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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

upinsmoke's Actioned Posts



GamingThread PlayStation 5 System Architecture Deep Dive |OT| Secret Agent Cerny
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Console warring, hostility, prior bans for console warring
What kind of Cycles, Sony and Nintendo have been dominating the console space for decades.He's an absolute fucking troll that will revise stuff to fit his agenda. Some of the posters on this site are pathetic man i swear. Like rabbid dogs


EtcetEraThread Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Fargo) openly discusses hitting his two children and referring to them as "little f**kers" [see staff post]
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Advocating child abuse
I was hit as a child, usually with a belt round the arse. I'd done something wrong, put the window through a fair few times with the football, just generally been a little shit. I'm not a saint as a parent but I dont blame my childhood either. Its nobodies place to tell someone how to raise there kids. I had it easy growing up, you used to get the ruler by the teachers. I just missed that.


GamingThread David Jaffe says the PS5 Reveal is less than 4 weeks away.
Reason User Warned: Trolling / Antagonizing other users
Haha alot of Jaffe hate and questioning his credibility. Hes just a fan now like the rest of us but I assume he has more experience and knowledge in the business than 99 percent on here. Also the guy made god of war. Anyone made anything like that here among the bitchy posters?


GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT8| - The Dark Tower (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Console wars, repeated history of similar behaviour
I hope PS is less powerful, just for them to make games that still look better haha.


GamingThread This may change in 2 days, but the B&B Unit is, IMO, the most... bizarre thing Kojima has ever done.
Reason User banned (3 days): dismissive drive-by trolling, previous infractions
And it was awesome


GamingThread Game Pass has just delivered a GOTY/GOTG level game on day one, with no strings attached. It is the best value in gaming.
Reason User Banned (1 week): system wars, accusing other members of being paid shills
Firmly believe these posts are paid ads now. Its every day.


GamingThread Shawn Layden blames publishers and developers for lack of PlayStation crossplay (Up: Wargroove dev Chucklefish responds in thread - "We were told no")
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Off-topic commentary and system warring; previous infraction
Or 4. You have no idea, and are open to various suggestions. what's more worrying is this reactionary bullshit to string someone up for a few words lol Like have a word with yourselves instead, he hasn't lied anywhere, he said there open to talk, talking doesn't automatically mean yes nor does it mean no off the bat. Why can't Microsoft let us play for free on Xbox with f2p???? Oh well, they don't so I play f2p stuff on other platforms. Do the same buddy, its not worth getting so worked up about.


GamingThread Microsoft: Xbox One is the “Highest-Engagement Console” in the Market; Explains Strategy for Gaming
Reason User Warned: Ignoring Modpost + System Wars Drive-by
Oooh engagement. I'm so dizzy my head is spinning