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Thread It is disappointing that the N64 had so little RPG's.
Kinda true when you look at more realistic racing games, but overall it had a quite diverse line-up of racers. On top of the ones you mentioned for example Beetle Adventure Racing, Top Gear Overdrive, F1 World Grand Prix, F-Zero X, Extreme-G, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Wave Race, Excitebike, Snowboard Kids...all of which were good to excellent and most of them N64 exclusives at the time.


Thread Zlatan Ibrahimovic on LeBron James: ‘I don’t like when people with a ‘status’ speak about politics’ [Lebron responds]
Idiot confirmed, but honestly not surprising, always been an arrogant ass.


Thread NOFX's 14th (!!!) studio album, Single Album, is now streaming
My all-time favorite band, but Coaster (2009) was the last album I thoroughly enjoyed and it's been massively downhill from there. However, last year's split/cover album with Frank Turner was/is absolutely amazing, completely floored me how much drive they have on that record, every single song on that record rules (especially digging Frank Turner's interpretation of Eat the Meek). The new one, as its title implies, is a collection of singles and it shows, as about half of them do absolutely nothing for me and it feels more like a random collection of songs than a proper album. 3 or 4 songs are gonna make it on my playlist, but overall it doesn't add anything noteworthy to their discography in my opinion. Edit: I find their trajectory and recent outputs especially disappointing, as bands like Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Millencolin, Propagandhi etc. made amazing comebacks or consistently managed to release absolute bangers over the last couple of years. Bad Religion's last output, is absolute fire as well.


Thread Subnautica Below Zero releasing May 14th 2021 on consoles (Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series) and PC (Steam/EGS).
Played the game that way as well and enjoyed it way more than having to drink or eat every couple of seconds, which added absolutely nothing to the experience for me. No shame in playing the way you want to play.


Thread Game of the Year 2020 Voting Thread (Voting open from January 27 through March 1)
Honorable mentions: - Ace Combat 7 (I know it's a 2019 game, but I played it at the very beginning of 2020 and loved it) - Paradise Killer, which is amazing and you should play it if you're into exploration/detective games - Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Astro's Playroom - A Short Hike Top 10: 1. Ghost of Tsushima = Most fun I've had exploring a game world since Breath of the Wild. Fantastic Art Direction, stunning visuals/lighting, great presentation, interesting everything about it. Kinda jealous that some people are getting to experience it on PS5 for the first time. 2. The Last of Us Pt. II = Didn't manage to grab me as much as the first one (one of my all-time favs), but still breathtaking and an outstanding achievement. 3. Hades = What a game, can barely point at anything that could have been done better. Still picking it up from time to time. 4. Xenoblade Chronicles = Although I loved it on the Wii, I didn't love playing it on the Wii. Gobbled it up on Switch, one of the best JRPG of all time. 5. Nioh 2 = Just like its predecessor my fav Soulsborne "clone" and in fact my second favorite in the genre behind Bloodborne. 6. The Pathless = One of my sleeper hits of the year. Love the world, exploration, atmosphere and vibe in this. Check this out if you like Journey/Abzu, Shadow of the Colossus or Zelda. 7. Spider-Man: Miles Morales = Just an incredibly fun game and great PS5 showpiece 8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2 = A formative series for me at the time and I've been hungry for a good skateboarding game for a long time. Vicarious Visions did an excellent job here. 9. Huntdown = Man, this game is so good but seemingly flying under the radar for the most part. Stunning pixel art, fantastic soundtrack, great boss fights...actually a masterpiece, because I don't see what could have been improved here. 10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons = Haven't touched it in months, but due to spring/summer of last year and getting my wife and 5 year old son into it, it has to be on this list.


Thread Do kids these days care about Batman/Superman when compared to Iron Man/Captain America?
Absolutely, our almost 6-year-old is into everything superheroes, especially Batman (and Spider-Man). Even if they aren't as present as the MCU right now, don't forget there's also stuff like the LEGO Batman movies/games, toys, clothes etc.


Thread It's 2021 - are indie games a major part of your gaming sessions now or are you still ignorant of most of the indie library?
Looking at my list of finished games over the past 4 years, about 60% of them are indies. For example Hades, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Huntdown, Just Shapes and Beats, Return of the Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds, Subnautica etc. are among my favorite games of last gen and deserve just as much praise as God of War or Bloodborne.


Thread Are there any games similar to Myst on the Switch...or should I just get realMyst: Masterpiece Edition?
Paradise Killer is excellent and might scratch that itch: Return of the Obra Dinn and The Talos Principle are worth checking out as well.


Thread New "Narita Boy" Trailer - Launching in Spring on Steam, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One (Also day one on Xbox Gamepass Console and PC) (UP: Demo on STEAM!)
I'd be extremely surprised if this is longer than 15 hours, probably rather half of that. Having said that, the game has me intrigued every since they launched their Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago, glad it's coming out soon.


Thread Resetera Album of the Year 2020: Voting Thread (Ends 08/03/21 0.00GMT)
1. SPLID - Kvelertak - Their debut was/is one of the best albums of the decade, 9 years and a couple of weak releases later they finally managed to recapture that spirit and energy, added more Turbonegro-spice again and released this total banger 2. PALIMPSEST - Protest the Hero - One of my favorite bands with another strong output, would have taken the crown any other year 3. THE WAY IT ENDS - Currents - Most djent-adjacent bands are usually not for me, but every single Currents release so far has been fantastic and for me they are in a league of their own 4. SCULPTURE OF VIOLENCE - Giver - One of the best melodic hardcore albums in recent memory and highly recommended to fans of Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Have Heart etc. 5. PEARS - Pears - Unique, borderline insane punkrock album on which you never know what awaits you in the next 5 seconds. Love it. 6. ENDARKENMENT - Anaal Nathrakh - Also one of my fav bands and the quality of their album varies quite a bit, this one is definitely one of their better ones. Great soundtrack to the apocalypse. 7. BLACK HEART - Within the Ruins - Tetris Metal and one of the few bands I actually like from this sector. 1-2 songs don't hit as hard as they could and I would have appreciated 1-2 more songs on it, but what's there is largely excellent 8. WEST COAST VS. WESSEX - NOFX vs. Frank Turner - NOFX is my fav band of all time and the last releases haven't been particularly good (to say the least...), but this one is their best output in pretty much a decade. Every single song a fantastic re-interpretation while its soul remains intact. Gives me a bit more hope for their future. 9. DANCING WITH THE CURSE - Get Dead - Punk, folk and a little bit of ska, great lyrics, lots of energy, summer and skateboarding of Rancid, Against Me! etc. should give this a spin. 10. SCRIPTURES - Benediction - Great comeback 12 years after their last album, british oldschool death metal with punk vibes, maybe a bit too long overall, but still a good time HM. INDOCTRINATE - Concede - Grind/hardcore/powerviolence, 14 songs in 17 minutes, solid debut HM. NEAERA - Neaera - Good comeback album and successfully managed to re-focus on their core strengths after they released several stinkers and went on hiatus for 7 years HM. RELUCTANT HERO - Killer Be Killed - Supergroup consisting of members of Mastodon, Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan + Max Cavalera, much better than the debut, as each member's strengths are highlighted more and utilized better HM. WEIGHT OF THE FALSE SELF - Hatebreed - Well, it's a Hatebreed album, so no big surprises here. Doesn't reach its predecessor's excellence, but still a good time HM. LAMB OF GOD - Lamb of God - Made my peace with the fact that their heyday is long over (As the Palaces Burn and especially Ashes of the Wake are some of my fav albums ever), still managed to disappoint me, probably mostly because of their pre-release drivel that this record is going to be something fresh and special. It's solid, but not more.


Thread Are you faster or slower than average at beating games?
If the time to finish is mentioned in a review, I usually add 50% because I really like to explore, take it all in and experience as much of the content as possible, because I usually don't play through anything twice.


