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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

noyram23's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo Presents: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (gamescom 2019)
Reason User banned (1 day): trolling over a series of posts
I'm just amazed that they're still showing it even though it looks very bad and runs worse lol


GamingThread Xbox Germany posts that FF7 Remake will come to Xbox One on 3/3
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Drive-by platform warring; accumulated infractions.
There's shooting in it with Barrett so maybe it will sell more than 10 copies on Xbox?


GamingThread Epic Mega Sale is now live ($10 off every game priced $14.99 and up!) [Read Staff Post]
Reason User banned (1 day): drive-by, ignoring staff post
Imagine spinning this as negative and deleting your account lol


GamingThread NPD: DQ XI had the biggest launch month in franchise history, dollar sales more than double DQ9
Reason User Warned: Stoking system wars
Don't worry guys it will eventually release to your platform of choice, no need to get salty :) Having flashback of Lebron haters but Lakers fans lol I mean you can also argue that it's on the biggest platform of all time DS, cheaper, and DQ11 is on a very stacked month. I mean there's a lot BUTs on both side if you really want to find it