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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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GamingThread How were Xenoblade 2's characters given the green light?
Reason User banned (permanent): Hostility towards other members, aggressively dismissing concerns of sexism over multiple posts, harassing another member with private messages + long history of infractions
Lol this person thought it's clever to type badly and make fun of mental health. Are you a preteen girl on AIM in 2004? And only people gotta get over things are those who have XB2 living rent free in their head for 3 years now.


GamingThread PCGamer opened a forum that prohibits users from talking about guns, religion, sexuality, abortion, politics, economics
Reason User banned (1month): Inflammatory generalizations, platform warring + numerous prior infractions for hostility, trolling and inflammatory rhetoric
Between shit like this, thinking master race memes are funny, and the worst most vile segments of gamers' preferred genres (both that Mordhau controversy and the GOG trans stuff omes to mind) being primarily on the platform, PC gamers really need to get their house in order.


GamingThread Digital Foundry: PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X New GPU Spec Leak Analysis: 9.2TF vs 12TF?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Avatar shaming, antagonizing other members
the amount of master chief profile pictures telling me their toys are better than other peoples toys in this thread, its like am I in 2002 again?


GamingThread Angry Video Game Nerd: Spawn + 2 bonus videos with Pat The NES Punk (Adventure of Bayou Billy, Punisher, and Combat)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Excusing Racism
and james gunn isnt a pedophile either. they did comedy that was dreadful in an era of extremely edgy comedy, not excusing that but it doesn't make them racists or pedophiles.


GamingThread Pokémon from Pokêmon Home can be transferred to Sword & Shield only if in Galar Pokédex
Reason User banned (1 month): trolling across a series of threads, a long history of similar behavior
I'm not upset at people having that opinion, I am upset at the total "gamer outrage" (TM) I see about it though. but it's pretty shocking to see a sudden sea change about the game in a complete 180. You know, like...maybe it's a knee jerk reaction people are having? Maybe they should realize you can't get what you want in life always? It doesn't make the rest of the game suddenly bad and you all know that!


GamingThread Outer Wilds confirmed EpicStore timed exclusive after luring crowdfundees with a steamrelease. [see EGS guidelines]
Reason User banned (2 weeks): thread whining, hostility, trolling + recent infractions for similar
how many more threads do we really need that are essentially “I’m stamping my feet and having a tantrum because my toys are now only available somewhere else” You didn’t make the game, you just clicked a button on kick starter and somehow now feel entitled to something that was only vaguely written years ago. They have the right to do whatever they want with it.


GamingThread Is it time for FromSoft to invest more in their graphics tech?
Reason User Banned (1 Week) - Hostility towards another member, accumulated infractions
Yeah, you’re not worth anyone’s time. It’s obvious the topic is about your opinion, and not a question. But please continue to pretend no one is telling you you’re wrong so you can pretend your dick is big or something and sekiro sucks.


GamingThread Epic Store's way of "competing" is one that actively hurt the market
Reason User banned (5 days): antagonistic posting, inflammatory comparison to Alex Jones + recent ban for similar
Epic games by all economic and legal definitions are not a monopoly just because they sell a few games exclusively, even if they money hat them, which so far has no evidence behind it and is akin to Alex Jones shouting from what I can tell. If 90 percent of the market still buys games on steam, which is what the case is today most likely, epic store is not a monopoly. Even if epic had a third of all sales. Even if they had more and so on. Stop abusing what words mean just because you cant think of other valid criticisms. Monopoly refers to market power in an industry, not the ability to sell any product exclusively. 4As publisher set the price to undercut other competitors, not Epic.


GamingThread I want more N64-style Zelda games.
Reason User Banned (2 Days): Antagonizing other members over a series of posts
Acting like people are throwing a fit for disagreeing and are so so upset and calling them hysteric is alt right shit, so own what you do. Pretty obviously you tried to bait people with your hot take but then when they respond apparently you didn’t do anything to question.


GamingThread Not-an-Overwatch-clone Paladins uses stolen Overwatch art to promote game.
Reason Member warned: Dismissing other members as fanboys.
Paladins defenders are the its overwatch copying them? That's a laugh. Do you post about how fortnite is stealing from their new original game Not-Fortnite too?


GamingThread All of these sad dad games illustrate how badly other voices are needed in the industry
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory Generalizations
OP, you're right. Ignore the obviously fragile white men posting who feel personally attacked. They are totally trying to derail the thread. Though I'd say its just the classic white dude protag problem, which is nothing new in itself, but with a new twist on it. So the more things change the more they stay the same. edit: Case in point