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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread [AP] US rejects nearly all Chinese claims in South China Sea
Reason User Banned (1 Week): hostility and accusations of astroturfing over multiple posts; prior ban for hostility
You've toned down this past year, but you've tried every trick out of the troll playbooks to squash any criticism of the PRC - minimizing and excusing and trying to deflect from the ethnic cleansing in the Uighur Autonomous Region. This is how you used to run aggressive interference for the PRC's worst crimes.^You tried to silence any mention of the Uighurs. That's right out of the alt-right troll playbook. Try to convince those speaking against the "treasure" you wish to protect that it's futile, pointless to even talk about it. And you still intrude on threads that aren't even about the politics of the PRC (like anti-Asian racism threads) to insert interference on behalf of the worst of the CCP. After almost a year of seeing you pollute this forum with CCP propaganda - first openly and aggresively and now on more a more muted frequency - my tolerance has hit its limits. Now you're here in this thread spreading more lies and propaganda that the PRC is not aggressive militarily and committed to diplomacy re: the South China Sea.


EtcetEra HangoutsThread US PoliEra 2019 |OT9| I'm really glad I'm not on Twitter nearly enough to understand all the references
Reason User banned (1 week): hostility and antagonizing other users
To clarify further, the person was not a member of the insurance beneficiary's household. That's what's meant by non-household. That's the fact that trips things up. Paying for other's healthcare and insurance costs is a very different thing from being on the same insurance plan. Listing a person that's not related to you and that's not a member of your household as a dependent on your insurance plan is insurance fraud.