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X1 Two's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Racist woman calls Black passengers the N Washington D.C.
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Rationalising racism, history of severe infractions.
Surely you realize there are other ways to deal with racist slurs than violence? Like words? But no, showing a 60 year old racist bitch her place is apparently too hard a task. The ladies in the bus, they did it right. They laughed her ass out of the bus. Made her feel uncomfortable. The violent act that followed is just going to make her more racist. Because now she has a reason.


EtcetEraThread Rose McGowan gets into argument with Trans Woman at Book Signing
Reason User banned (5 days) for misogynistic generalizations
This is such a weird female thing. If men have a common goal they look over differences and stand together, no matter what. If women have a common goal they tear each other apart because of petty reasons. Is it plain jealousy? It's not her job to be an ally. It's your job to be her ally. She is a symbol for sexually abused and raped women. And she might have said transphobic or racist stuff in the past, but that doesn't change what she stands for now. Which is fighting men that are abusive. And that's really all that should matter, because every side fight between women is just empowering those men by lowering their victims to the point of "she deserved what she got, she is transphobic/racist". And by losing focus of what's really important, that no woman, trans or cis, should be the victim of sexual abuse. For all I care she could be a complete racist, doesn't lower my opinion of her as a symbol for the fight against sexual abuse. So she is a stupid victim of sexual abuse, so what?


EtcetEraThread Well, Ricky Gervais tweeted me and now his fanbase is attacking me.
Reason User warned: Victim Blaming
If you can't take a storm, don't throw shit at other people. And your reply on Twitter is really stupid, I don't know what you expected. You even directly addressed Gervais, doesn't matter if you @. The only thing you can do is sit it out. Don't react, that only fuels it. And depending on what you do for a living you might want to shut down your account and create a new one.