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Thread Apple will reduce App Store cut to 15% for developers that earns less than $1 million in revenue per year (starting January 1st)
Happy (of course) to see this change. I have two games on the App Store, have been featured many times, have done promo stuff with Apple, but it's still hard to earn revenue on premium products right now (at least with our pretty niche games). Knowing that the next sales bump at least will be worth a little more is great news.


Thread Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - Launch Trailer
I had the same "fun" experience too. But I had a further issue: MK11 was being unclear, claiming that it was 100%, but "Ready to Start," and (on my Series X) was downloading 900+GB of 900+GB. I didn't know if this was some bug, or just an issue with what it was displaying, but I was worried it was just going to download forever. So I went to my download queue and cancelled all pending downloads. Unfortunately, this apparently deleted the game from my Xbox. So now I'm stuck redownloading ~140GB of data, which will take me until tomorrow.


Thread New games coming to Xbox Game Pass (Destiny Beyond Light, Tetris Effect Connected, Planet Coaster, EA play and more, EA play games coming to xCloud)
Yes, it's by Massive Damage (who also made Halcyon 6). You'd be surprised how many games on Switch / Xbox / PS are from here.


Thread New games coming to Xbox Game Pass (Destiny Beyond Light, Tetris Effect Connected, Planet Coaster, EA play and more, EA play games coming to xCloud)
Hell yeah to seeing Toronto's Star Renegades launching on GamePass. I hope it finds a shit-tonne of new players!


Thread Silent Hill Community |OT| In Our Restless Dreams, We See That Town
This is awesome; seeing people play though SH2 foe the first time is like a warm hug (that leaves you covered in blood)! I played through Silent Hill 2 (Greatest Hits edition on PS2) on my Twitch channel, including the Born From A Wish scenario. Some viewers hadn't played much of SH2, and seeing their speculations and reactions throughout was really rewardigame. A viewer is loaning me a copy of SH3 to play next; it's been a long time since I've played it!


Thread The Playstation Classic has reached a point now that it's a greater (and simpler) emubox than the Raspberry Pi 3.
Late reply, but whoa! I had no idea any of this was going on. I tried out Bleemsync right after it was released but found it unreliable and difficult to use. I discovered Autobleem and was up and running in 10 minutes, so I've been using that ever since. It's been handy since some PS1 games don't play well on PS2, so having this digital archival option lets me finally enjoy some games I'd been meaning to play.


Thread After owning either base console at launch, did you upgrade to an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro?
Yes, I got both a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (and a 4K TV). The Xbox One X was the better upgrade, as it's super quiet and has UHD Blu-Ray support.


Thread Who else remembers lugging around their entire PC for lan parties?
Totally! My first "LAN party" involved my friends' older brother hauling his PC in the back of a truck from their house in the bush to my home in our (very small) town, so we could play Doom II deathmatch. Those events were like early D&D; most of the time seemed to be spent transporting, setting up, and troubleshooting, rather than playing.


Thread The Ps5 design would have looked so much better if it was all black everything
Oooh, nice. I have a legal contract with my entertainment centre that it will only house black or mostly-black consoles as part of an interior design decision, so I'd be happy to wait for something like this!


Thread I wasn't a believer in HDR until I tried it
Totally agree with this as well: now I'm disappointed when I play games on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X that have a so-so HDR implementation. I thought FFXV's in particular was really nice. Embarrassing footnote: I was walking outside the other day when the moon could be seen in the sky. My honest first thought was, "boy, that's some great HDR right there," before realizing in silent horror what a dorky statement that was.


Thread Compared to 'anime' aesthetic, why are there so few western games w/ 'comics art' aesthetic?
We did this in our most recent game (Worse Than Death), as I'm a comics creator and lifelong fan. It's weird, as you'd think there is a huge cross section of "people who like western comic book art" and "people who play videogames" but they don't necessarily meet that way. And I totally agree with ; "western comics" is a huge swath of art styles and approaches, from European comics, UK-style hardcore pulp comics, Heavy Metal, American superhero, slice-of-life, underground, etc.


