putting out in the future. Also, yeah, . It was pretty uncomfortable.