Thread Cyber Shadow Review Thread (Game Inspired by Ninja Gaiden & Other NES Action Games) Releases on 1/26 for Switch/PC/PS4-5/Xbox Gamepass
The only negative review (5.5/10) is affecting the Opencritic score quite a bit, so hopefully the next batch of reviews will give it a nice boost (for my Fantasycritic team, hehe...). Was thinking about taking advantage of the pre-launch discount on PS5, but if it's on Game Pass I'll at least check it out there first.


Thread Does anyone else here not drink?
Maybe one glass of wine per month, but that's it. Used to go partying with my friends every weekend till I turned 25, then steadily became less and less until I pretty much completely stopped drinking alcohol about 7 years ago when my wife got pregnant with our first kid. Not missing it one bit, the mere thought of having a hangover or being around other drunk people disgusts me.


Thread Hitman 3 - Review Thread
I'm a huge fan of the Dishonored games (and Deus Ex, Metal Gear etc.) but I couldn't get into the Hitman series at first. On paper they sound kind of similar (great level design, very open, lots of player agency etc.), but they are designed and play very differently. Dishonored is more "linear" in progression, meaning you usually explore the level, look for upgrades, incapacitate a lot of guards, loot as much as possible, eliminate the target and then move on to the next mission. Hitman is more about finding ways to get close to your target and eliminate it without causing a stir, while tackling specific challenges and gradually learning and puzzling pieces about the characters, routines and events together. Afterwards you replay that mission and use your new knowledge and stuff you unlocked along the way (like a different starting location, costume, loadout or in Hitman 3 also permanent shortcuts) to find an entirely different way to approach the target, learn and unlock even more stuff which opens up even more possibilities etc., until you know all the intricacies of that mission/location. Of course you can still start the next mission after killing a target once, but that's not exactly what the game is about. Overall I'd say it's a bit more meticulous and slow-paced than Dishonored, but you should definitely give it a try if you think you can adapt to that mindset. It can feel overwhelming at first, but there are things like mission stories which can help you ease into the experience.


Thread HITMAN 3 |OT| Agent 0047
Unreasonably hyped for this. Weird thing is despite being a huge fan of stealth games I never managed to get into the Hitman series until two weeks ago. Played a couple of the earlier games, started Hitman 1 once all episodes were out, did the same with Hitman 2 when it went on sale, but dropped them both shortly after the tutorial due to feeling overwhelmed and aimless. Earlier this month I started another attempt and all of a sudden it clicked for some reason, probably because I started following mission stories, receiving more guidance and insight through them and just letting things play out when something went wrong. The last couple of days I’ve had to force myself to stay away from these games as I want to experience as much as possible through the full package in Hitman 3. Can't wait to jump (back) in the day after tomorrow.


Thread Ex-Partner Had A Miscarriage at 20 Weeks, Told Me Over Email, Then Blocked Me
Really sorry about everything, can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. Of course I can understand that your ex-partner needs time to grief and process all this, but I also think you need/deserve some closure too (if one can even call it that), because after all it's your baby as well and you don't simply move on from something awful like this. Really hope she finds the strength to talk to you about it and gives you an opportunity to say goodbye soon. If you need someone to talk, we're here for you, OP.


Thread Terrorist invasion of Capitol building by Trump/MAGA supporters; shots fired, Senate evacuated, 5 dead including cop [See threadmarks for updates]'
No words, absolutely ridiculous to watch this unfold.


Thread Anyone else slightly bummed out about more and more notable devs working with licensed IP these days?
Great studios with proven track records working with an interesting IP...what‘s not to like? The market isn‘t exactly oversaturated with good Indiana Jones, Bond or, at least until recently, Star Wars games. Also it can serve as some sort of safety net or prestige project that opens other doors or makes publishers more confident about greenlighting original IP. I don‘t see any problem with that and there‘s also still plenty of other stuff out there.


Thread MachineGames/Bethesda (in conjunction with LucasFilm Games) is developing a new original Indiana Jones video game (Todd Howard executive producer)
2023 is gonna be a hell of a year. But seriously, this is absolutely one of my most anticipated games now, can't wait for more info.


Thread People who have been asking for arcades racers: Have you played Horizon Chase Turbo?
Played it a ton on Switch earlier this year, very fun game. I had hope that a lot more people would check it out when it was "free" on PS+, but apparently that didn't happen which is a shame.


Thread Turok: Dinosaur Hunter & Turok 2: Seeds of Evil HD on Nintendo Switch |OT| Cerebral, Not Boring. #TeamFog vs #TeamNoFog
Quite interesting to revisit it 20 years after my last playthrough. I wasn’t aware back then how reminiscent Turok 2 is of Quake and Doom, how convoluted the levels are structured and how this (in combination with a severe lack of player guidance) leads to a lot of unnecessary backtracking. On the other hand it probably didn’t matter as much back then, as I was used to stick longer to each game and simply had more time/patience anyway. Still enjoying it a lot though and it’s fun to play it with an actual draw distance and proper frame-rate for once.


Thread Metroid Prime 2’s Intro title and menu music is embedded in my mind, easily my favorite
GIMME THAT FRIGGIN' HD TRILOGY ON SWITCH ALREADY, NINTENDO! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Seriously, I wanna replay these games so bad. And a soundtrack menu like in Mario 3D All-Stars would be sick.


Thread If you had to move to another country, where would you go, ERA?
New Zealand would probably be my top choice, followed by Montreal/Canada (left quite the impression on me when I visited a couple of years ago. Plus a great game dev hub) and somewhere in Scandinavia, either Sweden or Denmark. Japan is probably too much of a culture/language barrier. If I wouldn't be living in Germany already, that would definitely be one of my top 3, especially because of health care, social security and overall quality of life (vacation days, paid parental leave, employment protection and all that stuff).


Thread Good Pikmin like games?
As some already mentioned, absolutely Little King‘s Story, one of the very best and unfortunately also most overlooked Wii games despite really good reviews (87 on Metacritic) and involvement of Yasuhiro Wada (creator of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons) as executive producer and Yoshirou Kimura as lead designer, who previously worked on Moon.


Thread Any games from the last gen managed to crack your top 10?
Breath of the Wild surpassed Ocarina of Time as my no.1 and Bloodborne managed to enter my Top 10 as well. Bunch of other games made it at least into my Top 20 (Dishonored 2, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, maybe God of War as well).


Thread Was the only (major) reason goldeneye 007 on N64 was loved back then the multiplayer?
Absolutely not. Multiplayer was amazing obviously, but also the campaign was extremely replayable, especially as every difficulty offered a different set of objectives and/or conditions, tons of unlockables etc. Plus, most of the missions and stages were cool as well, some of them (e.g. the Dam or Faculty) even iconic and inspired maps in other games (for example TimeSplitters 2). GoldenEye was really the full package at the time.


Thread These are my 5 favourite games ever. What are yours (and why?!)
Wow, that‘s almost 100% my ranking. While I love Hollow Knight I‘d probably replace it with Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time or The Last of Us, but apart from that I couldn‘t have said it any better.


Thread Have you ever tried playing a game with self imposed rules?
Finished all the Dishonoreds and the last two Deus Ex games without using lethal force (if not required by the game) and without getting detected. Was quite a challenge and I had to savescum a lot, but I really enjoyed it and it made me appreciate these games and the freedom/possibilities they offer even more.


Thread You cant make a top 10 games list of 2020 without playing Pathless, the absolute gem
OP is right, one of the best games of the year (6th place on my list) and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I'm just a sucker for these vast, beautiful landscapes filled with ruins and giant structures, really loved traversing and exploring the various biomes, puzzles were a lot of fun, great atmosphere and soundtrack, some fantastic boss fights (the final boss specifically, holy cow)...just a really great package overall. If you’re a fan of Journey/Abzu, Shadow of the Colossus or Zelda you should definitely give this a look, especially after a price drop (took me about 12 hours to platinum it with no real reason to go back, so 40€ might be a bit steep for some. I definitely got my money's worth though, zero regrets).


