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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

Weltall Zero's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Shawn Layden blames publishers and developers for lack of PlayStation crossplay (Up: Wargroove dev Chucklefish responds in thread - "We were told no")
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate analogy
Or, you know, leave the thread since you're the one that doesn't care. Believing a studio when it has no reason whatsoever to lie (and can face serious repercussions if they do) is not the same as believing a corporation when it has every reason to lie. Also known as the reason normal people don't say "she's probably lying" to abuse victims. If you don't care, the fuck are you doing here? Terms like "bitching" and "if they give a shit" prove without a shadow of a doubt who precisely do you care for. What are you exactly asking for here, screenshots of the actual correspondence between the studios and Sony? So convenient that you won't be swayed by anything short of confidentiality-breaching.


GamingThread Isabelle (Animal Crossing) announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Reason User banned (72 hours): Excessive hostility towards fellow members, history of similar behavior.
Frankly the way you ungrateful AC fans have taken this almost makes me wish a new AC game announced. Now GTFO of this thread.


GamingThread JIMQUISITION: Nintendo, The Industry, And The Attack On Emulators (Bonus: We Happy Few)
Reason User Warned: Hostility
I love it that he's so used to using funny voices when reading other people's statements aloud that he does it for both Nintendo and Emuparadise. Re: depressed people who need medication, I'm 200% with him, fuck people who stigmatize others for that. Fuck them to hell, as if there wasn't enough stigmatization already. I won't wish unmedicated clinical depression on them, though, because nobody should have to go through that. OK, so what "happy pill popping culture" then? Antidepressants aren't something you can just munch occassionally when you're feeling down. For one they typically don't have any effect until after two weeks of taking them. For another the side effects are so shitty (I hope you like sleeping) it would not be worth it at all. The fact that Inside Out doesn't in any way, shape or form feature antidepressants or any other drug should be an answer far beyond what this disingenuous question merits. If you think they are the same, you never suffered depression, so count your blessings and stop spouting ignorant nonsense. Antidepressants treat one of the two; take a wild guess which one is it.