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Thread Jezebel's "astute film critic" complains that Chun-Li is not featured in the Mortal Kombat trailer
When you fall for a shitpost, tho... (Given copy editing, this would never have made it through if it were a real error. And then it would have come down when the "error" was discovered, because the real information would obliterate the entire premise. But it IS fun to watch the internet make the joke funnier.)


Thread GameInformer claims Cyberpunk 2077 crunch story was blown out of proportion [up: refuted by Jason Schreier: see threadmarks]
Okay... buckle up. Time to explain how cert and gold work these days. Cert/FQA/Lot Check are important milestones, because they ensure that the game meets standards on all of the different console platforms on which the game will appear. This checks for stuff like "Do you use the correct button icons?" and "Do all your achievements/trophies work?" and "Does your game interface with the operating system for boot and shut down properly." This process is LONG checklist, but it does not mean the game is done. It means it passes MVP (minimum viable product) standards set forth by the platform holders. It doesn't mean the game is at the quality the developer or publisher wants for launch. Almost every studio relies on day one patches, even on PC. Many review games on PC come with a review branch password so reviewers can access the build and it can be updated on the road to launch. Cyberpunk isn't going to be any different. This is what happens between "gold" (a term that no longer has much meaning) and launch.


Thread ESA confirms to PC Gamer no E3 2020 online event planned
Hi! I'm entirely biased (because I'm one of the two hosts), so I'm not the best person to judge our quality impartially. Instead, I can give you our credentials... I'm the former news editor at Game Informer. I've written a couple of books about the industry (The GameDev Business Handbook and The GameDev Budgeting Handbook). I've also freelanced for Polygon, Mashable, GameDaily, and had a monthly column for Variety Gaming before it was sent out to pasture. My co-host, Amanda Farough, is a former editor at Mic and most recently was the editor-in-chief of GameDaily. Both of us are focused on making the business and legal issues around gaming accessible. Essentially, we try to take the news and complex topics and address them kind of like an explainer article (but through your earholes). We hope you'll give us a listen! <3 Edit: One thing I didn't mention. We were about to launch this show in partnership with a major media outlet. Sadly, COVID-19 has caused serious revenue challenges for media and there wasn't funding to move ahead. So... Manda and I launched it on our own. We've been wanting to do this for a while and we weren't going to let the crisis stop us.