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Thread FF7-R co-director Naoki Hamaguchi on the Unreal Engine 5 demo: "When I saw it, I could feel the new sparks of creativity being stirred within me"
Hum nope, as said in another response, the engine for FFXV is the Luminous Engine. >>Final Fantasy XV runs on Square Enix's graphics engine. The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo uses version 1.5 while the final game uses version 2.0.<<


Thread Are ps4 Dualshock controllers simply bad?
Depending of the taste of people I guess. For my part, I like it, since the first playstation. It was my first pad in hand (coming from PC using Keyboard and mouse mainly). I've gotten used of it's shape, and the sticks position. When was trying and xbox pad, I just feeled inconfotable with the inverse D-Pad et left stick... for me it's not natual.


Thread Gamstat estimates: Final Fantasy VII Remake is the 3rd best performing PS4 exclusive title with over 2.3 million players in the first 3 days
Surprised no one put it here ^^ From SqEx official.


Thread Can't get the "free" Uncharted 4 with Plus because I currency?
Try grabbing it via the PsStore on a PC if you can, I have no problem with that method. After 'purchasing', go to downlad section and launch the download if your PS4 is in Sleep mode ! Give it a try !


Thread [Video] How The Wind Waker Defined Cel Shading
On nintendo DS (the forst one !), we made a similar effect for Alice in Wonderland (from Disney/Burton) with a simple trick, but quite heavy in polygone count : Duplicated the character mesh, scaled the copy a little bit, then inverse all normals on this mesh, and apply black color ! But this was only for the outline eheh ^^ nintendo never shared it's own trick for this kind of effect en NDS.


Thread SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption Launch Date Trailer (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)
So disappointed by this game... Buy it yesterday on Discord... played 4h, and it was the end credits already ! I was thinking of something a little more like Dark Souls, I mean, exploration, secrets, but no... Only a Boss rush, with no gameplay between 2 arena :/ Very sad, I was thinking of something different for this one, don"t remember about the 'Only Boss' fight thing. Controls are weird on PC, the feeling is quite okay but the action is not super visible.


Thread Metroidvania |OT| What is a man?!
Exodus An unknown one, with lot of bug, bad translation, but very special feel and classic gameplay with Souls mechanics in it, and cool music, just for 1$. Loved it. Pro : -real metroidvania feeling, great emphase with exploration -On the fly evolution (skills, new comp, etc) -2 playable characters (just different base stats and color !) -A big big world to discover -Hand draw background -Beautiful music -Very challenging (Some part are totally Die and Retry) -Bosses fights -Lot of secrets -A 'total indie' game with no money to do it, custom 2D engine and Physics Con : -Lot of bug, depending of your system.... -No Gamepad support (!!) -Apparently AMD cards users can have lot of problem with this game -Devs are dead long ago... -Bad english translation (french based game)