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Thread S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 OST — Zone Dreams
Can't wait for this to come out. Also if you're looking for a reason to jump into The Zone, check out the STALKER Anomaly mod. It's a stand-alone experience (so you don't even need to own the games to play it) and combines all the best which STALKER has to offer in one package. Large open world, tons of missions, and lots of customization and addon support as well. Worth downloading if you've always wanted to give STALKER a try.


Thread NOA’s job listing for associate AV producer mentions "...filming live-action footage for use in Nintendo Directs..." as one of the duties
Wait... They're hiring someone who'd require a high level of knowledge and also know how to shoot live-action stuff for Directs? Mad. Just mad.


Thread VGC: Capcom has overhauled its plans for a Resident Evil 4 remake (Possibly delayed to 2023)
So M-Two's version of the Resident Evil 4 Remake was too faithful, given that RE3 was disappointing but Capcom were like "Nah"? That's the exact opposite of what I want to read.


Thread You fire up a new single player game. It's a game you've not played before. What difficulty do you select?
Normal or easy. Depends what kind of game or genre but if it's something mad long and I'm down for just having a good time, easy is a decent option. Means no fuss whilst potentially playing a game that could be over 30 hours long.


Thread Does anyone else struggle to get into handheld gaming?
Back when I started my job, the hour and a bit long train journey to work with the Switch was great. But because of COVID and WFH, I've barely touched it now. A bit sad as it quickly became my favourite way to play games and tune out whilst on the tube. Guess I'll go back to it in a couple of years once this government gets its act together.


Thread Don’t expect to be playing Star Citizen’s single-player campaign, Squadron 42, anytime soon; Chris Roberts wants to avoid buggy release
I was still in secondary school when I placed an order for SQ42 and Star Citizen. Now I've gone through Sixth Form, Uni and now I've got a job. I'll be an old man by the time SQ42 comes out, at least my grandchildren will be able to play it. Seriously though, I just want a fun space game to play.


Thread GoG decides to not publish Devotion after "messages from gamers"
Fucks sake. All I want to do is buy this bloody game. Also, who the hell are the "gamers" who sent these messages. This has pissed me off a little, I was well happy about hearing the re-release and now this happens. Just mad.


Thread Murder House has been stealth released on Steam (PS1/Clocktower-esque Survival Horror Slasher game made by Puppet Combo!)
I love Puppet Combo. Great games, the atmosphere is always spot on and they're cheap too. Well worth it.


Thread Failure to launch: As Star Citizen turns eight years old, the single-player campaign still sounds a long way off
I was in my final year of Secondary School when this was announced. Backed it straight away, seemed like a dream game! Since then, I've gone through Sixth Form, University and now I've got a job. I refunded my account ages ago, my faith in this campaign coming out within the next couple of years is slim, to say the least.


Thread Star Wars: Squadrons |OT| X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
Also just finished up an online Fleet Battle match, it was quite intense! I really enjoyed the tug of war element to it. Do forgive the not so legendary gameplay though, it was my second time playing on this specific game mode.


Thread Why on earth did they make the Patient monsters in Silent Hill 4 burp when you hit them?
I'm sure the Silent Hill Wiki has some in-depth answers. "These burp sounds actually represent the trauma experienced by Henry as a child, in which his mother (who was killed by Pyramid Head) often burped in front of him to summon a demon god monster." Something along the lines of that.


Thread Konami on GOG - MGS1, 2, Metal Gear 1987, Castlevania/Contra Collection
To anyone thinking about playing MGS 2: Substance, you should download V's fix for MGS2. It's a custom-built installer/launcher which includes a widescreen fix, controller support, configurable graphics options, and more. And yes, it does work with the GOG release.


Thread Alex Moukala (music producer) reacts to the Ace Combat 7 track "Daredevil", "video game music isn't allowed to be this good what the hell"
The Ace Combat series has always had a banging soundtrack.


Thread How do you play your retro games?
Whatever retro console, plugged into an OSSC which is then plugged into my capture card. I stream a lot of older games, so I mostly play them whilst sitting at my desk. Simple setup and it always produces great results. Or just emulation, in case I don't want to use any of my disks or whatever.


