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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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EtcetEraThread Adult Swim just posting straight up transphobia now [possibly misinterpreted, see additional comics in OP]
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Inflammatory Community Attacks and Grossly Dismissing Concerns of Bigotry; Prior Bans for Bigotry
My fucking god, yes it should. Do your research people, seriously. How the hell do you manage to go through life when you’re IMMEDIATELY offended by everything? It’s become incredibly frustrating to see all these threads pop up here. Threads exactly like this one, where at the end there’s been a mistake, or it wasn’t that bad after all. There’s nothing fun about browsing off-topic most of the time, and even gaming is infested with people being outraged. It’s frustrating and exhausting, and frankly: this place fucking sucks now, because of you sensitive pieces of shit. And IDGAF being banned because of this: you have all ruined everything that made this place fun. Maybe you’ll see it one day. The old place is a cesspool, but this isn’t any better. The first few months were great. It’s sad that it didn’t stay that way.


GamingThread Polygon: CDPR responds to sexualized trans advertisement in CyberPunk 2077 (Read Staff Post Before Posting)
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Dismissing Concerns About Transphobia and Misrepresenting Other Users; Prior Severe Infraction Related to Transphobia
The fact that developers can’t explore themes like this without being immediately attacked is fucking sad, imo. It’s shameful. Especially a developer like CDPR that explores themes other developers don’t even dare to explore. It’s all about grey zones and letting you decide for yourself: what’s good, what’s wrong (if that even exists). What does everyone expect? A super safe, focus tested game? No cursing, nudity, violence, exploration of LGBT+ themes? Just a bland, PG13 game? Extreme violence? Let’s make a thread about how developers / artists should tone back the violence. They must be condoning this behaviour. Cursing? Let’s make a thread about it. How dare this - obviously written as an evil, villainous character - use curse words that they would probably fucking use IRL?! How do they fucking DARE?! Exploration of LGBT+ themes? Let’s immediately attack them, they must be homophobic / transphobic as fuck. Does anyone realize that it’s disrespectful to the people working there that you are all attacking them without giving them the benefit of the doubt? That there are LGBT+ people working there that are now immediately cornered by a mob as if they’re working at a shitty, disrespectful place? I think this trend of immediately ASSUMING the absolute worst is EXTREMELY toxic, and that’s what we want to avoid in the first place, right? Stop jumping the gun.


EtcetEraThread Apple Event announced for March 25th: "It's show time."
Reason User warned: Inflammatory drive-by posting.
Leave it in off topic if it’s mobile “gaming”.


EtcetEraThread Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress
Reason User Warned: Threadwhining
God, this is turning into the Reddit front page. Can we make one thread to keep it all inside? We know he’s a criminal. Let Mueller do his thing and create a thread once the orange turd goes to jail.


GamingThread Sea of Thieves will reduce the install size of the game on February 6th - Xbox One: 35GB -> 10GB - Xbox One X: 47GB -> 25GB - PC: 47GB -> 27GB
Reason User Warned - Driveby Posting
The game – already lacking in content – now consists of only a menu.