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EtcetEraThread Lindsay Ellis' transphobic jokes
Reason User Banned (2 Week): Dismissing Concerns of Transphobia
I’m talking about the joke, not other points which I have not read up on. Stop moving goalposts. Also opinion is not fact. You are welcome to feel like her joke is transphobic. I disagree. Intent actually matters, the butt of the joke is Ricky Gervais and how he actually sounds. And any community on twitter really is never satisfied, trans,cis or otherwise as twitter/online is just an outrage machine. This is being proven in this thread, right now.


GamingThread Over 1000 people are working on Pokémon Sword & Shield, twice as much as for Sun & Moon [SEE STAFF POST]
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Hostility, Ignoring Staff Post, Accumulated prior infractions
i should have known better than to argue with Pokémon fans. I only have myself to blame. Some quick googling can show it yourself, it’s an Internet forum not your high school debate club so I could give a fuck less about proving it to you. And besides you can’t even explain why we were fed the shitty 3ds games excuse. In any case I’m gonna nope out of this hive mind thread and wait until game freak make a Pokémon game with The scale they can afford but won’t for whatever reason.


EtcetEraThread Tom Araya of Slayer thinks Colin Kaepernick is a Clown!?
Reason User banned (1 week): Inflammatory generalizations.
I know that posts upthread have tried to deny it but literally the only times I hear about metal groups these days is either them being rapists, then being #metoo’d or nazi / fascist / racist shit. So I’m not shocked at this. I listened to a bit of metal as a teen then grew out of it and things like this make me very thankful for that.


EtcetEraThread The Majority of Americans Consider Someone Making 100k/yr Rich. What The F***?
Reason User warned: Historical reference implying violence
Everyone who is saying 100k isn’t rich should be French revolutioned outta here. Normalising right wing talking points is bad whether it’s normalising hate speech or normalising anti poor messaging. Which is exactly what is happening. Saying you can’t survive on 100k makes a mockery of people who are actually struggling, and also makes ok upper class tax and welfare breaks.


GamingThread Is it on purpose? Why are we still not getting actual Pokemon voice overs?
Reason User Warned: 'Lazy Dev' Rhetoric
I don’t even know if they should in this instance but anyone who is surprised at or defends game freaks obviously lazy culture and game design I just don’t know what to say at this point.