Thread What's the purpose of buying high end GPUs now if by the time the software comes around to take advantage it will be the next GPU cycle?
Because I want to play Dead Rising at 4K with 999FPS.


Thread Ace Combat 7 Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With New DLC: 3 fan-favorite aircraft, Ace Combat Zero skins.Also free new difficulty level for newcomers
God, I love this game. Was playing AC6 last night and now I've got another reason to jump back on AC7.


Thread Microsoft Flight Simulator is the new “Crysis”, current-gen CPUs unable to offer 60fps on High/Ultra
Just set it to High, not Ultra. Been using roughly the same settings since Alpha, Beta and now the full release.


Thread The Resident Evil cast is getting older. Should the series start passing the torch to a new generation?
Negative. Incorporate time travel and have Chris train to RE5 standards before RE1 begins. Buff Chris timeline is the one.


Thread Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Previews and gameplay (also coming to Steam August 18, will receive VR support)
Ey, thanks for sharing our videos. That full flight from San Fran to Las Vegas was a bit scary to record, especially since that landing was quite tricky! Either way, amazing game.


Thread Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Previews and gameplay (also coming to Steam August 18, will receive VR support)
Oh, I know. It was my second attempt at recording that video and I knew I over-shot that runway a bit by coming in on the side. Either way, at least the video is pretty!


Thread If all games ran equally well on all operating systems, what OS would you be using?
I'd say Windows is still easier to use. However I've got to admit I don't know much about Linux. But from my point of view, aside from games, Linux doesn't do much for me.


Thread "Devotion" by Red Candle Games is back and available for purchase (the catch: its not on Steam and more)
Damn, sad times. Was really hoping I could pick up a copy of this. I loved Detention and I'm quite gutted I still can't buy a copy of Devotion.


Thread The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has shadowdropped on PSVR!
I'd say this is one of the best VR titles you can play. It isn't just your typical survival-action schlock. Honestly, it's got a lot in common with games like Deus Ex with all the choices you make throughout the game.


Thread Star Wars fans are launching a petition to ask more content (even paid) for Star Wars Battlefront II (10k people have signed)
It'd be an absolute dream to have more content, but there's no doubt that Battlefront III will happen so I'm happy to wait till then.


Thread Star Wars fans are launching a petition to ask more content (even paid) for Star Wars Battlefront II (10k people have signed)
Does anyone actually think this is going to work? I understand community feedback and Battlefront II have quite the history together, but I can't imagine they'll drop developing whatever they're working on next to come back to this.


Thread PC Era, please help: I have £450-£500 budget. What's the best Gaming Monitor I can buy?
Go for the Acer XB271HU, it's honestly banging. 1440p, 144hz and 27". I use that as my primary monitor, and have the 4K 60hz variant as my secondary monitor. They're both great.


Thread “Time Traveling” in Animal Crossing
This is the first Animal Crossing game I've ever played, and I'm loving it so far. My first day was really exciting, and knowing I could get a house the next day was great! I'm not fussed with waiting, it gives me a reason to put the game down and look forward to what's coming next. I don't see any point in messing around with that.


Thread The PC Builders Thread ("I Need a New PC") v3
This is my current setup, and then what I'm hoping I can upgrade to later in the year. As of now, what I'm most worried about is changing my case, to be honest. Anyone here using the NZXT H710i? Just looking to see what people think.


Thread Reminder that at some point Umbrella tried to create a bargain bin Tyrant.
Aside from rockets, they're usually quite weak, and have often been eliminated by a single person. Umbrella shoulda shelved the Tyrant program ages ago. It's kind of shite.


Thread Flight Simulator - Feature Discovery Series Episode 6: Airports - "All airports in the world, 37 000 of them manually edited, 80 carefully made
Finally, I can visit the absolute shite hole which is Luton Airport.


Thread If PS5 has full backwards compat will you start a retro collection of disks?
Just sold 90% of my "retro" collection the other week so I can buy myself a new computer desk. Not bothered for physical releases anymore to be honest. I've only got a few disks left for my PS1 and PS2, but even those have been backed up digitally with my PSIO or the 1TB HDD I've got on my Fat PS2. If PS5 has back compat with all these older titles, I'm happy to buy them digitally (for a fair price).