Thread Every Tech Startup is Exactly the Same
Baaaa Ha ha! That video was amazing. We're in downtown Toronto — not quite Silicon Valley, but when my wife and I go to cafes (at least we did, before...) we always laugh when overhearing tech-bro meetings. We joke that we either hear about "sales" or "kale" — but the conversations sound exactly the same. The current North American tech-bro culture is almost exactly like the late-90s dot-com bubble. If you read some articles in Wired or other tech magazines from that time, you'll be shocked at the similarities.


Thread Indie games that are focused on story
Have to contribute, as this thread title is our entire studio's MO. Every game we make is story-docised, and so far we have: - ; a 2D horror game where your actions define the narrative - ; an "OK Cupid meets Star Trek" adventure game with romance elements - ; an action-adventure horror game that is all about characters and plot I'd also recommend CherryMochi's , an anime/noir story that's genuinely creepy and completely dedicated to its plot.


Thread PlayStation has opened a $10m fund for indie studios and is giving away free copies of the Uncharted Collection and Journey as part of "stay at home"
Definitely curious to see what the initiative has in store for indie developers (and who qualifies).


Thread Segata Sanshiro related announcement teased for March 25th on the 60th Sega anniversary website
My word, this is the best news I've heard in months! My head might explode if they play the theme. Will Hiroshi Fujioka pass the torch to a new generation!?


Thread Shenmue III is shipping now for Kickstarter backers it seems
I have no idea where to get my PS4 backer code. Does anyone? I don't see anything in my Kickstarter account, and so far I haven't received an email.


Thread Switch is a touch capable system but games still don't support touch features, even Nintendo ones
I agree that some handy touches controls would benefit a lot of games in handheld mode (especially for menus and such). We made our game (Worse Than Death) entirely touch-capable for that reason. You can play the whole game that way, use traditional controls, or both. I would love for some games to use touch as a way to access Easter eggs or some such, just to reward players who think to try something.


Thread Daigo Umehara: "I got punched in the face repeatedly in the arcade"
These stories are amazing. There was a surprisingly great arcade in a mall in a small city in rural Ontario I went to from 1993–1996. Got to play every MK, SF, KI permutation. I remember the first time I walked in and saw MK, and it was like a door to another world had opened. I also remember almost getting beat up by some dudes at least 5 years older than in an arcade in Ottawa. I didn't know the arcade had an unspoken mercy rule and thrashed them. I bolted! Similarly, I murdered some college kid as a high schooler in MK2 and was pretty sure I was going to get murdered myself. His friends were laughing at him and he was pissed!


Thread Canadian Gaming Deals & Discussion | OT2 | High on Shipping, Low on Deals
Oh, fantastic scores! Hope you dig 'em; I ordered all three last year and played them one after the other. Would love to know what you think. Those are damn good prices; I paid $70 apiece for new, unsealed copies.


Thread Devolver Digital worried about subscription services like PS Plus, Game Pass and Apple Arcade
Their points are valid, but discovery is issue all developers today — there is too much content, not enough curation, and people simply don't have the time or money or interest to play it all. In 10 years of experience, we can say that the #1 way — in fact, the only remotely guaranteed way — to convince someone to buy your game if it's new to them is if a platform holder curates and features it. All the good reviews or Twitch streams in the world don't mean much, but a big box on a store's home page goes a long way. With subscription, we're definitely back to having big gatekeepers again, and that definitely poses risks for both devs and publishers like Devolver, because customers are no longer yours — they're Apple's or Microsoft's. And what that means long-term is difficult to see. However, that also means a tiny studio like ours can potentially convince just a handful of people — be they at Apple, Xbox, etc. — that our game is worth that big box feature (even if it's weird or not AAA or not part of the "cool kids" clique), because begging tens or hundreds of thousands of customers to buy your game certainly doesn't work. Subscription, if anything, is a model that proves our content is way less valuable and in-demand than it once was. If I'm being positive, I'd say these services stand a better chance at surfacing games to subscribers better than Steam's awful algorithms, but I could very well be wrong.


Thread Jason Schreier/Kotaku: The Last of Us Part II Delayed to Spring (May 29th 2020)
Likely avoiding the March death-month. They are smart to push it past that time frame; I'd expect late May to mid-June.


