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EtcetEraThread Washington Post: Obama met with Beto about running in 2020
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Continued whataboutism in sensitive topics, inflammatory off-topic posting; Junior phase account
So it's because he holds racist views against African Americans? Do black voters think that Hilary and Beto don't hold racist views or do they think these people just cover up their racism better? Has Hilary done anything with respect to prison reform or started any anti-poverty initiatives? What about this statement of hers:Pretty much all these white people are going to hold racist views. But the fact remains that Bernie's socialist policies would still be more helpful to minorities and lower income groups, single women, the middle class etc. So why not vote for him because his policies would help them? Is that not what is more important? Muslim Americans voted for Bernie because of his non-interventionist foreign policy that would lead to less blowing up of the middle east, less terrorism and hence less Islamophobia. We don't attack them and they don't attack us. Muslim-Americans understand that unlike the so called white liberal democrats who support Hillary Clinton because she's not racist. Take Hillary Clinton - A war monger who does not give two shits about all the brown people she blows up in the middle east - she basically destroyed Libya and then tells Europe to stop letting in the refugees she bloody created with her policies as secretary of state. But if given the choice between Hillary and Trump, would not all the people here vote for Hillary? People overlook her murderous foreign policy because her policies in the US are progressive and more liberal than what Trump offers. Why not apply the same concept to Bernie? Yeah, he's a racist, old white man. But what he is proposing would benefit lower income groups, single mothers (of whom a large proportion are black in the US), possibly raise the minimum wage, help with better health care etc. Should that not be what is important for black voters? If Beto offers the same progressive policies that Bernie is and proves to not hold racist views then yeah, I would say go for him. But several people here have called him centrist. Which ....yeah. Same old same old as Obama and Clinton.


EtcetEraThread Trump / Putin - Joint press conference
Reason User Banned (5 days): Whataboutism. Pattern of trolling. User in junior phase.
What, voting for the Iraq war, being a loyal supporter of Netanyahu and destroying Libya is not enough for neocon credentials? Well, please do explain to me since I am so ignorant about the whole thing. Also please explain Obama's support for this guy and the sale of F-16s to him: It all comes down to geopolitics. There are no good guys here.