Thread Has the pandemic and lockdown made you beat more games than ever this year or is it relatively the same as prior years?
Nope, 25 so far (maybe 2 more if I manage to get through Call of the Sea and Bugsnax before the end of the year), which is exactly the same as last year and just one more than 2018. Put a lot of hours into Animal Crossing though, which would otherwise have resulted in beating 5 more or so.


Thread What are the odds that Smash Ultimate receives a third Fighters Pass once the second one is done?
I doubt it, mainly because I think that Sakurai is ready to move on to something else. Game has been out for two years, at some point you want/need a change of scenery.


Thread What is the Switch's Best Game of 2020 - Animal Crossing, Hades, or Something Else?
1. Hades 2. Xenoblade Chronicles DE 3. Animal Crossing 4. Paradise Killer 5. A Short Hike Played Huntdown on PS4, otherwise it would take 4th place. Paper Mario was a real disappointment for me, didn‘t put nearly enough time into CrossCode and skipped Pikmin 3, because I already finished it on WiiU and it‘s too expensive for an impulse double-dip. Edit: Ouh, and I haven‘t checked out Age of Calamity yet, but it‘s already downloaded, waiting to be played and finished over the holidays.


Thread Sony will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 [Game now delisted from PSN]
You can still find it via search function, but all banners etc. are gone from the front page and it‘s not listed in the “New releases“ section anymore (German store). Holy cow...


Thread Game awards viewership up 83%, 83 million livestreams total
Mindblowing numbers and a well-deserved success. Really appreciate that Geoff and his team managed to pull off a production like this under these circumstances and provided some entertainment and exciting announcements in this shithole of a year.


Thread GamesRadar's 100 best games of the generation
Hollow Knight, Ghost of Tsushima, Life Is Strange, MGS V and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided would be way higher on my list (and RDR2 way lower) and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Subnautica, Days Gone, Nioh and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are missing entirely. Otherwise it's actually pretty solid. Special shoutout to Dishonored at #13, probably in my personal Top 5.


Thread The Callisto Protocol announced for Consoles & PC - Sci-fi Story-driven survival horror game by Dead Space Creator Glen Schfield
Yeah, looks sick. If we get this and the new Skate in 2022...hoooo booooy.


Thread The Pathless |OT| Abzûlutely Wonderful
Got the platinum trophy (on PS5) over the weekend and it’s definitely among my favorite games of the year, nice mix between Journey/Abzu, Shadow of the Colossus and Zelda. I'm just a sucker for these vast, beautiful landscapes filled with ruins and giant structures, really enjoyed traversing and exploring the various biomes, puzzles were a lot of fun, great atmosphere and soundtrack, some fantastic boss fights (the final boss specifically, holy cow)...just a really great package overall. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned games you should give this a look, even more so after a price drop (took me about 12 hours to 100% it with no real reason to go back, so 40€ might be a bit steep for some. I definitely got my money's worth).


Thread Do you think Ghost of Tsushima would be receiving such high fan praise if TLOUII wasn't such a polarizing game?
I absolutely love TLOU2 and Hades, but Ghost of Tsushima is my GOTY by a mile. The world, exploration, atmosphere and art direction vibed with me in a way that no game had managed since Breath of the Wild over 3 years ago, and I also think GoT gives any Assassin's Creed a run for its money. I LOVE how the overall presentation feeds into the world and setting, from the wind mechanic to the mission intro screens to the wide angle shots. I also really liked the story (especially from Act 2 going forward), the characters and the ending was one of the very best in recent years. I honestly enjoyed every single minute of playing this game and platinumed it months ago, but still boot it up from time to time to just wander around a bit or marvel at how good it runs and feels on PS5 at 60fps now. Plus, the Legends multiplayer mode came out of nowehere and was/is an amazing addition at no additional cost. I think some people simply underestimate this game or the appreciation for it.


Thread 2020 comes to an end: has it been the best year in videogame history?
Pretty average year in my opinion. Ghost of Tsushima, Hades and The Last of Us 2 are three games I'm gonna think about for a long time, Paradise Killer, The Pathless and Huntdown are some nice indie gems that I loved, I really enjoyed Xenoblade, Miles Morales, Nioh 2, Astro, Tony Hawk's and Ori...however, years like 2007, 2008 or recently 2017 effortlessly wipe the floor with it.


Thread What are the hidden gems of 2020?
3 games that deserved more attention this year: Absolute masterpiece. Fantastic pixel art (best I've seen since Katana Zero), amazing soundtrack, pretty much flawless gameplay, great bossfights, tons of references to 80's action flicks like Mad Max, Terminator, Blade Runner... just a blast to play from start to finish and there's not a lot in this that could have been done better. Wonderfully bizarre, stylish, open world detective game in which you try to solve a murder on a secluded, synthetic island filled with lunatics and secrets. Had tons of fun exploring the island, collecting clues and investigating the mysteries surrounding not only the murder, but also the island and characters on it. Soundtrack is a standout as well, game has VIBES. Playing this on PS5 at the moment (about 8 hours in) and enjoying it a ton. Feels like a mix between Journey, Shadow of the Colossus and Breath of the Wild (imagine Hyrule without combat, villages and characters, but gorgeous landscape, ruins, puzzles and platforming only). Gameplay can be a bit on the repetitive side occasionally, but I'm having a lot of fun solving the puzzles, traversing the beautiful world, marveling at giant structures and soaking in the atmosphere. Really great. If I had actually played it (still waiting for the PS5 version), I'm fairly sure would belong here as well, because everything about this game speaks to me.


Thread PS5 Activities sound terrible to me
Maybe you should get an idea (meaning hands-on experience) what you're even talking about before dismissing it right away. Not every game needs to offer it, it's up to the devs what they put there and for example in Astro Bot it minimizes loading times from cold boot to an absolute minimum, saving you the trouble from booting the game, going through splash screens, entering the main menu, starting in the lobby, selecting the stage you wanna play, loading that stage...but instead spawns you there right away from the PS5's dashboard within 5 seconds.


Thread Turok: Dinosaur Hunter & Turok 2: Seeds of Evil HD on Nintendo Switch |OT| Cerebral, Not Boring. #TeamFog vs #TeamNoFog
I went from "What, 29,99 € for a port of Turok 2? Hell no..." to "I'm an idiot, it's 17,59 € digitally" to "WTF, 14,95 €? Gonna buy the first one as well now". There goes my weekend.


Thread Assassin's Creed Valhalla next patch introduces Graphics and Performance options on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, and a ton of fixes, releasing tomorrow.
Really glad it addresses the screen tearing on Series X. HDR improvements in interiors would also be greatly appreciated.


Thread Square Enix will allow employees to work from home permanently starting December 1st
I'd love to see this implemented in more companies. At least in my country (and I guess in many others as well), game dev studios are mostly located in larger cities where you have an extremely competitive housing market, deal with inflated prices, high cost of living overall and finding nurseries for your kids is a nerve-wracking challenge. For someone like me who has two little kids and doesn't want to live in a small, overpriced apartment at this stage in life, this would constitute such a drastic quality of life improvement and make working in game development long-term way more attractive and economical.


Thread PSA: Potential Issues with the Sony X900H/X9000H/XH90/X90CH and Next Gen Gaming
Any idea why the colors are way more vibrant when I disable HDR in the PS5 settings? Enabling it just makes everything look dimly lit so that colors don’t really pop anymore. I‘ve adjusted the sliders in the PS5‘s HDR setup several times in different combinations but it doesn‘t seem to make that big of a difference...