Thread Twitch: Link Sharing | Let's try that again, but this time with feeling
Twitch channel: Stream times: Around 8/10PM GMT, usually every other day. What you tend to stream: I only ever stream first time play throughs of single player games, currently making my way through Death Stranding, Zombie Army 4: Dead War and Fear Effect.


Thread Status update on all the games coming to MCC on PC
Does this game have any kind of online / co-op lobby browser? I remember playing this at launch and being bummed out I couldn't browse different online co-op sessions and join in randomly. I might be wrong though, I haven't played this in ages.


Thread The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners | OT | Pills here.
I've only played a couple of hours but so far it's been great! It's like a fun mix of Dark Souls, Fallout & even Blade and Sorcery. Honestly, this is the best Walking Dead experience I've had since Season One of the Telltale series.


Thread Replaying Resident Evil 3, how should I proceed?
It's your choice really regarding Nemesis. If you're not playing on Easy, Nemesis drops really useful items for you to use in the later game. Or you could save ammo and avoid him as much as possible. Also, the dodge mechanic has no science behind it, usually, you press Aim before a zombie attack and you might dodge. But it's so broken that it'll either work or it won't.


Thread What's the best comeback you ever made?
Thinking back, I do remember this one time when I got into a fight with someone but before it started he said this: "Armed or not, you must realize, you are doomed.", I then replied by saying "Oh, I don't think so." Yeah, pretty memorable for sure.


Thread The lack of good WARHAMMER 40,000 games is criminal.
I just started my venture into the Warhammer series by listening to the Warhammer 40k – Helsreach audiobook. It was fantastic! I know it's a bit off topic but does anyone have any recommendations for what to potentially listen to next? I really enjoyed what I heard with Helsreach and looking for more. Also, why isn't there a dope Warhammer 40K FPS? There really needs to be one.


Thread Thinking of starting S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Any good mods out there?
I'd stay keep to the basics like upgraded graphics. Don't want any mods that change the game too much as its best going in fairly vanilla, until you finish your first playthrough. Here are my recommendations! For Shadow of Chernobyl:For Clear Sky:Call of Pripyat:These are all the mods I used for a fairly vanilla experience of all the three games, some of these mods might have been updated or merged into one but check these out!


Thread Contemplating how The Lord of the Rings Online is still alive but The Matrix Online and (GOAT) Star Wars Galaxies were stolen from us
You know what though, at least you can still play Star Wars Galaxies through fan servers. That's how I've been slowly getting into the game, never got a chance to play it as a kid.


Thread Its almost 2020 and here I am, playing Call of Duty 3 (2006) Online on a Console!
Call of Duty 3 is still my favourite CoD multiplayer. When I got an Elite for Christmas as a kid, this game came with it. Eder Dam was the best map and then using the bike to get out of bounds was hype. I miss this game. Multiplayer still somewhat active on Xbox?


Thread Its almost 2020 and here I am, playing Call of Duty 3 (2006) Online on a Console!
It was simply the best. I think the Heavy MG class had ammo boxes it could give out. So from what I remember, you could camp out of bounds and shoot anyone who went past you whilst topping up on ammo whenever. Good times.


Thread With a collapse of Gamestop (or you local retailer) how would you handle the next gen console launch?
When it comes to buying a physical copy of anything, usually just stick to Amazon. I've sometimes used GAME but have had a lot of negative experiences with pre-orders shipping late and getting lost.


Thread Did you end up getting both a PS4 and an XB1 this generation?
Picked up an Xbox One at launch, sold it for a PS4, which I then sold for a PS4 Pro at launch and also picked up an Xbox One X shortly after. Got my Pro and the X, seen a lot of enjoyment out of them.


Thread What’s the go to entry level mic everyone uses for PC gaming these days?
Honestly, you're fine going and looking online 'Best PC headsets 2019' or something. I would still recommend the Blue Snowball if you can get it for like £30 or so. I started with the Blue Yeti but then moved into XLR setups.


