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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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EtcetEraThread Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker |OT| Revenge of a Sith (SPOILERS NOW OPEN)
Reason User Warned: Hostility
Oh right I forgot this is Resetera, where The Last Jedi is a flawless masterpiece and any inconsistencies don't exist, you just don't understand the movie. Every other Star Wars movie is flawed and has inconsistencies but oh no, not The Last Jedi. Fuck off with that obnoxious Rick and Morty bullshit.


EtcetEraThread Five per cent of UK adults do not believe the Holocaust took place and one in 12 believes its been exaggerated
Reason User Banned (1 Week) Dismissing concerns over antisemitism and derailing thread over series of posts
It's still reducing human beings to a statistic on a subject as emotional as the Holocaust. Do those one hundred people that stated they don't believe the Holocaust happened truly represent the rest of us or are they outliers, contrarians and right wing propagandists? There's literally no way of telling why those one hundred people said they don't believe the Holocaust happened, let alone state without any doubt at all that millions of other British people must share their opinion. You could probably quite easily get two thousand people together, ask them if Hitler was right, and get way more than a hundred of them saying he was. Do we then state as fact that millions of British people support genocide? There are some subjects that it's entirely wrong to have a survey about and just assume everyone thinks the same way. The Holocaust is one of them.


EtcetEraThread ONE PUNCH MAN | What's With This Sassy Lost [OT] | MANGA SPOILERS
Reason User warned: posting information leading to copyright infringing material
Red Text Mod edit: no watermarks for scan groups or sites allowed
This one? It's bloody amazing. :o


EtcetEraThread "Revenge of the Incels" - Brick remake shot on exact same locations parodying The Last Jedi hate.
Reason User warned: derailing, ignoring context of OP
Right because not wanting to be associated with these "toxic bad people" just because we dislike the same movie for completely different reasons is unreasonable despite the fact that this very association has been and will continue to be used against me and basically anyone that doesn't like the movies just because it's an easy card to play when you want to dismiss opinions contrary to your own. I'm sorry that men calling me sexist towards women is something of a raw nerve for me. I'm also sorry that I've been fighting against sexism within the Star Wars fandom for over ten years but, now men are actually paying attention to the issues (or at least pretending to) that have been problems since before I ever got involved in the fandom, I get a little touchy when they simultaneously try branding me as a heretic and try to teach me how harmless generalisations are.


EtcetEraThread Japanese politician says using tax on LGBT citizens is unproductive because they don't have children
Reason User banned (1 week): Racism
Given how all the Japanese men are hiding in their mother's basements jerking off to Love Live and all the Japanese women are hiding in karaoke bars singing death metal to relieve stress, Japan is having no luck with the baby making. Rather than address the actual issues of overworked staff and extraordinarily high living costs, it's easier to just blame gay people.