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GamingThread Today is The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary
Reason User Banned (1 week): Platform wars, history of similar behavior
Yup, so many good IPs and they just squat on them. Nintendo's hardware division needs to die and they need to become a strong 3rd party or get bought by one of the players that cares and makes games out of their IPs. They're just bonfiring their good faith they've built in the early 90's-10's with every anemic direct. Zelda has some of the most fun games in gaming, also it has some really awful duds. Twilight Princess is awesome, so is Ocarina of Time, and can't forget Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds.


GamingThread My PS5 tells me my LAN cable is plugged in every time I turn it on
Reason User banned (5 days): Hostility, platform warring
OH people that don't want to see another "I KILLED MY PS5" thread are BAD PEOPLE! Fuck off. They mean ALL AROUND, that console is closer than 4 inches from a "walled surface" on many sides. A "WALL SURFACE" here means any FLAT SURFACE. Where it is in your picture it's far too close to a surface when you close that cabinet. You can't fix stupid but you can try and prevent it, if the person wants to learn. Heat issues are weird as they're a malfunction due to too much stress. Fucking Sony Fanbois jesus... Can't even take the manufacturer's advice, then people get upset that someone is trying to STOP the other person from SLOWLY KILLING their machine like in MANY of the "MY PS5 is BROKEN" threads. These machines get HOT, the heat they PRODUCE in a SMALL AREA is NO GOOD for them to circulate, you're effectively making it circulate it's own hot air. It needs COOL AIR in the FRONT, not it's OWN HOT AIR.


GamingThread Labo VR |OT| Switch is now Virtual, Boy!
Reason User Banned (1 week) - System warring
What I gather is "the games all look like garbage, heavy screen door effect, but it's Nintendo so we love it!" I'll be ready to pick these up when they inevitably go on deep discount.


GamingThread Nintendo releases video about Metroid Prime 4 development - Currently below expectations - Will redo from scratch with Retro Studios
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Continued pattern of system warring; previous infractions
The long game drought for Ouya 2 has gotten even longer :(, if MP4 even comes out for this mine will have so much dust caked on it, I'll have to scrape it off with a knife. Rookie move though, announce bad news without ANY good news to bandaid said bad news. With the recent(and not so recent) abuses of their IPs(Starlink, Metroid Prime Other M, Hyrule Warriors...too many to count) it's hard to imagine how bad this game really was, maybe Nintendo is trying to turn it all around for GOOD quality games again?


GamingThread Can We Finally Admit the Wii U Failed Because It Didn't Have Enough Good Games?
Reason Banned (1 Day): Console warring and derailment.
It had some of the worst Mario sidescroller games of the series. Anemic 3rd party support really did hurt it, but that was because of lack of power. BoTW ran looked like garbage, but at least it ran kinda ok(for the most part). I can't say the entire thing was garbage ZombiU brought me some fun times, it aged poorly though when I tried to play it on PS4, it just didn't feel great. Right now my WiiU pad is pretty much always dead because of the crappy battery in it, so that sucks. Switch is on the same road, at least it has a good Mario game though. Nobody admits that the Switch is a dud because of all the overpriced indie games/indie trashware that people love anyway, because YEAH! Nintendo! Thats one thing the brand loyalty carries Nintendo through all of it's blunders, for better or worse, for the Switch it's WORSE. The numbers aren't showing how bad the machine is so Nintendo doesn't care. It seems Nintendo is really only good when they're feet are REALLY to the flames.