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EtcetEraThread ‘No Regrets’: A Capitol Rioter Tells His Story From Inside
Reason User Banned (3 Weeks): Making Light of Sexual Assault and Prison Rape
But his Dating profile blew up ? So he has sex for the rest of his life or what ? Well not in prison I guess (at least not the sex he probably prefers *giggle*)


EtcetEraThread Dave Chappelle endorses and will perform for Andrew Yang #YangGang
Reason User banned (1 month): dismissing concerns of transphobia
Yeah something I also see and it is really exhausting when browsing EtceEra. Like this Dave controversial about him being transphobic because he made jokes at their expense. But has anyone who says "Dave sucks" because of that has ever read or see a story about him treating a trans in private or public like shit? I think not and still words are more important to some people than rather the real actions of the individual. Also this forum is super vulnerable when it comes to stir shit up and manipulate certain discussion. The Cenk smear thread was one hell of a prime example of how you can influence a narrative with just a handful of purposefully placed comments tbh.


EtcetEraThread Authorities identify suspicious packages sent to high-profile Dems/news outlets, live explosives
Reason User Banned (1 week): Peddling conspiracy theories
Ehh I don´t want to be that guy but the timing is kinda suspicious don´t y´all think? Just 2 weeks before one of the most important midterm elections in the US and we´ve several bomb threats from the right? Ofc they are so dumb and desperate it could totally be just what it seems to be but I would also not surprised if this came from a completely different direction just to stir up undecided voters. Well, it´s just speculations on my part and I only know for sure that the next days gonna be super wild in the land of freedom. Stay safe over there!