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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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Thread PewDiePie attempts to distance himself from Christchurch Mosque shooter who pledged support (READ THREADMARKS)
This is PewDiePie's fault how? You can keep blaming attacks on anything other what actually starts them but this is a whole other level of what?


Thread First Fortnite Season 8 Teaser (Pirates?)
There are no rumours/leaks of the island splitting into two - that is just fuelled by clickbait YouTube videos. There are, however, cracks happening in real-time across the map due to small earthquakes which could lead to something like this happening. We'll have to see what happens - we're only 3 days away.


Thread How to make video games journalism, or journalism in general (mostly written) profitable?
Easy. Journalists are moving TO those platforms. YouTube, Google AdSense and Facebook Pages. Social media is key. In my experience, profits for stuff I run have been increasing, but then again I don't own a multi-million dollar company with huge costs.


Thread Wait, do you guys know a game called "HYTALE"?
Hytale is a game developed by Hypixel Studios, a new team from the makers of Hypixel - the largest server in Minecraft history. It's no surprise how many views this has got - it's literally Minecraft 2.


Thread Would it make sense for Sony to do away with regions?
This. Also the fact that regional restrictions on certain titles, laws against pre-orders, holidays for each country may result in some deals, and being unable to distinguish people's accounts between regions.


Thread Black Mirror: Bandersnatch apparently takes photos of you through your Kinect camera (Update: Nope)
OP edited.


Thread [WCCFTech] Saber Interactive Approached Sony About Making the Multiplayer Component of Days Gone
Because forcibly adding multiplayer to a SINGLEPLAYER game is not what the concept of the game intended. Games aren't just made up as they go along - they are completely pre-designed, scripted and features are planned out well in advance. Throwing on multiplayer, especially if it isn't even by the same dev team, is a bad thing to do pre-release. Adding multiplayer to a singleplayer game does not make it a "more complete" game - that's an extremely ridiculous viewpoint.


Thread Black Mirror: Bandersnatch apparently takes photos of you through your Kinect camera
I'm already looking into it lol, but yes I am also asking people to help with that :)


Thread Black Mirror: Bandersnatch apparently takes photos of you through your Kinect camera
Is there any truth to this claim? Can anyone maybe show if the Kinect took photos of them during viewing the film? Anyone have a PS4 Camera that also did it? Thanks!


Thread [Dualshockers] Saber Interactive Approached Sony About Making the Multiplayer Component of Days Gone
I'm happy Sony said no.


Thread The Official Alien Anthology account is teasing Amanda Ripley's return
It's a tease for an upcoming comic that was already announced to feature Amanda Ripley. "The Alien Universe Expands” kinda also teases that. Blackout is not a sequel to Isolation, and Isolation 2 was confirmed to not by Eurogamer last year.


Thread Media Molecule: See you Tomorrow, 'Totally Normal Dreams Stream' Dec 18th, 5pm GMT
I am so god damn pumped for this game. And with rumored VR support, I wanna gush. Give me that beta announcement, MM.


Thread DualShockers’ Game of the Year 2018 Awards
I rallied so hard for Red Dead Redemption 2 but we have some uncultured swines on our staff. (EDIT: This is a joke, I loved God of War too :D)


Thread Does the PSVR's novelty wear off quickly or do you still use it months after purchase?
I have been wanting a PSVR for a while, and I spotted the Mega Pack which has the PSVR/Camera and 5 games for £229.99 which is pretty good. However, I'm scared that the novelty will quickly wear off and it'll just go back onto the shelf for months until a hit game comes out. I wanna know if it'll last. I'd love it if you could share your experiences and how frequently you use the headset! Much appreciated.


Thread Red Dead Online's gold bars can now be purchased with real world money
Rockstar Games have announced that Red Dead Online's store is now available and that Gold Bars can be purchased.The prices are... debatable to say the least.


Thread SPOILERS: Dialogue glitch in Red Dead Redemption II fuels rumors of possible Red Dead Redemption Remaster DLC
How the hell are people blindly believing this? Did no one stop for a second to think that this video might definitely be fake? The voice doesnt lip sync to John and you can hear John's grunts, not Jacks. This is fake. Has to be. If they were planning a remake DLC I doubt they'd already have fully fledged voice lines in-game while still developing it. None of this makes sense to be real.