Thread Is anyone else lucky enough to be able to work from home?
Before I had joined IGN, I was doing freelance editing at home and never really enjoyed the process. It paid great considering I was still at University at the time but not having anyone to actually talk to was kind of a downer.


Thread Are you happy with your gaming decisions this generation?
The biggest thing for me was getting the job I have now and learning to experience new games more often. Before I joined IGN, I stayed up to date on the latest games but never really had the interest to play them whilst at home. I often had my PS2 and Xbox hooked up more often than my PS4 or Xbox One. These days? I've sold and still in the process of selling all of my retro titles and moving on to playing new experiences. No point living in the past when new titles are coming out every month.


Thread UK Charts: Death Stranding is the second biggest PS4 launch of 2019 and the second biggest new IP released this year
Wonder how many returns there'll be for DS.


Thread New R* North job listing: Animation Programmer for "massive open world games" for "next-gen consoles"
GTA: Strand Edition.


Thread Jak 3 turns 15 tomorrow. Let's reminisce about the series!
How does Jak compare to R&C? I never touched the Jak series as a kid, did I miss out on much?


Thread In the wake of Death Stranding, should we reclassify the Souls games as "strandlites?"
I want to taste Strand food and listen to Strand audio books.


Thread Persona 5 on PS now but only til february 4th, are yu gonna rush to make it?
It took me 99 hours to finish it on my first playthrough, I think I can wait till Persona 5 R. However if you haven't played this game yet, I highly suggest giving it a go. It was the first Persona game I ever played and I loved it, I'm not even a fan of JRPG's or turn-based combat either but P5 made it fun.


Thread Who in Star Wars Sequel Trilogy that should have their own game?
He did that one thing I had feelings about and it really made me think.


Thread After 2+ years of wait, the new Steam library UI has officially released and I think it kinda sucks
Feel the same. I'm sure I would get used to it but for now, not a big fan. Then again, I think the PS3 XMB is the best dashboard I've ever used. So what do I know.


Thread Totally real, not fake whatsoever 'Marvel X Capcom' leaks for PS5 and Project Scarlett
This and Bloodborne Kart Racing? I can't wait for these future releases.


Thread What are your favorite youtube gaming channels?
Funhaus or Inside Gaming (before they moved to FH). Their videos are what inspired me to get into video production and here I am now.


Thread Spirit Hunter: NG Review Thread (92% on Opencritic)
I just finished Death Mark yesterday and started this today, it's feeling pretty good so far! Quite similar to the previous game but enough changes to make me happy.


Thread When you think mac and cheese, which of these photos is closer to what comes to mind?
Option A is some trash tier looking M&C.


Thread Everything you need to know about the next Half Life game: Half Life VR - ValveNewsNetwork (RUMOR)
With this and Boneworks, I'll be sorted for life.


Thread Disco Elysium |OT| No Truce with the Voices in My Head
I've put around ten hours or so into Disco and I've got to say, it might end up being GOTY for me. Disco Elysium is my dream game I never knew existed until last week or so. Every conversation in the game is dictated by tons of unique skills. My favourite part of any RPG is dialogue choices and "upgrading" my character to get better ones. Disco is all about that. I love it. Honestly, buy it. ALSO, I'm not even into RPG's (that much) but Disco feels different to the ones I've played before. I'm in the middle of cooking so I can't go into too much detail, basically the game is wicked.


Thread [IGN] 15 Minutes of GTFO Gameplay - 4-Player Survival Horror FPS
Can't wait to play this with a few mates, silly name aside this looks fun.


Thread Are you a streamer/actively watch streamers?
Before I joined IGN, I use to stream near enough every week. These days, I stream twice a week. When it comes to watching streams, I've got a couple I watch but that's about it. Not a big fan of the super happy, all the time smiles kind of streamers. Much more into chill streams.


Thread NVIDIA has created a gaming studio to remaster classic PC games with Ray Tracing effects
Original Tomb Raider trilogy would like dope with Ray Tracing enabled, although that still wouldn't fix how the game controls like arse.


