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Thread 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors' Port - Lost in Translation: Video Essay on the 999 PlayStation/PC port
hahaha what the heck is that final puzzle replacement? The video makes it seem like it's just four obvious moves with a stupid answer, is that really how it plays out? That's so sad as a finale :(


Thread Blue Fire |OT| A Tiny Inferno
Huh, this is weird. I played the demo and really disliked the control and feel of it. I came in assuming it'd be as smooth as Hollow Knight, but when it came to combat I felt like it wasn't anything like that. The reviews make me think I was missing something, so I'm willing to give it another shot though.


Thread Metroid Prime Trilogy on Dolphin Primehack is the definitive way to play the series!
Thanks for the new OP! Can you talk a bit more about your keybind setup? The screenshots cut off a bunch of the more complex ones, so I want to see how you're using them.


Thread Immortals Fenyx Rising for $29.99 on all platforms @ GameStop 12/25 - 1/2
Pro tip: If you want the best deal on PC for the Gold Edition (game + season pass), put the Standard Edition + Season Pass as separate items in your cart. The current Winter Sale is "Buy 1 new release + 1 of anything else to get an extra 21% off", and this seems to count. Makes the total $63 instead of the Gold Edition's $80.


Thread GiftBot's Gaming Giveaways |OT| Free to a good home! No begging, requests, or taking advantage
Totally get that for the general community, just seemed weird for a thread whose one specific purpose is free giveaways for the entire site. It's all good, though!


Thread Paradise Killer |OT| There's been a murder
Just finished this! Absolutely loved it, and I'm glad the ending is less nebulous than reviewers made it seem. The 'right' ending seemed pretty clear cut to me, and I was worried it was gonna feel like 'yeah whatever you say is right sure."


Thread Genshin Impact |OT| Travelling with Paimon, your Guide, Best Buddy and Emergency Food
I can't figure out if I'm reading the 'first top-up' bonus correctly. Is it actually saying you'll get double what you pay for your first purchase (i.e. for $15 you'll get 980 + 980 crystals)?


Thread Genshin Impact |OT| Travelling with Paimon, your Guide, Best Buddy and Emergency Food
OH. I just looked and it's 14, I guess? I have a little banner/boxes above the rewards saying what will unlock (at AR16, for example, it says "Co-Op" and at AR20 it says "World Level 1" or whatever).


Thread ikenfell |OT| retro magic
I hadn't even heard of this until I saw the OT. The trailer doesn't do it justice, since it doesn't really show you the combat properly. This is basically a mini-tactics game with Paper Mario style actions in combat. A perfect combo! The music is insanely good. I'm only 30 minutes in and I am excited to play more.


Thread Paper Mario: The Origami King |OT| The Origami Thriller
Finished the game tonight....overall I really enjoyed it! The combat was repetitive but forgiving enough that nothing really mattered, so it didn't annoy or frustrate me. Since coins were never really an issue either it was easy enough to just pay the Toads to solve puzzles for me if I couldn't wrap my head around a configuration. Loved the final battles and the ending was cute. I'm tempted to get 100% but got too many other things to try out. Overall better than I expected though!


Thread Twitter: "All Aeon Must Die devs quit the studio this week after crunch and not getting paid, the trailer was outsourced"(UP: Actually quit June 22th)
Just because at Focus knew doesn't mean that at Focus knew. "Investigate" in this case would likely mean they're trying to figure out who knew what and what the actual order of events was; it's not them claiming that absolutely no one at Focus has ever heard of this.


Thread Digital Foundry: Flight Simulator PC Hands-On: A Generational Leap In Graphical Realism
I don't want to sound flippant here, but like...Earth is really mindbogglingly huge. Previous Flight Sims got around that by just...not rendering most of it in detail or 'making shit up' in various areas. What they're trying to do here is fill in the gaps where they can. I have some friends who are hardcore into FSX, and they've spend hundreds of dollars to get the level of detail and fidelity included in the base game here. I suspect that the baked-in Marketplace will enable even greater worldwide coverage, but yeah, all that work comes at a cost. If you want hand-crafted airports and terrain, someone needs to take the time to build that, and we have a huge flippin planet's worth of stuff to render. That said...given that they're still all-in with Mod support, I don't think it'll be long before we find some free versions of airport detail that you can use instead of buying them outright.


Thread Suikoden creators announce Kickstarter "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes". PC, PS4/5, X1/XSX, Nintendo 'next gen' [Up: $1.5m funded, New Game+]
But not on PS4? :( I could probably dig out my vita somewhere though!