Thread PSA: Potential Issues with the Sony X900H/X9000H/XH90/X90CH and Next Gen Gaming
I doubt it. I used several recommended settings now, but as soon as I turn HDR on in the PS5 settings the colors look way worse/desaturated. Almost looks to me as if HDR is on when I deactivate it, although I can obviously see it’s not active in the TV settings screen. Same issue with the Series X by the way. Seriously frustrated, wasted several hours with this bullshit now and still looks like shit...


Thread So, are you happy with your new console?
My main takeaway so far is that I spend way too much time calibrating HDR in every single game and fumbling around with my TV settings. AC Valhalla looks too foggy and greyish at times, Tetris Effect actually seems to remove HDR when I activate it in-game, Forza Horizon looked washed out...annoying as hell.


Thread I need ERA to show me a game with the best HDR implementation.
Wondering what I‘m doing wrong then. Tried it yesterday and enabling HDR in the game‘s settings actually made it look way worse, desaturated the colors and made whites look yellow...(on a Sony XH90).


Thread NBA 2K21: PS5 Gameplay Reveal
I had close to zero interest in basketball at the time, but when the PS4 launched I bought NBA 2K14 alongside it, just because it was THE visual next-gen showpiece (and, coming from FIFA, the atmosphere and intensity in the arenas blew me away as well). This time around there's at least some competition in the visual department (Miles Morales and especially Demon's Souls).


Thread What already-released game are you most excited to play for the first time on next-gen?
Ghostrunner is the one game I haven't bought yet because I want to play it on next-gen. Probably gonna at least try out out Gears 5 and Halo: Master Chief Collection as well, but that's more out of curiosity than holding out.


Thread The Vapid Cowardice of Outlets Like Easy Allies, MinnMax, and Giant Bomb Telling Their Audience to Vote
This hotake gets a toaster strudel from me. Shall we move on? But seriously, outlets like EZA and Giant Bomb have spoken their mind on plenty of occasions, they know who their audience are and their audience knows what they stand for. Not sure they need to force it down anyone‘s throat, and regularly reminding their viewers that it‘s important to vote might even be more effective than telling them explicitly who to vote for.


Thread Pikmin 3 Deluxe |OT| Winner of Best Video Game Pizza-Award 2013 and 2020
Great OT, amazing work! Personally, I won't be jumping back in, but if you haven't played this yet, give it a try. My favorite Pikmin and easily one of the best games on WiiU (and now Switch).


Thread October's PS+ games: Need for Speed Payback and Vampyr
One of the best PS Plus months ever. Especially Bugsnax as a "free" launch title is *chef's kiss* and letting more people dive into Hollow Knight, one of the very best games of this generation, isn't too shabby either. Edit: Wrong thread, but the point still stands.


Thread PS Plus November games: Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Hollow Knight and Bugsnax (PS5 only)
One of the best PS Plus months ever. Especially Bugsnax as a "free" launch title is *chef's kiss* and letting more people dive into Hollow Knight, one of the very best games of this generation, isn't too shabby either.


Thread PSA: Potential Issues with the Sony X900H/X9000H/XH90/X90CH and Next Gen Gaming
100% agree. The X900H should be more than serviceable for the vast majority, because in that price range it pretty much over-delivers and not everyone (not to say only a small fraction of gamers/early adopters) is able to shell out more for a new TV alongside all the buy-in costs you have for a new gen console anyway. No matter what you choose, there's always something to nitpick, and these are "issues" I can certainly live with. There's no better option in that price range anyway, at least to my knowledge.


Thread My GOTY and absolute musical banger "Paradise Killer" is -20% on the eshop. A murder mystery in a vaporwave island full of religious zealots
Played through it on Switch in 3 sittings two weeks ago, definitely one of my favorite games of the year. So weird and quirky, really enjoyed the vibe, writing, exploration and sleuthing. If you like games like Outer Wilds, Obra Dinn or Danganronpa, you should give this a try, it‘s cheap, short (took me about twelve hours and I explored a lot) and very memorable. Plus it has a character named Doctor Doomjazz, money well spent already.


Thread I miss Deus Ex series
Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of all-time and therefore I agree. I hope Cyberpunk can give me somewhat of a fix, otherwise I'll just have to replay HR or MD at some point on next-gen. OP, if you've never played it, check out Dishonored 2. Of course very different setting and atmosphere, but gameplay-wise and in terms of freedom, exploration, level design (even better than Deus Ex), player agency etc. it's pretty close and one of the best games of this generation.


Thread I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson [Netflix] - Best sketch show in years
Yeah, it's really hit or miss, but man...that motorcycle sketch. I hadn't laughed that hard in YEARS, the "Two motorcycles with a little house in the middle, WOAH" line absolutely killed me, I couldn't stop laughing for two minutes straight, crying, sweating and gasping for air. Really liked the ones about the door, the receipt, the country song and the silly organ at the funeral service as well, but the later episodes were pretty weak. Still worthwhile though.


Thread What's your favorite game in the PS Plus Collection? (poll)
1. TLOU Remastered 2. Bloodborne 3. God of War 4. Uncharted 4 5. Days Gone Collection is really neat overall, especially for people who didn't own a PS4. For me personally it doesn't add anything, as I finished 12 out of those 18 games and the rest is not for me. Maybe I'll jump back into Bloodborne or God of War just to see how they run and look like on PS5.


Thread How Many Games Have You Beat Since the Pandemic Hit?
Hm, let's see: - Final Fantasy VII Remake (8/10) - Valfaris (8/10) - Nioh 2 (8.5/10) - Maneater 7.5/10) - The Last of Us Pt. II (9.5/10) - Huntdown (8.5/10) - Superliminal (6/10) - Ghost of Tsushima (9.5/10, my GOTY) - A Short Hike (8/10) - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2 (8.5/10) - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (9/10) - Paradise Killer (8/10) - Tell Me Why (6.5/10) - Hades (9/10) 14 since mid-March so far (probably rolling credits on Ori and the Will of the Wisps tonight), in January/February I finished Ace Combat 7, Darksiders 3, Darksiders Genesis and Journey to the Savage Planet. Usually I beat about 25 games per year, the stay at home situation doesn't seem to make any difference in that regard.


Thread Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Age of Empires III: DE, Tales of Vesperia: DE, Katana Zero, Supraland, Heave Ho and More
Definitely gonna check out Supraland and Scourgebringer. Those who haven't played Katana Zero're in for a treat.


Thread Katana ZERO |OT| The Blade Runner
Review round-up so far: Screen Rant: 10 Nintendo World Report: 9 Dualshockers: 9 Heypoorplayer: 9 USgamer: 9 We got this covered: 9 IGN: 8.7 Easy Allies: 8 Gamespot: 8 Game Informer: 7.8 Nintendo Everything: Thumbs up: Current Metascore (Switch version): 8.3 Looking goooood... Plus, here's the launch trailer:


Thread November is gonna be a big month for gaming, but also for spending. How much do you think you'll spend next month?
PS5 + Pulse Headset + Demon‘s Souls, Miles Morales, The Pathless, Bugsnax XBOX Series X + Game Pass Cyberpunk 2077 & AC: Valhalla + maybe Dirt 5 and Ghostrunner Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity I‘d rather not do the math...


Thread Embracer Group is raising more than $500 million for future acquisitions
Desperados 3, Wasteland 3, Spongebob Rehydrated (which we know surpassed 1 mio. units sold within 6 weeks), Destroy All Humans and Darksiders Genesis (which both "exceeded expectations" 2-3 weeks after release), Hunt: Showdown, Deep Rock Galactic, Iron Harvest, Huntdown...I'm seeing plenty of games on that 2020 portfolio which had a decent amount of buzz this year.


