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Thread One month left until Ori and The Will of The Wisps!
Track count is generally misleading. A lot of these tracks on the WOTW album are stitched together due to interactive elements. e.g. A bossfight cue will have the intro -> phase 1 loop -> transition -> phase 2 loop -> outro. 5 'tracks' merged into 1 for a continuous listening experience (which is how it plays out in the game). Not all OSTs do the stitching and just drop the cues as they are built in the game. Anyway, so the number of 'cues' (files) in the game is far higher, well over 100 - probably more. Runtime is a better comparison and this one is 186 minutes (after cuts!). It's a bigger game, with more characters, all stuff you've seen from our trailers, which means not just a continuation but also an expansion on what was done in the first game. Anyway, not long until the game is out and I hope you all enjoy what we've been working on together at Moon for so long to create!