Thread Media Molecule: Dreams PS4 beta still on track for 2018, will share details when ready
How many damn times have we heard this in the last year? They're gonna pull a Rockstar and host the beta on December 31st, eh?


Thread Why is Epic Games Store giving "exposure" mostly to titles that don't really need it?
They need to launch their store with titles that people recognise so those customers can build a library, *then* the indies will start to come.


Thread YouTube Channel 'Star Wars Comics' Announces Star Wars 1313 Fan Game, Doesn't Understand Copyright Law
Lucasfilm will shut this down in the next week, most likely.


Thread Streamer Breaks Anthem NDA, loses entire Origin library while recording (UP: Anthem may have been only game in library)
I'm in this alpha and I'm pretty sure the Alpha Agreement NDA stated that if you were caught streaming, posting, etc. on social media any game content that you'd be banned from Origin services, which is probably why his library was empty.


Thread [RUMOUR] Microsoft is in talks to buy a studio that historically worked together with PlayStation
It's not Insomniac.


Thread The Last of Us Part II will not be at the Game Awards
If Sony host their own event it'll be later in the year which is a LONG time away. It really isn't like Sony to just dump a trailer.


Thread The Last of Us Part II will not be at the Game Awards
When are they gonna show off this game then? No E3 for Sony next year, not appearing at PSX this year, no Game Awards appearance.


Thread Kotaku's Jason Schreier talks about Rocksteady's new game (says what it's not, hints about it a bit)
Me and you both know they probably prioritize articles that will get them the most clicks.


Thread Kotaku's Jason Schreier talks about Rocksteady's new game (says what it's not, hints about it a bit)
I don't know why people keep believing the Rocksteady Superman rumors. They get debunked every single damn time and yet they keep popping up!


Thread Some guy is streaming Smash Bros Ultimate 2 weeks early and is sharing pirated downloads
Not going to link it here because I'm not certain on the rules regarding something like this, but if anyone can help take this stream down. He also has a link to the NSP file for Smash in the description which is illegal. Currently sitting at 3k viewers and quite easy to find if you search.


Thread 20th Century Fox trademarks Alien: Blackout for use with video games
Tell me why The Game Awards, not even Keighley's personal, would tweet their slogan randomly at a tweet regarding Kojima visiting 20th Century Fox?


Thread Anthem Is Not Being Delayed (response to random Reddit "leak")
I never believed that guy. In my experience, those who leak something and when it turns out to be right they start leaking a ton of irrelevant stuff are just lying to cover their ass. He most likely works at the convention, the ESA or got the press release email early and is making up fake leaks to act like he is just an insider.


Thread $199 PS4 Slim with Spider-Man Sold Out on Amazon and Best Buy, Still Available at Target
A $199 PS4 Slim with Spider-Man has sold out on Amazon and Best Buy in under half an hour, but it's still available at Target if you hurry!


Thread Would you buy GTA V for the Switch at full price even if it came with no online?
I rarely play Grand Theft Auto V for the online anyway, as long as Director Mode was implemented I'd be fine paying full price. Considering the price of Switch games nowadays, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary.


Thread [Help] So... 'Everything' (the game called Everything) is this weird to play, or it's just with me?
It's a broken ass game and you shouldn't have bought it. EDIT: This is my opinion. I think that the game suffers from too many bugs and broken features to even warrant being called a game.


Thread I think I am over the silent protagonist 'feature'
Undertale and South Park: The Stick of Truth/The Fractured But Whole are the only two games in recent memory that pull it off fantastically. Deltarune however doesn't have a silent protagonist. Kris has dialogue options, even if you don't see exactly what they say the protagonist still talks to other characters.


Thread What are the best and worst plot devices for taking away your gear/abilities at the start of a game?
Spider-Man PS4 has the classic excuse of "you need to upgrade your new suit". Whether that's good or bad, who even knows.