Thread Does Microsoft Flight Simulator have GOTY potential?
I feel like people are hyping up MFS without thinking about what kind of game they're getting excited about. Aside from the visuals, do people realise what kind of game it'll be? I love flight simulators, played tons of FSX and can't wait for people to get introduced to the genre. Just slightly worried people will pick this game up, realise what kind of game this is and think "this is boring".


Thread Death Stranding’s environments are nightmare inducing (15 minute "hands on" impression)
Joking aside, I'm hoping for some spooky cosmic horror shite to go down during the night time sections. Night time hype?


Thread A Ford dealership in South Carolina is giving away a free American flag, Bible and AR-15 rifle with any vehicle purchase.
That seems mad cheap for a gun. Not sure why but I find it weird that my GPU probably costs more than a rifle.


Thread A Ford dealership in South Carolina is giving away a free American flag, Bible and AR-15 rifle with any vehicle purchase.
How cheap are rifles for a dealership to just be giving them away with every purchase?


Thread Which PlayStation 5 exclusives do you expect/hope are released or announced by Fall 2022?
Die Hard Trilogy Remake by Bluepoint Games or at the very least, Forbidden Siren 2.


Thread What brand/model of TV does Nintendo use to showcase Switch games at trade shows/events?
Surely it changes from venue to venue?


Thread VR has it's first AAA Exclusive: Asgard's Wrath, a 30-40 hour RPG with glowing reception thus far
Looking forward to trying this out, glad I picked up a Rift S a couple months back.


Thread Thoughts on Oculus Quest?
I use my Rift S near enough every other day, it's great. I've also got a Quest and to be honest, it's a lot more freeing and fun than the S (at times). Such a simple setup and having no wires is truly fantastic. Playing SUPERHOT VR whilst not being tethered is a great experience.


Thread You need to witness the insanity of Asura's Wrath [Currently on sale for $4.99 on 360/X1 BC]
Sweet. I'm on it.


Thread Bluepoint Games' next game is being developed for the PlayStation 5 and is a "big one"
Die Hard Trilogy baby.


Thread Next playstation console is called PlayStation 5, releasing holiday 2020 and supports ray tracing at hardware level
No way. Playstation 5? Mad.


Thread With the latest trend of high quality "Feudal Japan" games, it's time for the return of Bushido Blade as a Battle Royale!
Bushido Blade BR would last of all of ten seconds.


Thread Daymare 1998 - Why is no one talking about this game?!
Feel pretty much the same way. I enjoyed the first couple of hours and there's some clear RE influences left in which makes sense, this game was born from the RE2 fan remake.


Thread Lambda1VR (Half-Life 1 VR) got a huge Update (1.1) for the Oculus Quest today!
I'll look around. Would love to give this a go but I've only got an S at home. For now though, it seems I'll be sticking with Onward!


Thread Lambda1VR (Half-Life 1 VR) got a huge Update (1.1) for the Oculus Quest today!
Is there a way to play this on my Rift S?


Thread What character, be it movie, show, or game, would you like to see represented in a fighting game?
I'd like to see Bobba or Jango in Mortal Kombat. Would never happen but still, a guy can dream.


Thread (Nintendo Everything) Corpse Party: Blood Drive announced for Switch, out next week via e-shop from Xseed games
How do the Corpse Party games compare to something like Death Mark? I've never touched the series and currently playing through DM (and loving it).


Thread Which game has had you glued to Switch in portable mode the most?
VOEZ, I've probably put 100'ish hours into it and only played it on handheld.


Thread So what makes a good Lightsaber Combat System? (Gifs!)
I've always loved how Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy handled combat. Mostly because of how free the camera is, no lock is a plus as well. Wish there was a dedicated block button though.


Thread So what makes a good Lightsaber Combat System? (Gifs!)
YeayeagYeah. There's also the multiplayer mod Movie Battles 2 that's got blocking and deflecting modded in.


Thread Data caps on mobile plans suck.
I found out the other day I could "upgrade" my Sim Only plan. Should I stick with my £25.50 20GB/40 Mbps plan or "upgrade" and have unlimited data but only 10 Mbps for £26? The hit from 40 down to 10 just doesn't seem worth it, I'm conflicted.