Thread Franchises we'll see from Nintendo in 2021
I think Nintendo's/the Switch's 2021 is going to be HUGE. I expect at least two different Zelda releases, most likely something Mario apart from 3D World, I could imagine a Splatoon spinoff, Prime Trilogy and maybe a 2D Metroid (but not Prime 4), Wave Race or F-Zero and a couple of things no one expects whatsoever. Also Bayonetta 3 finally.


Thread Do you avoid indie games even though they are critically acclaimed and have won many awards?
Hades, Huntdown, Paradise Killer and A Short Hike are among my favorite games of the year, e.g. Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Celeste, Shovel Knight, Subnautica, Cuphead, Ori, Dead Cells, Just Shapes and Beats, Return of the Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds, The Messenger, Katana Zero, Hyper Light Drifter, Steamworld Dig 2, Firewatch, Rogue Legacy...are some of my favorite games of the generation. Can't comprehend how someone would outright disregard (all of) them just because they're not AAA.


Thread The Pathless (Giant Squid, Abzu) launches November 12th on PC/PS4/PS5/Apple Arcade
Yeah, that‘s probably gonna be day one for me, really enjoyed Abzu. Curious how big/long this is going to be, as it‘s open world and apparently they‘ve been working on it for such a long time.


Thread The Game Awards 2020 going LIVE in LA, Tokyo and London on December 10th
If I remember correctly, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order missed last year's deadline by one single day and that's why it wasn't nominated for any category. Curious how they'll handle Cyberpunk then.


Thread How many consoles have you bought Day 1?
Hmmmm......which makes 10 (or 9, if 3DS doesn't count). I remember that I bought the N64 some time after Starfox 64 released (which was my main reason to get one at the time), so that one was definitely later. Everything before that was either bought by my parents or I had to save up for it, so I don't think I got anything else right at launch. Most memorable was definitely the Wii, that one was pure insanity, but luckily I had pre-ordered so I was able to enjoy watching the chaos unfold while I picked mine up right when the stores opened.


Thread [Official] Microsoft has purchased Zenimax Media/Bethesda
Said "Holy whit, what?" out loud. Absolute megaton. Curious whether MS will publish games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake etc. on other platforms or if the will be really XBOX/PC-exclusive. Really a lot to digest.


Thread MS could have acquire two more studios
I don't understand why people keep talking about a Bungie acquisition. They were so happy about cutting ties with Activision and being able to do things on their own terms again, so why would they give up their independence just one and a half years later? Looks like Destiny 2 has been doing quite good ever since the split.


Thread Oculus Quest 2 launches on October 13 for $299
Tried importing/ordering it from two retailers in Austria, but both times I got told they aren't allowed to sell it to me as there are no official plans for the Quest 2 to be distributed in Germany. Amazon UK same thing. Seems Facebook really put their foot down...


Thread Starlink: Battle for Atlas |OT| DO A BARR-- No, you do NOT need to buy the toys!
Yes, you can enter flight mode at any time and fly in-atmosphere as you please. From what I've seen so far there's no "mid-air" combat though, battles seem to take place either on the ground or in space. It's pretty useful to traverse faster from point A to B and looks rad, but that's about it.


Thread Michel Ancel to stop working on video games and to focus on his second passion of wildlife
True legend, big loss for the industry. Obviously the father of Rayman, the Rabbids and Beyond Good and Evil, but also played a major role in the development of Tonic Trouble and Peter Jackson's King Kong, which I also really enjoyed. Plus a super likable guy in general. Wish him all the best with his future endeavors.


Thread Paternity Leave - How Much To Take?
I‘d take 4 weeks immediately to get to know the little one, support your wife and get into the groove, but take the rest some time later, if possible. The first couple of months your baby will (hopefully) mostly be sleeping, drinking and shitting, so as a father you could feel a bit useless at times. After 6 months there will be a lot more going on and you can actually do stuff with the kid, playing, help him/her explore the world or just keep him/her busy while your wife takes a nap. I “only“ could take 8 weeks off, so I stayed at home the first month and another one right after the first birthday (both times, two kids here), that worked perfectly for us and we really enjoyed it. If I had 12 weeks, I would have taken the additional 4 weeks around 6 months old.


Thread Building the list: Which games are available at launch of the PS5
As it's a bit difficult to get an overview of the games that will be available at launch of the PS5 and there will probably a lot of additional confirmations over the next couple of days/weeks, I thought it might be a good idea to assemble a list which keeps track of that. With your help I'll try to keep it as accurate and up to date as possible. Here we go:


Thread [Official] Sony confirms $69.99/€79.99/£69.99 price for first-party PS5 games
I've pretty much never paid 69,99 € at launch, because they're usually sold for 59,99 € (sometimes even 49,99 € at the local Saturn). Curious to see if it'll be 69,99 € from now on or really climb as high as 79,99 €.


Thread Are you satisfied with the PS5 Sony exclusive launch games?
I pre-ordered Miles Morales and Demon's Souls, Astro's Playroom comes pre-installed (hell yeah!), additionally Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Dirt 5 are available at (EU) launch and I'll get them either on PS5 or Series X, there are certainly going to be a couple of interesting indies on day one (The Pathless? Bugsnax? 12 Minutes?) and there's Destruction All Stars, the new CoD, Watch Dogs Legion...I can't complain at all.


Thread Oculus Quest 2 launches on October 13 for $299
I just found out that it won't be available in Germany at all due to some beef Facebook is having with the Federal Cartel Office. I decided to import it either from the UK, Austria or the Netherlands, but you have to do it from a retailer. If you change to another region in the Oculus store, add it to your basket and set "Shipping to Germany" it will automatically delete it from your basket...


Thread With this generation coming to a close what are some games you feel go under appreciated or overlooked?
Games that immediately come to mind: - ), spectacular level and world design, tons of freedom and possibilities, one of my favs this gen - , also really good level design and an entertaining campaign overall - , caught me completely by surprise and felt almost like a light but gory version of MGS V - , just as good as the first one with some great QOL improvements - , loved the openness and exploration in this, superb atmosphere, great visuals... - not the biggest fan of survival games (luckily you can disable most of it), but the nail-biting deep sea exploration and dense atmosphere made me fall in love with it - , couldn't get into TEW1, but this one really hooked me and felt more to the point - , amazing pixel art, soundtrack and boss fights, tons of throwbacks to 80s action flicks, just a blast to play from start to finish Astro Bot is certainly one of the best games of this gen and deserves more recognition, but there's also a barrier to entry, so I can hardly hold someone at fault for missing out on it.


Thread anyone else feel like there's a drought of games right now?
I don‘t share that sentiment at all. I just bought Paradise Killer and CrossCode on Switch and had to restrain myself not to buy Spiritfarer and The Last Campfire as well (yet), started Tony Hawk on PS4 yesterday, Tell Me Why and Wasteland 3 are waiting on my XBOX, I’m interested in Avengers, over the next 6 weeks we get 13 Sentinels, Cloudpunk, Bullets per Minute, Mario 3D Allstars, Spelunky 2, Genshin Impact, Dirt 5, Crash 4, Star Wars Squadrons, Mafia...I don‘t see any drought despite the pandemic and all the delays.


Thread [Poll] Did we overestimate the influence The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild would have in the design of open-world videogames?
You can see its influence already in several games: Ghost of Tsushima, Genshin Impact, Assassin's Creed Odyssey (even had a Korok easter-egg), Windbound, A Short Hike, Gods and Monsters, Decay of Logos...and probably lots of upcoming games like Horizon 2 and the next Elder Scrolls will be inspired by it at least a little bit as well. It certainly also changed how I as a dev (would) like to approach certain things in the games I'm working on, from smaller details like player guidance and reducing the amount of icons on screen/maps to overall world design, freedom, player agency and exploration.