Thread CrossCode (Console) |OT| Hi! Lea! Hi!
I played an hour over lunch; I think if I hadn't played the PC version previously, I probably wouldn't have noticed it being off? The menu certainly has a noticeable pause when you open a submenu up, and some early areas had a dip in the framerate, but I didn't feel it was egregious enough to say "this game has performance issues" if this was my first experience with the game. The downside is....I did in fact play the PC version, so I know exactly how smooth the UI should feel. Hopefully the patch comes soon and resolves it! Gameplay hasn't suffered so far, but I only just made it to the mainland so we'll see.


Thread Funny Misunderstandings You Had While Playing Games?
In the instruction manual for Ocarina of Time, it suggested that you lose the Fairy Ocarina 'once you get [the Ocarina of Time]' but I thought it meant 'once you use it' so I refused to use the ocarina and promptly got stuck and never progressed.


Thread I am finding games in general "less bad" the more I get working in Project Management
I'm now a project manager inside the gaming industry, and it is honestly a goddamn miracle anything ever gets released, regardless of quality. I'm amazed at the level of expertise and work it takes to get something out the door, let alone something great.


Thread Phantasy Star Online 2 |OT| The Day I Was Waiting For
Great OT, very excited for this week! As a PSO newbie, I've heard there are some absolute "don't do this or you'll mess up your character forever" pieces of advice/suggestions. Something about Mag stats being super important? Can we get a clean list of those posted here by someone more familiar than me?


Thread Basic things you didn't figure out until late in a game
I misread the Ocarina of Time manual and thought it said that the Fairy Ocarina disappeared once you used it, so I never played any songs on it and couldn't figure out how to progress. (The manual actually said it disappeared once you got the Ocarina of Time.)


Thread Phantasy Star Online 2 (Xbox One Closed Beta) |OT| Beta tested in the future
I was confused by this; I had access to my room from the start (did the client orders to unlock my Auxiliaries), and then later got that 3-day pass from one of the quests. Didn't consume it yet, since I was confused why I already had room access.


Thread World of Warcraft: Classic |OT| Greetings, traveler
OH MAN I forgot about this addon until you posted it! This genuinely made my enjoyment of the game that much better, because you could set it to open automatically when you start a flight and close automatically when you land. I wasted way too much time post-griffon ride just finishing up one more level.


Thread MS Flight Simulator dev roadmap, insider program launched and new screens/videos
This looks absolutely insane. I'm so excited.


Thread Draw Distance releases Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York gameplay details
Link to the Steam page, for those looking for one:


Thread Fire Emblem: Three Houses |OT| My Students' Class Reunion Can't Be This Bad!
25 turns is a . I spent about 10 turns with half my squad stuck next to a locked door, while the rest backtracked, and I still finished the mission around turn 18 (while still opening every chest). I wasn't able to kill the Death Knight, but only because the dudes in his room were the last ones alive, so once I killed them the mission ended.


Thread Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers |OT| First World Problems
The main storyline will teach you EVERYTHING. It doles out new systems/features very slowly ( slowly for most veteran MMO players, but you probably won't notice that at all). Just keep following the main quests and you will likely never get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in this game.


Thread FFXIV surpasses 16 million players (lifetime accounts) + highest number of subscribers before Shadowbringers
There are load screens between zones, it's not a seamless world.


Thread Introducing PlayDate - A $150 black-and-white handheld with a dozen surprise games. Also, it has a crank.
if that were the case, that would mean it would be pretty standard for them to sell it for $100. Then you have a "season" of games included for the other $50. Seems like you're exactly correct, and they've priced it correctly as well.


Thread Yakuza 3,4,5 Remaster coming to PS4
(Note: I'm 1/3rd of the way through Kiwami, having finished 0.) The thing that really worked for me going from 0 -> Kiwami was that Nishiki is such a core character in 0, and then the start of Kiwami has this jarring introduction to a completely different version of him, and it seems like the game will spend time filling in the gaps and explaining how he got from point A to point B in his character. That said, I don't think you're missing out by not getting that unexpected moment. It was cool for me coming fresh out of 0, but not the like, WHOLE REASON TO PLAY or anything.


Thread PSA Thread of "Add this game to your account now and keep it forever"
Typically if it's temporary, in your library it'll give a countdown for how long you have left to play it; I added this one to my library and it's got no expiration listed on it.


Thread Forza Horizon 4 |OT| Seasoned to Perfection
I can't find any information anywhere about this; does anyone know which 'version' of the game is included in Xbox Game Pass? Do I get early access right now because it's the Ultimate Edition, or would I not be able to play until Tuesday because it's the Standard Edition?


Thread Assassin’s Creed Odyssey |OT| Ἄνδρα ἢ γυναῖκα μοι ἔννεπε, Μοῦσα
There's a pretty clear 'halfway point' of the game in my opinion, and you're almost there.