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Thread The Outer Worlds |OT| S.P.A.C.E.I.A.L.
Hey guys, been a poster and lurker here and at the old site for over a decade. Went to school for acting. BFA, MFA, all that. Slowly got into voice acting over the last 6 years. Have appeared in smaller and background roles in just over a dozen games. Voice, mocap, full face capture, the works. Getting to work in the industry I care so much about has been a real treat. Though not without its challenges to be certain! But this week marks a pretty big milestone for me. First major role in a AAA game. Now that it’s out, I can finally share that I am Felix! I honestly couldn’t be prouder. The game looks incredible. I have to wait a couple days more before I’m able to sit down to start it, but lurking this thread, it’s so cool to see that Obsidian’s efforts are resonating with so many. They really are top notch. That’s it! Just wanted to say hi and express my envy that you’re all able to play it right now lol.