Thread ResetEra Game of the Decade 2010-2019 (NO 2020 games) -Voting Thread (READ THE OP)- [Voting Ends October 4th, 12PM EST]
20 games that didn't make my list, which almost causes me physical pain: Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Batman Arkham City, Bayonetta 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Hotline Miami, Just Cause 2, Luigi's Mansion 3, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Mass Effect 2, Nioh, Outer Wilds, Return of the Obra Dinn, Rogue Legacy, Sleeping Dogs, Subnautica, Super Mario Odyssey, The Witcher 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Xenoblade Chronicles. Ordered list of my top 20: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Probably my favorite game of all time, still thinking about it every day and can't wait for BOTW2 2. The Last of Us - One of the few games I've finished several times and could start another playthrough right now. Still prefer this to (the excellent) Pt.2 3. Bloodborne - My favorite Soulsborne game by a mile and the best game on PS4 imo 4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Despite feeling like shit when I played through this it's one of my fav gaming experiences ever (or maybe because of that) 5. Dishonored 2 - Spectacular level and world design, so much freedom and like Deus Ex: HR I played through this without killing a single soul 6. God of War - My Resident Evil 4 moment of this generation 7. Hollow Knight - Characters, world, atmosphere, boss fights...apart from the map an almost flawless gem 8. Stardew Valley - Bought this on basically every platform I own, ConcernedApe deserves every single coin 9. Dead Space 2 - Already loved its predecessor, but DS2 is even better in my opinion 10. Skyrim - Was my GOTG at the time and a mind-blowing experience back then. 11. Red Dead Redemption - Couldn't enjoy RDR2 at all and in general Rockstar's games are not for me, but this one got me good 12. Rayman Legends - One of the best 2D platformers of all time and playing through this with my wife (who's not a gamer at all) is something I'll never forget 13. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Just like the Raymans one of the best 2D platformers ever, fantastic level design and music 14. Life Is Strange - Still Dontnod's best, can't wait to check out Tell Me Why once all episodes are out 15. Uncharted 4 - For me personally it's on par with Uncharted 2, an amazing, thrilling journey from start to end 16. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Best value for money you can get anywhere. Fantastic package with Specter Knight being my fav 17. Astro Bot Rescue Mission: Utterly mind-blowing VR experience, insane how it can almost rival the Mario games 18. Mario Galaxy 2 - Was debating whether to pick this or Odyssey, but I think the level of creativity in the Galaxy games "shocked" me more 19. Metal Gear Solid 5 - Despite being a sucker for stealth games this was the first MGS since 2 for me. Divisive game of course, but I really enjoyed my time with it 20. Just Shapes and Beats - Caught me completely off-guard, that combination of music, gameplay, level design and overall presentation somehow connected in a very special way with my brainwaves. [x] Astro Bot: Rescue Mission [x] Bloodborne [x] Dead Space 2 [x] Deus Ex: Human Revolution [x] Dishonored 2 [x] Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [x] God of War [x] Hollow Knight [x] Just Shapes & Beats [x] Life is Strange [x] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [x] Rayman Legends [x] Red Dead Redemption [x] Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove [x] Stardew Valley [x] Super Mario Galaxy 2 [x] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [x] The Last of Us [x] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [x] Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


Thread Paradise Killer just released its vocal song theme and you have to hear this because it's a 100% certified late bop of the summer
I was debating with myself for 30 minutes yesterday whether to acquire this for my FantasyCritic team, but eventually decided against it. Can already feel it...


Thread Ghost of Tsushima and its Ubisoft-Style world discouraged me from exploring
Really astonished to read that, because exploring the island of Tsushima has been the most fun and felt the most natural since Breath of the Wild for me. Obviously there are lots of similarities to Ubisoft-style open world games, but it still managed to feel like almost the polar opposite, because the map is NOT that cluttered with icons and quests, it feels like you're doing everything at your own pace and are not pulled in all directions at any given time. They give the world/landscape plenty of time and space to breathe and it offers just the right amount of content imo. I just loved roaming around, soaking it all in, enjoying the vistas, stumbling across shrines, hot springs, finding Mongol camps that actually serve a purpose (shipyard, logging, whaling...) and dismantling them, getting customization rewards at the end of traversal challenges etc. Of course, a lot of the content is similar or the same when you go for 100%, but the beauty, art direction and composition of the world still made it worthwhile for me (that I really enjoyed the story and characters certainly helped as well). Plus, I almost completely disagree on the side missions, because I think most of them offered interesting backgrounds, stories and tragedies, even if the gameplay variety is somewhat limited. Overall this is easily my GOTY so far and in my top 5 of the generation (Switch excluded), especially because of how much I enjoyed the world and exploration.


Thread German government reveals major funding programme for local games industry, pays for up to 50% of dev costs
How you're phrasing it, it's not correct. There are 13 different criteria and the game has to fulfill 5 of them. a.) 4 out of (can be less if the game fulfills a lot of criteria under b.)):b.) 1 out of these: The game is creative or innovative in... This is pretty easy to fulfill honestly, as the bold ones should be a given in almost every German studio anyway.


Thread German government reveals major funding programme for local games industry, pays for up to 50% of dev costs
I updated my summary above to make it a bit clearer, because the document is alternating between Europe and European Economic Area here and there.


Thread German government reveals major funding programme for local games industry, pays for up to 50% of dev costs
Doesn't change anything, they are still eligible to submit an application (which doesn't automatically mean that they'd receive a grant). Still, there are a couple of mid- and small sized independent studios I can think of:


Thread German government reveals major funding programme for local games industry, pays for up to 50% of dev costs
These are HUGE news for the German games industry, enables completely new business cases and will hopefully boost new projects, studios/subsidiaries and the industry here as a whole. Really cool. More info in the link:


Thread gamescom 2020: Opening Night Live (August 27th) is 2 hours long, will feature 38 games from 18 different publishers (see OP for confirmed games)
Some people really need to keep their expectations in check and stop setting themselves up for disappointment. Sony and Microsoft will surely hold separate and focused events where they (finally) announce price, launch date, line-up and certainly they will also have secured third party announcements for these shows, a big Nintendo Direct is inevitable, a game based on a huge IP like Harry Potter will certainly have a standalone reveal where they can nail the message and marketing, Covid-19 is also still a thing... Personally I'm really looking forward to the event as there's plenty of stuff I'm interested in (Ratchet and Clank, Dirt, Lego Star Wars, Little Nightmares 2 the game I'm currently working on) and I'm sure there'll be a handful of other exciting announcements. I'm honestly already happy there's something happening at all.


Thread Christchurch victims address gunman in court: “A peasant like you will never change the human race.” (UP: Sentenced to life without parole)
Of course this whole event is completely abhorrent and incomprehensible in general, but how anyone can look at a 3 year old boy and deliberately shoot him (twice)...I just can't, how much of fucked up piece of shit can you be and live with something like that? Deserves to rot in jail forever and worse.


Thread gamescom 2020: Opening Night Live (August 27th) is 2 hours long, will feature 38 games from 18 different publishers (see OP for confirmed games)
Nope. The person who tweeted the picture of the package with the Volition icon on it even clarified afterwards that it was neither sent by Volition nor contains anything related to one of their projects:


Thread Bucket Lists for Managing a Barren FY21 LineUp on Nintendo Nintendo Switch.
I‘m playing CrossCode, Xenoblade and Paper Mario (which I‘m probably gonna drop, as I‘m bored out of my mind 12 hours in) at the moment, just bought A Short Hike, I’m interested in Spiritfarer and then there‘s still Animal Crossing. I wish I had time for reducing my backlog.


