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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

tsampikos's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Max Landis accused of sexual assault
Reason The user was warned for this post. Don't resort to personal attacks and name-calling.
You support bad people. Literally your words on the matter. Scumbag.You reward bad behavior just as long their work entertains you. You are part of the problem.


GamingThread Super Best Friends Play is officially cancelled
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing Bigotry Across a Series of Posts
Example A - She wants Latin Americans to starve to death at our borders and to ban to all muslims from entering the US to preserve a white ethno state Example B - She is a troll who likes edgy conservative humor which we find highly offensive Which one these logical extremes do you think is more likely to reflect her? Which one of these things would you think Woolie, who is more familiar with all parties involved, would continue to associate with? It's easy to dismiss people you disagree with and judging them by standards which do not apply to them. It protects your interests and I get that. Try to think of this through a conservative lens and ask yourself what lines did she actually cross? None of the receipts I've seen say alt right. Her assosiates? Sure. But I don't believe in guilt by association. It would cast a grim shadow on gamers/ christians/ the left/ furries/ etc. Oh and comedians aren't politcal figures. Wtf.


EtcetEraThread He brought an American flag to protest fascism in Portland. Then antifa attacked him.
Reason User banned (3 days): victim blaming and history of the same.
They were right though. The US flag is a fascist symbol. Fuck the US government and fuck conservatives.