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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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Thread Apple launches new MacBook Pros Touch Bar Only starting @$1799
It's a leap performance wise. Geekbench scores (CPU): 15-inch early 2015 (i7-3840QM, 2.8GHz): 3715/11935 (Single-Core/Multi-Core) 15-inch mid 2018 (i7-8750H): 4931/21148 (Single-Core/Multi-Core), +32%/+77% 13-inch mid 2018 (i5-8259U): 4490/16484 (Single-Core/Multi-Core), +20%/+38% 3DMark 11 Performance GPU (Median) GT750M: 2543 Raedon Pro 555 (MacBook Pro 2018 15-inch base model uses 555X, a variant of 555 w/ slightly higher clock speed): 5185