Thread Lost Odyssey is still the closest thing the last couple gens I've played to PS1 era Final Fantasies
Thank you. :-) I am so in!


Thread Lost Odyssey is still the closest thing the last couple gens I've played to PS1 era Final Fantasies
Thank you for this. :-) Adding Lost Odyssey to my Xbox One X backwards-compatible RPG list. I've always been curious about it; can you elaborate on what particularly gives you this feeling? The combat? Style?


Thread Sakurai gives various details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's development, DLC, & more in his recent book
This is really interesting to read; thanks for posting, ! Very cool of him to speak candidly about development. Most people don't realize that DLC is usually a losing game. Most other devs I know assume a DLC attach rate of 5% or less — I don't know about huge series like Smash, but I don't know a single dev who wants to work on DLC; it's tough to justify.


Thread Mortal Kombat 11 |OT| Krypt-O-Currency
Thanks for the glitch tip, Era! Got all those Warrior Shrine heads in 30 minutes, instead of 30 hours. Always happy to cheat both the game and myself.


Thread On the JRPG and what it means to play the role of a teenager as a late twenty-something.
Man, just wait until you're 40. Then you realizing you're being asked to cozy up to characters who are less than half your age! (Thank goodness for Kawakami-sensei.)


Thread Final Fantasy VII [Switch + XB1] |OT| USENET Gone Wild
Checked this out on a friend's Switch and compared it with the PS4 version (on my Pro). The Switch version looks to me like it's running in 720p or 900p while docked; it looks softer than the game running on PS4 (though it's clearly the exact same port). I'm curious to see if Digital Foundry does their thing.


Thread Sony is apparently refunding PS4 owners their Anthem digital purchase due to midgame crashes and complete shutdown.
Developers don't pay for certification. Just an FYI.


Thread Worse Than Death - Announcement Trailer from the creators of Home and Alone With You [PS4, Switch, PC and iOS]
Thanks for posting this, . If anyone has any questions about the game, let me know! Lots more little bits of news about it will pop up over the next month or so.


Thread Skyrim on Switch |OT| See that mountain? You can play Skyrim on it.
Loving this so far! After playing the intro I thought, "Do I really want to play Skyrim again? And doesn't the PS4 version I bought last year look so much better?" That was before I took my Switch out all day and played the game in batches at various places — before meeting a friend for breakfast; at a cafe, and finally at home. As the day wore on, it got progressively more grey and cold, and snow started to fall. It was a pretty appropriate synchronicity! The various comments on the split-Joy-Con play style are interesting. So far it's my preferred play style when docked, and I "love" the motion controls — "love," because they don't really feel very accurate, but I'm playing an axe-wielding maniac, and somehow that feels appropriate. Although I really love the full-blown beautify of the PS4 version (or a heavily-modded PC version), the art direction of the world, as well as the wonderful sound design, continue to make Skyrim feel like a real, vibrant place. Has anyone else had a bug where the "ka-thump" discovery sound cue doesn't play in docked mode?


Thread Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. |OT| War has changed.
I played for two hours or so on PS4 Pro last night with a friend. At one point the game hard-crashed with a system error — oops! After reloading it, the play option was "Play With Team." The server was full, it said, but eventually I got back in, and the game automatically reconnected me with my friend, which I thought was great. After that, I had no major issues. I did notice a few texture glitches, and some funny animation glitches. We had a really good time with the game. I didn't miss NPCs; in fact, I think I was glad not to be standing there in a lengthy conversation tree. The audio logs were all interesting, and I liked that I could listen to lore at my own pace, while still exploring. The environmental storytelling was good, and I really like the look of the game — foggy early-morning forests, beautiful sun-rays and some expansive vistas made me think more of Skyrim than Fallout. Menus for crafting and using CAMP seemed a bit simpler than similar menus in Fallout 4, and (in the limited time that I played) the grinding loop of "loot-return-dump" was much reduced. I didn't feel that constant friction as I did with the last game — maybe that will change later. Seeing other people seemed odd at first, but it didn't detract from the game. We kept seeing these two players who wanted to shoot at people, but the anti-griefing system meant they couldn't do anything. I kept swearing to one day return fire with a machete, which I thought was a fun meta-game. Overall I had a surprisingly good time, and am looking forward to jumping back in! I don't normally play online games, or co-op games, but this was a good time.


