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Thread Nintendo Switch’s success is inextricably linked with that of Tom Brady’s
I made this thread two years ago, but it immediately got locked. Fairly so, as it was ahead of its time. However, history has proven me right, so it’s only fair I unlock it. Brady won in 2019, and immediately Nintendo delivered the best Direct of the Switch era. The lineup for the year was bonkers, with Nintendo publishing many stellar hits all throughout 2019. Huge games released every month, some even had to double or triple up. They had a great E3 too, where they revealed BOTW2! Very fun year to be a Nintendo fan. What happened in 2020? Brady didn’t even make it to the Super Bowl, losing in the WILD CARD round. Switch was immediately doomed. Nintendo basically only released one major game all year, otherwise relying on ports and remakes and games for toddlers. Worse yet, we suffered the great Direct drought, not getting a single full Nintendo Direct in the entire year. To recap:So Era, let us all join hands and root for Tompa Bay to ensure the return of Nintendo Directs. The release of Switch Pro and BOTW2 are at stake.