Thread How long do you spend in the morning before going to work?
Give me fifteen minutes to get dressed, have breakfast and get to my train. Not about that relaxing in the morning.


Thread The Last of Us Part 2 animation quality in the latest trailer looks just as good as the reveal gameplay
It's a trailer, it's always going to look good. It has to. Although I've got no doubt that the finished product will look as good, so no worries there.


Thread What are your reasons for buying a Switch Lite having an og one?
Although not exactly the same, I do have an OG Switch and picked up the latest revision last week because of the better battery life. The Lite doesn't seem too appealing to me as of now.


Thread Micro SD cards for Switch
I've got two Switches, both are using and I've never had an issue. Don't know what more to say other than, these are good and have never failed me! I know you mention you're after a card size bigger but yeah. Thought I would throw my hat in the ring.


Thread Survival Horror games - Tank controls or modern controls?
I'm down for either, as long as the game plays well. However, what I'm not down for is if a horror game has a shite implementation of tank controls. If the game controls like trash then it's not part of the "horror experience", it's just trash.


Thread 3D Zelda Games vs 2D Zelda Games. Which do you Prefer?
3D for me. Breath of the Wild is the closest I ever got to feeling like I was playing a big, Lord of the Rings esque adventure across a huge map. I loved it and I want more of it.


Thread Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Felucia, New SP & PVE Modes, and New Reinforcements Video - Update is Sept. 25th
This game sure has changed a lot since release, can't wait for more.


Thread Games you mindlessly enjoy replaying
Resident Evil 4, I've completed it more than thirty times and finished it again yesterday. I don't know why but there's something about that game, I can just enter auto-pilot and play through it all in one sitting.


Thread How do you deal with different opinions?
Doesn't effect my enjoyment of whatever bit of media I'm watching, playing, listening to, etc. Basically, move on with my day. Not enough time in the day to get overly annoyed if someone dislikes something.


Thread Ace Combat 7 is 50% off on PSN. Get on it if you want to experience the Final Fantasy of fighter jets
GOTY for me as of now.


Thread Kojima's P.T is still the most paranoid/psychotic game i've ever experienced
I love horror games but I never got a chance to play P.T, shite house.


Thread PlayStation VR Mega Pack bundle including 5 games launches this autumn in Europe
Tempting but after playing games on my Rift S, it's hard to transition to something like PSVR.


Thread A group of people are about to storm Area 51, and it’s being live streamed
I've played out this exact scenario in ARMA 2 and 3. It does not end well.


Thread YouTube changes verification policies, multiple gaming YouTubers now unverified.
Many of my mates are pissed, I can imagine this is quite the downer for them.


Thread Death Stranding Gameplay Session Volume 1 & 2 (Now available with English subtitle translation)
So fast.


Thread Tekken 7 Season 3 has two more unannounced DLC fighters on the way - who are your guesses?
Sans and myself.


Thread Questions Regarding a Career in Community Management
As a start, perhaps you can join specific game forums or community's? Using Bethesda as an example, I'm sure they have their own on site forums. So why not join, become a prominent member and in time you can perhaps become a moderator? Something like this can be done in your spare time but that's just one example. Get involved with community events, follow community managers on Twitter and so on. Also, keep an eye out for internships and work experience opportunities! If you see nothing online, you can always send an email. Not sure if this helps but I'm just throwing some thoughts out there.


Thread the ENTIRE libraries of the Wii U and 3DS should be ported to the Switch
Welcome to... Something that will never happen: the thread


Thread What well established RPG series do you keep meaning to jump into?
I would like to get into Kingdom Hearts but the series seems to have a million entries on fifty different platforms.


Thread Off-screen footage of Persona 5 Royal's new Challenge Battle mode.
Can't wait to dive in. Another 99 hours of my time will be dedicated to this game.


Thread What game (that has released so far) is the likely GOTY candidate in your opinion?
Ace Combat 7, easy mate.


Thread What game have you spent the most hours playing?
Jedi Academy, specifically the Movie Battles II mod. From the single player game and the mod, I've put around 1000 hours into it.


