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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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Thread First PS5 image straight from the factory?
There isn't a single iota of my being that wants to do either of those things with you, I don't know you lmao. Like I said, don't care if people believe me or not. I've stated numerous times that I'm here to give clarity to things that I have first hand knowledge of, which is what I'm doing. Unlike some other "insiders" my career doesn't depend on you believing what I tell you. I have no incentive to make stuff up or lead on.


Thread Sony: “Wait For PS5 Sales” In Response To PlayStation’s Current Marketing Strategy
I just don't really understand what's gotten people so worried. Its not like the console is coming tomorrow. We are like 6 months out. Is there really a difference between us knowing details now vs a month from now, other than to quell our hype?


Thread PS5 webcached site: "Play a back catalog of supported PS4™ games with system update."
System update is to support the playing of your ps4 titles that may not have the 100 percent guarantee of being bug free or fully compatible. Without the update, will only be able to play the titles that was deemed as "compatible". Aka underwent rigorous testing.


Thread Jeff Grubb: PS5 Reveal Event in June To Feature “Some games, not as many as I said before”
In some capacity, yes but not this one. The FF stuff is based on some things I've heard. Nothing concrete at all though in terms of reveals etc