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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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Thread Ion Fury |OT| Maiden Build
I would definitely say closer to Duke. One interesting things is that some enemy fire actually shows the line of fire the bullets take for a few seconds after they shoot - specifically shotguns.


Thread SteamWorld Quest - Official Launch Trailer - Out on April 25th
He's not wrong about the overland, but I don't think that's what the game is about. It's about the battles using the card system. There are more than 70 different monsters (though you only see some of them once).


Thread Did any of you ever shop at the yetee store?
I've always had good luck with quality but it's been a couple years. One time I had a shirt come that was a bit too snug... but I think that was more a problem with me than with them...


Thread Would You Be Okay With Digital Games Only?
I usually buy physical because there is a higher probability of getting a deal on them. Those discount programs are slowly going away though. I love the convenience of physical, but the few bucks extra per game I'm paying each time is not really worth it to me to switch over completely.


Thread GameStop posts $673m full-year loss
I'm not a regular GameStop customer, but there's an entire subset of gamers that buy their consoles and games their religiously. This will definitely hurt those people, even if only temporarily, if GS closes their doors.