Thread Scariest game you have ever played and why.
I streamed my first time playthrough of Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 on my Twitch a few years ago. Jump scares never really got me but the tension did. Those three are the only games that's ever "scared" me. Also, Silent Hill 4 is terrible. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


Thread To the people that play the Switch the majority in handheld mode, ergonomically
I use my hands and most of the time it works.


Thread The next generation consoles are sold between 600-800 dollars. How do you react?
Look at my PC, give it some form of high five and then get on with my day.


Thread [Der8auer] Good number of Ryzen 3000 chips does not reach advertised boost clock
Well, that's not good. There's no point changing from my 2700X is there? I feel like the only upgrade I want to make is jumping on the RTX series as I'm currently rocking a 1080.


Thread Fans of SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) how did you like Control's take on the genre?
Best SCP game I've ever played. Honestly though, I've never played a game before in which I'm so invested in picking up every note, recording, etc. The world is so interesting.


Thread Konami files trademark application for Silent Hill in the US (uses Book of Memories as specimen)


Thread Stupid gaming purchases you've made having not done any research
When I bought an Xbox One back during release. Rarely touched the thing and continued to stick with my PC and 360/PS3.


Thread Hideo Kojima Compares Death Stranding’s Multiplayer to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
I can't wait for the Strand genre of games to really kick off. Can't. Bloody. Wait.


Thread Hideo Kojima Compares Death Stranding’s Multiplayer to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
I was kidding. I want Strand movies. Strand audio books. A Strand empire.


Thread The Spy (Sacha Baron Cohen) Official Trailer (Netflix, September 6)
I'm not sure I've ever seen Sacha Baron Cohen in a serious role, I'm somewhat looking forward to this.


Thread Man of Medan Review Thread
Checking the update history on my PS4, there's already been two patches to improve these issues but they still exist. Hopefully a patch or two will eliminate most of the issues.


Thread Man of Medan Review Thread
I'm gutted. I loved Until Dawn but I'm sure that game had backing from Sony and a bigger budget as well. Aside from the technical issues, the game can be fun at times but that's not saying a lot.


Thread Man of Medan Review Thread
I've finished this game three times now. In all three of my playthroughs I experienced tons of frame drops, out of sync animations/dialogue, a couple of crashes and other technical issues. It really sucked the fun out of this game.


Thread Era Gamescom Attendee Gameplay Impressions Thread
It was my first Gamescom and I only got the chance to play Mount & Blade Bannerlord. It was perfect. Time to install that sweet multiplayer beta.


Thread DF Retro: Nintendo 64 HDMI Video Options
I've had the EON Super 64 for a while now and it's good but I'm still dying for that HDMI N64 mod. I don't have any soldering experience, so I need to find a place that can install it for me because that HDMI mod looks sweet.


Thread Battlefield fans, which would you prefer between the two for the next game: modern day military or 2143?
Never played 2142. So a futuristic Battlefield game sounds fun. Then again, I've got Star Wars Battlefront II to play. Might as well pretend that's a futuristic BF.


Thread No Mans Sky introduces logic and electricity systems (a fully functioning game of Rocket League can be played out within the game)
Good video.


Thread Do you leave the water running whilst the toothbrush is in your mouth?
I usually try and run every tap in my apartment, just to make sure I'm doing it right.


Thread Ninja’s First Day On Mixer: Half A Million Subscribers, Mixer App Skyrockets to #1 Most Downloaded App on iOS App Store
Imagine all the e-mail notifications.


Thread Final level music that shows proper gravitas for the hardest, most important stage in the game
The final fight in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is what comes to mind, when 'It Has To Be This Way' starts playing then you know stuff is about to go down.


Thread Showtime's Halo tv series will premiere in early 2021, Natascha McElhone will play Cortana
I have hope.


Thread Has anyone else bought a game at GameStop and ended up with just an empty case?
Wouldn't you just return to the store or call them up?


Thread Reddit Introduce Twitch style subscriptions to communities, starting with /r/FortniteBR
No thanks mate, already got Netflix, Spotify and Amazon.