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EtcetEraThread Trump attacks Kavanaugh's victim
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Concern trolling over allegations of sexual assault. History of severe infractions.
It could be? Imagine if he's wrongly accused, investigated for months, cannot get nominated, Dems delay the nomination for ages as they sweep November. All that using woman's rape accusation 30 years after the fact. That'll take the wind out of "me too" very fast. There are certainly other motives here than just that woman's decision to come out. I only hope that they are honorable and just and what she's telling is true. Considering how this sure is aggressively left leaning and pro- let's believe women by default (even though it's not guilty until proven so and even 100% scumbag Weinstein had not been prosecuted and sentenced yet), it would be reasonably scary if it's not the case and this is a lastl minute political move. "Me too" lives by you putting faith in women and this can cause some serious blowback of someone finds one high level fraud case. Here I'm just saying the timing is indeed magical. There should be a proper hearing. One way or another this will blow up. A lot of people think it'll blow up Kavanagh - but I'm scared of the opposite.


EtcetEraThread Jordan Peterson - The "Intellectual" We Deserve
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Defense of sexism and victim-blaming.
I did not say that porn leads to society that sexualises makeup, you're saying that I do, so find the proof of me saying exactly that. I did not say that there is a baseline of normal sexuality either, I defined what I mean by hypersexualised culture today and gave you proof. It's not a comparison. Although I also compared it to 50 years ago in terms of volume of sexual imagery processed by our brains which you totally ignored. Take that as baseline of you need one. I also did not say I know why women wear makeup to work, where do you get this stuff?? Women obviously wear makeup for a large number of reasons. Having a reason for something doesn't mean that's it automatically removes underlying message of the object. It's the same concept as having a gun. You can own it for different reasons, defense, hunting, fun at practice range, but it doesn't remove the underlying message of danger, of capability to maim or kill which you may or may not want to project. Makeup to negligee is a bit like pepper spray to gun.