Thread Which AAA samurai/ninja romp through feudal Japan reigned supreme this gen?
Ghost of Tsushima > Nioh 2 > Nioh > Sekiro for me. Finished all of them except Sekiro, which I ditched at the final boss. That game was just too frustrating at times and I didn't enjoy the backtracking, boss recycling, pacing and some parts of the world that much. I had a blast with Nioh/Nioh 2, preferring the latter due to all the QoL improvements, the new weapon types and more variety in general. Ghost of Tsushima is my GOTY so far (platinumed it just last night) and one of my favorite games of this generation.


Thread What are your top 5 most wanted ports/remasters/remakes?
Top 5 Remakes: - Vagrant Story - Soul Reaver - GoldenEye - Perfect Dark - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Top 5 Remasters: - Metroid Prime Trilogy - TimeSplitters 2 - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Skate series - F-Zero GX


Thread Phil Collins is trending after a couple teens react to the first time hearing "In the Air Tonight"
They were mentioned a couple of times already, but Lost in Vegas are really my favs when it comes to stuff like this. Genuine, super likeable and I love how they are completely leaving their comfort zone. Has been amazing to see how they got into Metal/Rock over time and their reactions to songs from bands like Gojira, Strapping Young Lad, Metallica, Rush, Devin Townsend, Boston or Yes are some of my favorite vids on the internet.


Thread Twitter: "All Aeon Must Die devs quit the studio this week after crunch and not getting paid, the trailer was outsourced"(UP: Actually quit June 22th)
Also interesting that tons of the software they used (Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, 3D Studio Max...) seemingly was illegally obtained/cracked. Dumpster fire all around.


Thread my friend swears that ghost of tsushima is the best game hes played in the past 3 years
It's my favorite game since Astro Bot came out in October 2018, so it's "only" my favorite game of the past 2 years. Go for it. And tell your friend to play Astro Bot.


Thread Pikmin 3 Deluxe Launches 10/30. Featuring multiple difficulty modes, new side-story missions featuring Olimar & Louie, and all the DLCs
Ugh, I'm gonna double-dip, won't I? Dangit. Really glad it doesn't have to rot on the WiiU forever and more people get to play it.


Thread Ghost of Tsushima - Spoiler Thread
Very surprised the poll is leaning towards "Spare". Killing Shimura clearly felt like the right thing to do, because to me this scene is not about Jin and how much he strayed from the path of honor, but all about Shimura and respecting him and his loyalty to the samurai code. Sparing him would have felt like a completely inappropriate humiliation and I think there's a strong difference between Jin's decision to use un-samurai tactics to save his people and (not) honoring your uncle's principles by (not) granting him his wish to die an honorable death and make him live a life with disappointment and shame.


Thread 30 new games scored at or above 90 this generation - which don't belong?
Played almost all of them, the only one I'd score significantly lower is RDR2 (way too tedious and restrictive, couldn't enjoy it at all). Couple of others (RE2, Sekiro, Inside) I'd bump down to an 85, but overall I'm fine with that list. Astro Bot is missing though (sitting at a 90 on Metacritic; EDIT: 89 on Opencritic, dangit!).


Thread Bloodborne vs Witcher 3, which one do you like more?
Bloodborne, which I love to death and almost platinumed (only one trophy from the Chalice Dungeon is left), while I quit halfway through the Witcher, as it was just too big, felt overwhelming at some point and I didn't enjoy some of the mechanics (combat, inventory management, crafting...). Also probably spent more time playing Gwent and collecting cards than the actual game, and when I noticed that I couldn't get my hands on some of the cards anymore due to some bug, I lost all interest.


Thread GOTY check, the year so far...
My top 5 so far: 1. Ghost of Tsushima 2. The Last of Us 2 3. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive 4. Nioh 2 5. Animal Crossing Honorable Mention: Huntdown Nothing else managed to grab me this year, but also doesn‘t matter that much because I‘m still playing/regularly revisiting all of the games mentioned above.


Thread TV Displays and Tech Thread |OT2| There Is No Perfect TV ™ (Read The OP)
We just moved and I bought a new/second TV, a Samsung Q60R. Been fiddling with the settings for a couple of hours, but haven't found the optimal setup for the PS4 Pro yet (tested primarily with Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Crash Team Racing). Can't really put my finger on it, either the contrast, the blacks or the colors are too harsh, just looks slightly off still. Can anyone share settings for this (or a similar) model? Would greatly appreciate it, been scouring the web for a while now but haven't come across the perfect solution yet. Some of my current settings:


Thread Lorne Lanning(oddworld creater) Twitter feed
Remember his 9/11 truther bullshit, his Iwata comments, his appearance on some Kinda Funny podcast talking shit about Nintendo/Switch (and now he's about to release games on it), always seemed very arrogant to me...I'd say no surprise there, but this is indeed a whole other level. No thanks.


Thread For those of you who have played both games, do you prefer Xenoblade 1 or Xenoblade 2?
I love XC1 with all my heart, but just couldn't get into XC2. Way too convoluted and overcomplicated (from systems to UI), the entire Blade system left me scratching my head and I didn't want to deal with it at all, tutorial after tutorial even 10 hours in...really wanted to like it and even started it a second time after dropping it initially, but couldn't enjoy it at all.


Thread Help me find a game that scratches that exploration itch
Mentioned a couple of times already, but: Subnautica. Something that wasn't mentioned yet: Metro Exodus. Certainly has some linear parts, but also several large, open areas that are all about exploration, looking at your map, using your binoculars and then start investigating etc.


Thread How Long Have You Been With Your Partner?
Met her at the end of 2004 and IMMEDIATELY had a crush on her, still took a little over 3 years till we finally got together, because we were both idiots and didn't realize these feelings were mutual. So, 12 years a couple (2 kids), 8th anniversary is coming up next week.


Thread German officials were so alarmed by Trump's conversations with Angela Merkel that they took extra steps to make sure they stayed secret
Trump calling Merkel, who completed her school education with the best possible grade (1.0), graduated with magna cum laude and has a doctorate in quantum chemistry, stupid...that is quite something. Water off a duck's back indeed.


Thread The Messenger |OT| Ninja in a Cursed World
What, people dislike the soundtrack? I absolutely LOVE it, those tunes stuck in my head after every play session and I'd smile every time I revisited certain areas just because of the music. Anyway, completed The Messenger yesterday with all green sigils collected, amazing game and enjoyed it far more than Guacamelee 2, which I had finished right beforehand. Its two biggest flaws are in my opinion: 1.) It should have been 25% shorter, some of the backtracking was really unnecessary. Especially the part where you have to collect the flower felt as if stretching the play time was its sole purpose, didn't embrace that at all. 2.) There should have been more portals/checkpoints. Breezing through two easy, but lengthy rooms but then being instakilled in the third, forcing you to redo everything each time, suuuucks. Also having to teleport to and traverse certain stages in order to reach the entrance to the stage you actually want to go to was annoying as well. Still, overall a really cool game with great mechanics, some challenging platforming/boss fights and even in a packed year like this it's among my favs so far. If you like Shovel Knight, the old Ninja Gaiden games or need to play every cool Metroidvania game, definitely give it a shot.


Thread I just got TLoU2 spoiled by reading the comments of an unrelated Jeff Grubb tweet - not sure I can be bothered now to play the game. **No Spoilers.**
Had the same thing, when some asshole posted just 3 words in the Youtube chat at (I think it was) the Tony Hawk‘s Remastered reveal. I immediately knew what it was about and it pissed me off to no end, as I had successfully avoided all the latest trailers and info dumps. However, I‘m half-way through the game now and it‘s definitely one of the GOATs, plus the moment that got spoiled...phew, can‘t say it didn‘t make an impression anymore. Play it.


