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Thread Has the MCU surpassed the Star Wars saga?
This is a tough one to calculate since the MCU mostly stars characters who were already immensely popular before the films started rolling out, whereas Star Wars introduced its characters for the first time via movies. It’s easy to conflate the popularity of Spider-Man, Captain America etc as long-standing comic book characters with their movie counterparts. I don’t think it’s possible for most people to disconnect those things in their minds.


Thread Is there a place in the world where the winter isnt too cold and the summer not too hot?
San Francisco! It costs $5,000 a day to be alive here and everything is broken but I had to close my windows last night because it got too chilly - in July! Come on down!


Thread Outside if sales...did the Switch lose momentum for you personally as a system this year?
I still play it a ton but having it as my dedicated portable game console for traveling in a year where traveling has died entirely has definitely made me less inclined to buy games for it that I can buy cheaper on other consoles or PC.


Thread IGN Expo Day 1 begins at 1:30 PM PT (New game announcements, Yakuza: Like a Dragon gameplay and more)
If you don't like the hosts doing the intros/outros/interviews (hey sorry, we're doing our best considering the multitude of video and audio technical issues that come with doing developer interviews over various video conferencing platforms with people all over the world!) we've also been uploading the raw gameplay and trailers directly to our IGN YouTube channel so you can get the footage without my dumb face and voice on it :D


Thread [Reminder] Don't Forget Buy "Visual Dictionay Book" and "Movies Novelization" after watching "The Rise of The Skywalker".
I’ve been buying/collecting these books for every accompanying Star Wars film since the Special Edition ones released in the late ‘90s, but by no means are they necessary or mandatory to understand the film’s stories more. They merely act as supplemental content and detailed looks at props, costumes, and concept art and I’m a huge dork for those things.


Thread Lyrical version of Ballad of the Wind Fish confirmed for Link’s Awakening (JPN at least)
This... isn’t in the North American version of the game.


Thread Babies shouldn't be allowed in movie Theaters
New dad here. I still manage to see tons of movies without bringing my baby to the theater. If my wife and I can't get a sitter, I just go to the theater by myself or with friends and if she has any interest in the same movie, she gets to do the same thing with her friends the next day while I stay home and take care of the baby and we can talk about the movie together once both of us have seen it. It's... really not that hard. I'd argue that most relationships need less co-dependence in general, though. Different story if you're a single parent, obviously, but even then, get a sitter, go to a special baby-focused screening, or wait until the movie is streaming at home. These are the sacrifices we make as parents. In exchange, we get to raise amazing little people in the world and watch their infectious joy on a daily basis. And man, even if you have the coolest, quietest baby on earth you shouldn't be subjecting their delicate, growing sensory skills to three hours of aural and visual bombardment. That's wildly irresponsible, even in a totally empty theater.


Thread The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake announced for Nintendo Switch
Hey everyone! Just wanted to say I've been enjoying this thread immensely and I'm pretty damn ecstatic to have a bunch of reasons to talk about my favorite game of all time all year long. I replayed the DX version of Link's Awakening this weekend out of anticipation (and because that's a thing I usually do once or twice a year anyway) and it was really wonderful to replay it with the remake in mind. I absolutely adore the new art style. I really can't wait to see how they handle stuff like the wall art in the south Face Shrine with the rudimentary sketches of the owl and Wind Fish, among other things. Usually my repeat playthroughs of LA are on the original version because the screen warp glitch makes for some insanely fun sequence breaking stuff and also some utterly bizarre glitches, but the DX version is just so damn beautiful so it felt right to replay it there. Anyway, good to see so many Link's Awakening fans in one place. I'll be sure to pop in here often <3


Thread Fallout "influencers" given actual canvas 76 Bags.
That's a backpack. The collector's edition had a duffle bag. I have zero interest in fucking with Fallout 76 in any capacity and the cheap ass duffle bag (and fairly broken game) they sold to fans was some nefarious, frugal bullshit. But I question the judgement of some of you weighing in on related to this nearly entirely visual medium when y'all don't even know the damn difference between a duffle bag and a backpack.


Thread So... RDR2 coverage by medias is making gamers tired.
Far and away, our most popular RDR2 coverage at IGN is guides, wikis, how-to stuff, and cheats. Other content does well, of course (the review, for example, is one of our most popular reviews ever) but the majority of our current popular coverage is guides-based content that our audience is actively seeking out. Legendary animals, best guns, secrets, hidden item locations etc. It's easy to be reductive and assume the biggest gaming site is just churning out bullshit that nobody is looking for just to get clicks off a trending term but our guides effort for this game has been a massive, month long collaboration between our entire wiki team (plus freelancers and site members) and hundreds of thousands of readers are looking for it and using it. As with anything you don't like on the internet, I implore you to just.. not click it if you're not a fan of it. I have no interest in Destiny. Our audience does, so IGN publishes a decent amount of Destiny content and I just don't click on it. I just click on other stuff.