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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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GamingThread Is "too difficult" an invalid complaint?
Reason User Banned (Pending Review): Persistent bad faith argument. Ignoring moderation guideline.
I'll 'move on' directly to talking to the administrators about how you object to accessibility. Failing a resolution on that front, I will abandon this dump, the offshoot of one of the worst sites on the internet. There is a difference the size of the universe between not liking a work on grounds of aesthetics and being purposefully excluded for no valid reason - there is no reason that the gameplay systems have to apply challenge unevenly. It is possible for all parties to get what they are looking for with relatively minor changes to the title, a toggle in a menu and a handful of different 'rules'. And no, it's not that they are unfortunately excluded. You are advocating in favor of that, because you see it as impossible for things to be better. But people know better, and they expect better.


GamingThread Microsoft Studios (& Partners) Current and Future Landscape
Reason User warned: Thread-whining and being dismissive of fellow users.
I gotta say, threads like this are massively stupid. Microsoft has a long history of hiring third parties to make titles for them. Even assuming that you actually know-know what the MS owned studios are working on, you still don't have a useful amount of information. That right there makes the actual OP of zero value whatsoever. Now, for what the thread actually is: backseat driving of Microsoft. It's entirely possible that there is a single person on this site qualified to backseat drive a platform holder. But if that person exists, they have not presented themselves in this thread. So, maybe we can just stop pretending that internet forum posters are capable of having intelligent thoughts on what an impossibly big entity should do. There is just so much that is opaque that any takes, any thoughts that an amateur has are ill-informed by their very nature. The conditions under which the thoughts are had bares no relation to the actual world where the decisions are made. Right now we have three pages of people arguing over MS acquiring Playground Games, if that is a good idea or not, if they'll do it or not, blah blah blah. But no one here has even seen the Playground Games contracts. No one knows exactly how much control MS has. For all you know, PG is precluded from developing a racing title for any other publisher. You don't know if Playground Games is committed to develop, say, 3 more entries in the Horizon franchise. . And that's a massively simplified version of the pieces on the board. There are so many parts that one would need to have a deep understanding of to truly grasp any given situation. There is a reason that people who do this kind of thing professionally - analysts - are so very bad at their job. How about we leave it to the pros? Threads like this mostly result in low effort concern trolling and little else. Nothing of value is created.


GamingThread God of War |OT| The God Father
Reason User Warned: Advocate violence.
Whoever decided that wave after wave of enemies with no checkpoints (the was a good idea should be shot. How a massive failure of game design like that made its way in to a shipping product is beyond me.