Thread Journey to the Savage Planet |OT| Primed and Puckered
Finished it over the weekend and can't say I enjoyed my time with it, only saw it through because it was relatively short. Bought this because I'm usually a sucker for exploration-heavy games, love scanning/cataloging things and Metroidvania elements were a plus as well. However, there's barely anything interesting to find or uncover here, it's highly repetitive (gameplay, music, videos, gags...), lots of copy/paste in every regard, shooting feels mediocre at best, the humor is just awful plus the game crashed twice and UI bugs occured all the time. I really liked the look of the world, boss fights and some of the mobility, but overall it left me really disappointed, unfortunately.


Thread 2020 is now thankfully 50% completed. What currently stands as your GOTY?
1. The Last of Us Pt. 2 (by a mile) 2. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition 3. Nioh 2/Animal Crossing Everything else I played from this year failed to leave a lasting impression, really enjoyed catching up on Ace Combat 7 and Valfaris though. Still really need to play Huntdown and Desperados 3.


Thread Cheap Arse Era |Europe| EU will love these deals!
Just came back from Saturn (Hamburg, Germany), at least here the Switch is available at 269 € today, plus most first party titles are 49 € plus they have a "Buy three, pay two" deal going on. This is as cheap as it gets, maybe check your local Saturn.


Thread Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 launches on September 4, 2020 ($39.99 on PS4, XB1 and PC/EGS. Developed by Vicarious Visions, YES it has revert)
This is AMAZING, seriously got goosebumps when watching the trailer. No other game had such a big impact on teenage-me like this one. I'm gonna devour this.


Thread Solar Ash Kingdom announcement trailer (Hyper Light Drifter dev Heart Machine, Annapurna publishing, coming to Epic Games Store)
Hyper Light Drifter is one of my fav indie games of all-time, so this is a surefire day one buy for me (as long as it comes to Switch or PS4).


Thread Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair |OT| Tropical Bees
Did this bomb? Had a look at the German and the US eShop-bestsellers and it still hasn't entered the top 30, which is a bit concerning. Would be a shame because it's a really cool game, vast improvement over the first Y-L and I'm enjoying it a ton.


Thread Jason Schreier/Kotaku: The Last of Us Part II Delayed to Spring (May 29th 2020) [UPDATE: Confirmed by Naughty Dog]
So weird. Why announce the release date and then delay just a few weeks later? What sort of communication is that?


Thread Synthwave-Retrowave # 80s Neon music thread
Already loved the previously released tracks and that 50's alien invasion movie vibe, but also the entire album is really cool. Has a strong soundtrack feel to it, sometimes sounds like Dan Terminus accompanied by a full orchestra, lots of stuff going on in some of the tracks...overall pretty good stuff, definitely gonna buy it tomorrow.


Thread Platinum 4 - PlatinumGames teaser site (First Reveal: Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, 3 more announcements to come) - See Staff Post
Nah, just being realistic. People are already setting themselves up for disappointment, expecting 4 sequels/new's Platinum supposed to pull that off, when they're already busy with (at least) Bayonetta 3 and Babylon's Fall?


Thread Platinum 4 - PlatinumGames teaser site (First Reveal: Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, 3 more announcements to come) - See Staff Post
1.) Nier Automata on Switch (paving the way for 2B in Smash) 2.) Wonderful 101 port announcement 3.) Bayonetta 3 trailer 4.) Kyle Bosman's favorite way to start the podcast: A new game announcement


Thread Kyle Bosman is leaving Easy Allies
What a shitty day/week/month/year. Makes me really sad, EZA just won‘t be the same without the dark prince of nerd media, his creativity and wit brought me so much joy over the years. Huge, huge bummer, but I wish him all the best and I‘m curious what‘s next.


Thread Selfish and Uneducated Take Time - When will Indies Move past the SNES era?
Some indie games from the last couple of years which I really enjoyed and are not 2D sidescrollers: - Subnautica - Outer Wilds - Return of the Obra Dinn - Mutant Year Zero - Firewatch - The Witness - The Touryst - Thumper - Lonely Mountains Downhill - Sayonara Wild Hearts - Superhot - Hyper Light Drifter - Golf Story Indies which are 2D sidescrollers but certainly wouldn‘t have been possible on SNES: - Cuphead - Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps - Yoku‘s Island Express - Hollow Knight - Dead Cells - The Messenger - Yooka- Laylee and the Impossible Lair - Katana Zero - Steamworld Dig 2


Thread Paper Mario: The Origami King Announcement Trailer has over 2 million views in 15 hours
It‘s already available for pre-purchase? That‘s good to know, then I‘ll use my last voucher from last year before it expires in a couple of weeks.


Thread poll: how many of you have had covid, know someone who has had/has it or know someone who knows someone who had/has it?
I know two people who had it: A former colleague (who I also went to kindergarten with, so like me in his mid-30s) recovered, another guy (in his early 50s) who I knew through mutual acquaintances and had talked to a couple of times at parties/festivals unfortunately died 5 days after being admitted to the hospital.


Thread The Touryst |OT| See that Island over there? You can go there. [UP: Demo now available]
Impressions after exactly 2.5 hours (39% progress): - Game looks absolutely stunning. Great lighting, neat effects, first rainy island was a sight to behold, no framerate issues whatsoever - Starts a bit linear, meaning access to different islands is restricted at first, then opens up - I have access to 8 islands now, all quite different from each other (and all with a Y in their name: Santoryn, Ybiza, Hawayy, Fijy...) - Gameplay is a mix between Zelda, Fez and Animal Crossing - Lots of exploration, secrets and puzzle-solving, but also tons of stuff to collect: There‘s a museum, an art gallery, a guy who draws postcards and needs inspiration, a pawn shop for diamonds...all of these require you to collect specific items, take pictures of certain people/landmarks etc. - Main goal (apparently) is to find 4 Monument Cores, which can be found in mini-dungeons - No combat (at least so far) - Over time you unlock new abilities like climbing up ledges, double-jumps, sprinting... - Tons of side activities: There‘s an arcade with at least three different minigames (an F-Zero endless-racer, an Arkanoid-clone and somewhat of a Jetpac-style game), a quadcopter race which reminded me of Pilotwings, surfing, I found a bunch of NPCs and buildings I can‘t interact with unless I have proper clothing (for example a night club and a soccer trainer), I just gained access to a mine... - Lots of cool ideas and mechanics which are used to deal with one specific issue/quest and then are not re-used again - Great economy. You really have to think about how you want to spend your money: Buy a travel guide to access a new island or rather buy new CDs for the local DJ or buy a membership card at the shirt store...almost everything feels like a significant investment Overall really enjoyable, chill game with some neat ideas. I‘m having lots of fun exploring every island, not knowing what awaits me there, looking for secrets and hunting down the collectibles. So far I‘d give it an 8 - 8.5.


Thread Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and discussion thread (Discussion guidelines in OP)
End of April? Within the next couple of days seems more likely. We‘re currently in the process of planning our summer vacation, but ending up quarantined in some hotel (like the one on Tenerife, which was one of our potential destinations) doesn‘t sound very appealing. Probably gonna delay booking a bit to see how the situation develops...


Thread Synthwave-Retrowave # 80s Neon music thread
Like many others before me already said, excellent thread. I've discovered Synthwave for myself at the end of last year and been going down a rabbit hole ever since. Carpenter Brut was the initial spark (because I fell in love with the Furi soundtrack) and is still one of my absolute favs, over time I realized the more futuristic/harsher stuff appeals far more to me than the straight up 80's pop-synthwave (also most of the vocals are too cheesy for me). Therefore artists like GosT, Dan Terminus or Perturbator are on heavy rotation here, also I enjoy acts like Fixions, Street Cleaner and Tommy '86. Thanks to this thread I've just discovered Nightstop and Starfounder, which seem to be right up my alley. Anyway, here are two artists/tracks I haven't seen here so far and that I really appreciate: Kick Puncher, which released their pretty cool debut at end of last year: And a song from Turboslash, especially their last EP (named EP II) is amazing: