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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

Van Bur3n's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen launch podcast together on Spotify
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending Review): Inflammatory Generalization About the Community; Many Prior Infractions including Trolling; Hostility and Inflammatory Generalization
ERA doesn’t give a shit. You bring up dead brown people and ERA will just groan and scoff at someone that has the bring up the dead people again. Like it’s such an inconvenience to them. I’ve never looked at this forum the same since I brought it up and I the response I got was “here we go again with the people that got blown up.” I legit hate all of you and your idolization of your garbage presidents and this garbage country full of garbage people.


GamingThread Which Bungie IP do you think is better, Halo or Destiny?
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate joke
Cranster, my post is but a mere commentary on the lengths folk will go to defend the dumb thing that they like, the most common one being accusations that they’ve never partook in the thing they like to dismiss potential criticism of their favorite thing. Speaking of which, what is this weak amount of hours put into Destiny. The hilarity. What were you doing, fondling Banshee the whole time.


EtcetEraThread Alabama SGA warns groups: Protest Trump during LSU game, risk losing reserved seating
Reason User Warned: inflammatory generalizations
Boo him, you dumb rednecks. Boo him and you will be slightly enlightened rednecks henceforth.


EtcetEraThread YouGov Poll: 70% of Millennials would vote for a socialist, 36% approve of communism
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Historical reference implying violence
Put the boomers through the guillotine before they kick the bucket and force the gen x’ers to watch! FROM REACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY, TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS. MY BLOOD IS RED AND MY HEART IS TO THE LEFT, COMRADES.


GamingThread Ghostwire director Ikumi Nakamura has developed quite the fan art following [see staff posts]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Avatar Shaming
She seems to be enjoying it from the looks of it and it’s great that she is. Nevertheless, there is still an underlying issue that exists with this in regards to fetishization. Luckily it’s not too excessive in this particular case, but there are already examples. It’s important to acknowledge that while all of this is in good fun for the most part, it’s also important to acknowledge the potential issue at hand. It’s especially important not to immediately shoot down that point. It doesn’t come as a surprise how often the weeb avatars on these forums do the latter, and can only be telling of their beliefs on the subject in a larger context. Already seen plenty of them show themselves in previous threads when the subject is brought up.


EtcetEraThread Florida teen arrested for trying to RKO his principal
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Explicit personal insults and prior infractions for hostility
Your mother got with a pig before she met your father. It’s the only explanation for your lack of empathy and further allowance of a system built on filling prisons with POC who’ve done fuck all in crimes.


GamingThread Your personal pick for best looking game of the generation?
Reason User warned: hostility
Bruv, I roll my eyes into my butt hole because your name is Angel Whispers, you talk like you sniff your own farts and perhaps enjoyed Plato in your art history class a bit too much. You could have mentioned those games and no one would have batted an eye because people have already been mentioning those games throughout this thread with their own interpretation of "best looking" not necessarily pertaining to the representational. People laughed at your post because you came in acting like a pompous silly boy. Least that's why I laughed at it, and your follow up essay. Why must thou be so silly, o Angel Whispers who hails from the Wilderness.


GamingThread Metro Exodus pre-order bonuses: Xbox One (Metro 2033 Redux), PS4 (Dynamic Theme)
Reason User Warned - Antagonizing a fellow member, ignoring a mod post
Me settle down? settle down! So I see your true sinister motives behind the pre-order, for you did not want it that badly in the first place (shame on you). This is fair enough (still shame on you). But I still find the protest part silly. Of all of the garbo that goes on in this industry, this is perhaps the least offensive. "But myeh it's the principle that counts, see" but myeh getting the redux for free is hardly a bonus when one can get the redux in the first place for pocket change. Getting your jimmies rustled over it doesn't seem rational to me. It seems more so "petty" as was the word that was used to describe getting up in arms over this. Hell, I can just buy the game for you and make all of your problems go away, but I gotta buy me dinner. And my dinner is a bit more sophistiqué than my crappy lunch at work.


EtcetEraThread Person parks in front of fire hydrant, firefighters break windows and stick hose through the car
Reason User Warned: Derogatory Language
I hope the mongoloid who parked there enjoys paying for that.