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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama isn't happy just being a war crime denier, is anti-LGBT too!
Reason User banned (length under admin review): advocating child beatings, hostility in the thread, history of misogyny and accumulated infractions
They're problematic but I think the people and culture that you are raised in are a bigger influence than Trump. If you were a boy being raised in the south in a racist family, and people in your community think calling people F**s and N*****s is funny, then you're going to adopt their beliefs. Now, if you were a boy being raised under me - that shit would not fly. I'd ground and even beat it out of you if necessary. That's how I was brought up, when I was 5-6 years old I remember making a racist comment towards our maid and when my dad heard about it he flipped out and almost whooped my ass. Another time I was going to go buy Super Mario Bros 3 with my mom, but I made fun of a homeless person on the way to the store, so she punished me and I got no game. All these little things have a powerful effect on shaping the mind of a 5-year old - it teaches you wrong from right. If my parents accepted or celebrated what I did, I probably would be racist right now.


GamingThread Why is Gamergate support still so prevalent in gaming communities?
Reason User banned (3 days) - concern trolling, inappropriate and hostile comment, accumulated infractions
Why are you so obsessed with gamergate that you actively check stranger’s twitter posts to see what they’re saying about it? That’s kind of creepy. I mean there’s a lot of causes I’m passionate about, but I never go around screen-shotting complete fucking stranger’s twitters to prove a point. That is so weird.


GamingThread If there's any chance we get a FFVI Remake in the future, I wish it was done like Octopath Traveler
Reason User warned: hostility, console wars
FF6 has alot of "copy/paste" in it's environments as well. If you start dissecting games like that, you can find copy/paste in anything. Even in FF15, they copy/paste the same structures over and over. You sound like a nitpicking Sony fanboy that's mad ocotopath isn't on PS4. Get a life bro.