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EtcetEraThread Was the whole Disney-Star wars deal worth it?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Misogyny; account still in junior phase
Here's my theory on what has happened to Star Wars without being too political. By the way, Solo is my fav Disney Star Wars. It was brilliant. When Kathleen Kennedy took over the brand there was a decision made that it needed to shift its appeal over to women and girls. My guess is that the Marvel Avengers brand was seen as appealing mostly to men and boys and Disney needed something besides Frozen etc that was going to hit that female market. The male fans who have always been with Star Wars will buy whatever has Star Wars branding on it but the women and girls needed to be persuaded to buy also. A complete shift in focus to women happened to Star Wars, from female leads in the movies to a Forces of Destiny cartoon that focused only on female characters. After the Force Awakens had wide appeal with men and women they saw the plan as working and went full throttle with widening the appeal to women and girls since the male demographic was buying everything as usual. What slowly happened was that the core fanbase was slowly getting left out in the cold with this new shift in focus. Finally with the Last Jedi which was a sort of Twilight in Space with some other things thrown in and a completely mishandled Luke Skywalker to appeal to the base, it all came crashing down. The Women and Girls never bought the toys they were supposed too and the core base (men?) didn't want them either. Now they are in deep trouble. The Women and Girls have left or moved on (though a few remain to ship Rey and Kylo) and the core fanbase is beyond pissed because the products of the movies and merchandise were not created to appeal to them at all. At this point Disney has to shift to a "stories for everyone" instead of "stories for girls" and hope that the core fans come back.


GamingThread Trainer removing 30 minute limit from PC Resident Evil 2 demo released
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory false equivalence
This comment is sort of like saying "Why leave 1939 Germany when the Nazis said to get on the train to the concentration camp? Just do what they told you already and get on the train!"