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GamingThread Persona 5R "New Projects" Teaser Trailer, details coming March 2019, PS4 (at least) confirmed
Red Text This thread is not about the accuracy of previously leaked information by forum members, especially given the lack of info in the current announcement. Further derails in that direction will be actioned.


GamingThread Persona 5R "New Projects" Teaser Trailer. More details coming March 2019. PS4 confirmed for now.
Red Text Let's try this again. This is not a thread to drag people for leaked info that may or may not be correct. Until we get more details, speculating on the nature of the games and their possible multiplatform status is not portbegging. Anyone derailing the thread with attacks on other members for past predictions, or with accusations of portbegging, will be actioned. As per the terms of service, no console wars posts.


EtcetEraThread Wkd Box Office - 12•21-23•18 - $68M OW for Aquaman. 126th biggest box office splash in history! Poppins $22M. Bumblebee $21M. Marwen $2M.
Red Text Let's move on from the random The Last Jedi derails. You can have these fights when they are on topic again a year from now.


GamingThread "Video Game Preservation" is a Mere Pretext for Piracy... and a Poor One at That
Red Text It is against our terms of service to advocate piracy, so I don't think that this sort of topic can be productive on this particular forum, given the prohibitions present if someone was to take the counter view to the OP's. While the opening post makes sure not to equate emulation or games preservation in general with piracy, that isn't the case for some of the replies in this thread, and I am seeing name calling on both sides now. Hence the lock.


GamingThread Is there really a "waifu fan service" problem in Fire Emblem?
Red Text The thread title poses a question that the opening post (and the OP throughout the thread) then attempts to refute. Based on the existing posts the framing of this thread is unlikely to lead to productive discourse.


EtcetEraThread Yesterday I almost made eye contact with someone.
Red Text I don't think that any ill intent was meant from this thread. However, some people here do have severe social anxiety, and this runs the risk of mocking an actual condition. Hence the lock.


GamingThread Dragon Quest XI orchestral music pc mod?
Red Text A reminder that you can't link stuff containing copyrighted material here. I will go back and edit out the existing links, but please don't post them again past this point. Thanks.


EtcetEraThread Mark Hamill still Doesn't understand Luke's Story in TLJ
Red Text This website has been proven to be a poor source of information in the past, and the original tweet that it is based on can probably be discussed in one of the many other pre-existing TLJ or Star Wars threads.