Thread Castlevania Requiem [Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night] |OT| What is a dub?
Jumped into Symphony last night and it was like surfing down a landslide of melted butter — what a smooth experience it is to play this game again! As others have posted here, I also find the descrepancy in resolution between the 2D and 3D elements extremely jarring, and a poor decision. It does make you notice how clever the original game was, since you didn't even think of most of these tricks as being "3D" at the time. I also really like the use of rumble and the Dual Shock's speaker; there are some subtle complementary sounds that add a neat depth to the mix. My kingdom for original voices, though!


Thread DOOM for Nintendo Switch |OT| Rip and Tear, Anywhere
Picked up my copy before teaching class today. Really like how it feels so far. It look a little soft in portable mode, but so far it feels very good indeed. Playing it portable with a good set of headphones makes the violence and action seem different — more personal. It recontextualizes the game a bit, in a good way!


Thread DOOM for Nintendo Switch |OT| Rip and Tear, Anywhere
Really interested to see how this launch goes! Would love for this to be a surprise hit for the holiday — if for no other reason, than to hear Kimishima mention Doom at the next investor meeting. :-) Is there any confirmation of offline deathmatch?


Thread Mass shooting reported in Toronto's Greektown; police confirm 15 shot including shooter
This is awful. There are a lot of good game dev folks there — I hope they are safe. Tomorrow is going to be a brutal media shitstorm; i can't even imagine how this will all shake out.


Thread LTTP: Final Fantasy IV - I feel like this game deserves more discussion than it gets....
Oh, thank you for making this thread. FFIV is by far my favourite in the series — just hearing that battle music bass line gets me all pumped to play this again, every time! I always preferred the tighter, narrative-driven stage-play style of FFIV; it really did feel like you were taking part in a little marionette show. So much sacrifice, harsh realizations, betrayal, and stunning comebacks — it was a Shonen Jump manga writ large. I played it first to completion on the PS1 collection (thank goodness for that run button), and I have an SNES cart that I intend to play through as well. Just a joy of a game, and my favourite JRPG.


Thread Game Purchases You Regretted Minutes In
Oh, good question. Recently it was Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Switch. I bought it digitally so I couldn't return it, unfortunately. I just realized quickly that after playing various incarnations of Street Fighter for 25+ years, I really didn't need this collection. Bummer!


Thread Wolfenstein II on Switch |OT| Killing Nazis in the Bathroom
I finally finished the main game today, and had an absolute blast the whole time through. I found one other tiny bug; where I got stuck while looking at a postcard and couldn't exit. Luckily, I made a save of my game and that forced me out of the item view, and back into main gameplay. I played the majority of the game on my TV with the Pro Controller. Kind of seems silly to play this version of the game on the big 4K TV, but I didn't even care; I was having too much fun! Still pretty amazed to see how well this translated to the Switch. I've bought all three of Bethesda's ports, and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.


Thread SteamSpy is now sharing specific numbers again (experimental)
According to my data, this new machine-learning SteamSpy is about 80% accurate right now (re: the "Players (experimental) section). The owners range is pretty large and not really accurate right now. After hearing the NoClip podcast interview with Sergey, I am definitely curious to see how this new iteration works out!


Thread Limited Run Games |OT| Sweet XOXO for Digital to Physical Media
Thanks, Frump. It is definitely surreal to see this little game going strong this many years later. I'm lucky to have players like yourself who gave it a chance.


Thread Wolfenstein II on Switch |OT| Killing Nazis in the Bathroom
I must say, I am enjoying the absolute heck out of this game. I played Wolf2 on PS4 to a point last November, but because of the initial difficulty weirdness, and the fact that I just don't think I was in the mood for it, I flaked out about 30% of the way through. Got excited for the Switch release after listening to the soundtrack nonstop, and now I'm about 70% through the game and loving every moment. I have a 4K TV en route to me today, so it probably have made sense to get it again for my PS4 Pro, but a good game is a good game, even in 540p. :-) I just can't stop playing, and am having a grand ol' time. Is... is this what joy feels like?