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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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Thread Amazon has developed a robot to deliver packages, Virginia's legislature recently passed a bill to allow these delivery robots in Virginia
And according to Death Stranding every package delivered by a robot it's going to end with a 90-90% damage.


Thread Price of the PlayStation 5 hasn't been determined yet. CFO says company is working with many unknowns, including it's competitor's plans
Still if they show GoW 2, Horizon 2 etc... and that price... I'll buy a Ps5 first.


Thread Hypo: If XSX is most powerful and $100 cheaper than PS5, would you buy an XSX
Exclusives, I'll buy PS5 first because Sony games are exclusive and after a few years when is cheaper Xbox as a extension of my pc just to play on the tv... My problem with xbox is that, I can play everything on PC so my only reason to buy an Xbox ia to play on the TV.


Thread The Division 1 Vs. The Division 2
The Division 1 wins in atmosphere. The Division 2 wins in everything else, at least for me. I keep saying that Division in Tokyo + Snow would be a 100/10 game.Base Games are fine, in Div 2 you can play almost everything without the SP. Division 1 has some extra modes but are not necesary.


Thread Death Stranding |OT| Peace Walker
Game finished. Top 3 of this gen, awesome experience, the story is soooo good... Im going for the Platinum for sure. Hopefully the next Kojima game is similar to this. It's an incredible experience, be a delivery man has never been so fun, awesome and epic before.


Thread Days Gone |OT| A Deacon of Hope
8.7 Good Points: -Unique zombie apocalypse story where things aren’t as they seem -Amazing character type and depth in the conflicted Deacon St. John -Gameplay mixed with survival and shooting elements ensures smarts will win in the end Bad Points: -Gun strafing is clunky and not an effective gameplay strategy -Just a few too many, minor technical issues