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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread So what's the better MMO these days? WoW or FFXIV?
Reason User warned: driveby
People still play WoW? (serious question, I don't play MMOs). Is it still subscription based? If so, if you've been playing since it came out... You've spent way too much money on a single game... Edit: How is this a driveby? I seriously wanted to know! Wtf!?!? The game is like 16 years old and I don’t even know if it gets updated anymore. I guess considering that reaction it’s safe to assume people do. Another edit: looked up that it’s not subscription based anymore but it was for 14 years which at $15 a month would be over $2500!!! (Not including price of game and expansions)


GamingThread Confirmed: You can't play Super Mario Maker 2's online with your friends - limited to randoms only (see threadmark)
Reason User Warned: Derogatory Language
Welp, that’s a step backwards and will hold back the game.


GamingThread Why Do We Gloss Over Discriminatory, Prejudiced Content In This Industry?
Reason User Warned: For this post, and others within the thread. Downplaying harmful stereotypes.
That's because 99% of trans-women don't do that and therefore they don't like being depicted as such. So to use it as a blanket term for trans is bad, but in the case of Rin it seems to be accurate. (not justifying what they're doing as I don't know the context of the character nor have I played the original game) My point is, as with my previous post, that there are people (albeit very few) out there like that and that's what is being portrayed and it shouldn't be seen as a reflection on the entire culture/people.