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Thread Sunless Skies |OT| The empire on which the sun never shines
Hello – I'm one of the developers on Sunless Skies. It's great to hear people are (mostly!) having a good time with it. I'm really glad to see the positive response to the difficulty settings, as well – I felt strongly about that feature and did most of the design for it. One of our goals for Sunless Skies was to make a game for people who wanted to like Sunless Sea but couldn't because of issues with its gameplay – the grind, the combat, the unresolved tensions between the scripted narrative and its roguelike elements, and its inflexibility in catering for a range of players. I'm really sorry about the problems people are having with controllers. This is mostly my fault, since I scheduled a rework of the panel UI late in early access. (There were reasons, which I won't go into right now.) We're working to fix them. For now, if your controller experience is really bad generally and you're comfortable editing your registry, deleting Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Failbetter Games\Sunless Skies may help. We'll almost certainly release a patch with some initial controller fixes tomorrow, and I'd hope to roll out another later in the week.That texture resolution option actually is useful – our artists would never have let us include it, otherwise! It's just that it helps people whose bottleneck is VRAM, and it sounds like you're bottlenecked on CPU. For what it's worth, I'm hopeful we'll be able to release some further CPU optimisations soon; controller fixes and high-impact content bugs will be our first priorities, though. A few people asked about ambitions and endings – completing an ambition means a successful end to the career of that captain and unlocks a useful bonus that all subsequent ones inherit, but there's no equivalent form of victory for your entire language. The game is like a sandbox in that respect.